Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2395-2396

 Chapter 2395

"Princess Diana?!"

Su Shoudeh's expression was horrified as soon as he thought of the bizarre fate of this legendary princess, and he instantly understood what his father meant, exclaiming in alarm, "Dad, you're not joking with me, are you?"

Su Chengfeng said with a steely expression: "The Su family's face is at stake, and no joke should be tolerated. No matter what, I can't let the Su family's face be ruined in the hands of a woman with a foreign name."

At this point, Su Chengfeng gnashed his teeth and said coldly, "Although the Su family is not European royalty, our face is no less important than those European royalty! If anyone dares to insult the face of the Su family, don't blame me for being merciless! I'll do anything to defend the Su family's honor!"

Su Shoude nodded his head gently.

He knew that whether it was the royal family, the nobility, or the top big families, face was more important to them than anything else.

His own father is now using progress as retreat, allowing the auction to be held offline, which is tantamount to asking Du Haiqing to think carefully, if she dares to unscrupulously participate directly in the auction, then don't blame the Su family for being unforgiving!

Sometimes, it's about forcing the other person to make a bigger decision. []

It's like two people facing off, and one of them is temporarily unable to bear the pain of killing ......

If you are not willing to let the other person go, you will often do the opposite and just hand them a knife.

If the other party really doesn't know what to do and picks up the knife, it will be like helping him or her make the final decision.

Su Chengfeng wants to move the auction from online to offline with this purpose in mind!

The Du family's old housekeeper in Jinling quickly received the news that the auction had been changed to an offline auction, and hurriedly reported the situation to Du Haiqing.

In the past two years, they have put similar auctions online, right? Why did you move back down the line this time?"

The old housekeeper shook his head and said, "Second Miss, I'm not very clear about this, I've asked around, and it seems to be that offline public auctions are more transparent."

Du Haiqing didn't think too much about it. She hesitated for a moment and said, "Offline is fine, have you decided on a time and place?"

"It's fixed!" The old butler was busy saying, "Monday at 10:00 a.m. at the Treasure Pavilion Auction Hall!"

"Treasure Chest?" Du Haiqing asked curiously, "What is the background of this Treasure Pavilion?" []

The old housekeeper introduced: "This Treasure Pavilion is a cooperative club under our Jinling City Antiques Association, which mainly sells all kinds of antiques and organizes various auctions. ......

Du Haiqing nodded her head and said, "In that case, let's go directly to the Treasure Pavilion on Monday morning to attend the auction."

The old butler was busy saying, "Second Miss, in my opinion, it would be better for you not to attend."

Du Haiqing was surprised and asked, "Why?"

The old butler coughed twice in embarrassment and explained, "Cough cough second miss, the matter of you coming to Jinling has already caused a lot of trouble in Yanjing, if you still want to personally attend this auction, it will definitely cause even more controversy".

Du Haiqing smiled indifferently, and said seriously: "The so-called dispute means that I have not divorced Su Shoudao. Although I have not divorced him, I have been married to him for more than 20 years and have never been close to any other man. , Even if there is no verbal ambiguity, but on the other hand, Su Shoudao, he keeps saying that he loves me, but he still has an illegitimate daughter outside early, why his actions are allowed, my actions will trigger Greater controversy?" []

The old housekeeper said helplessly: "Second Miss, although this society has long been concerned about equality between men and women, there are some things that are naturally different between men and women, and in the moral philosophy of the upper class society, there is always a higher degree of tolerance for the man's philandering, and many of the original spouses have even turned a blind eye to this, and it is not surprising that the public has turned a blind eye to this.

Chapter 2396

He said, "Do you remember when there was a famous director who had an affair with someone else, and his wife not only didn't get angry, but publicly said that her man had taken advantage of her? But on the other hand, if a woman is a philanderer, she will be scolded to death in front of public opinion."

I just want to buy the house that Changba lived in, which is also a kind of personal remembrance for him in my heart. In addition, I won't spread any scandal with other men, and I won't have any actual sexual relationship with other men, if the outside world can't even tolerate this, then I don't need their tolerance. up." The old housekeeper said anxiously, "Second Miss, I don't mean that.

The old housekeeper said anxiously, "Second Miss, that's not what I meant. What I meant was that it's perfectly all right for you to want to buy this house, but the current situation is a bit peculiar."

"You are not yet divorced from Su Shou Dao, so I don't think it is necessary for you to attend this auction yourself."

"Why don't I help you find a third party, who has nothing to do with the vacation, and have him auction the house back on your behalf?"

"After the shoot back, there is no hurry to transfer the property for the time being, wait until the storm passes, or after you and Su Shoudao divorce, you will transfer the house to your name, so you will not let you fall into people's mouths."

Du Haiqing waved his hand and said seriously: "Uncle Wang, I miss the coma which itself is not wrong, so I am not afraid of the shadow." ......

"But if I was right, but I was afraid of falling into disrepute, so I secretly asked someone else to help me go to the auction, once word got out, people would instead think I was guilty."

The old housekeeper stifled a sigh and said, "Second Miss! There's something I'm wondering if I shouldn't say, but it has to be said! The Su family has always been extremely hostile, and you have seen what happened some time ago, they even betrayed their own flesh and blood, which proves that this family has almost no integrity.

Du Haiqing's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he said in puzzlement, "I just don't understand, Su Shoudao has raised his illegitimate daughter behind my back for 20 years, and even brought his illegitimate daughter to live under my nose for several years in a dignified manner, why does no one think that the Su family will offend me?"

The old butler was busy: "Second Miss, many things are not as we think they are. In high society, men and women are indeed very different, which you cannot consciously ignore.

Du Haiqing smiled slightly: "Uncle Wang, no need to persuade me, my mind is already made up, if you don't help me to arrange it, I will arrange it myself.

The old housekeeper hesitated for a long time before finally sighing helplessly, "Okay, Second Miss, I'll go and make the arrangements."

At the same time, Tomson Yi Pin Villa.

Ye Chen also received a phone call from Richard Chen. []


Richard Chen said on the phone, "Young Master, Monday's auction has been changed to offline."

"Oh?" Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Why did you change to offline?"

Richard Chen said, "I have asked around, and even dragged my informant in Yanjing to help with the investigation, and the information I got back seems to be that the Su family is mediating."

"Su family?!" Ye Chen couldn't help but frown, "Why is the Su family interfering with this auction?"

"I don't know," said Richard Chen truthfully, "I haven't asked about the Su family's motives yet, but Young Master, you should try to keep a low profile."

I'm afraid the Su family will use this to find out your existence. Once the Su family discovers you, I don't know what they can do to you, but your identity will be hidden.

Ye Chen agreed and said, "You're right, where exactly will the buying auction be held on Monday?"

Richard Chen said: "In Bao Fu Gui's Precious Treasure Pavilion, is the place where you and Hong Kong's so-called metaphysical master Yu Jinghai bid for giant clams." []

Ye Chen suddenly realized and spoke, "I know, let's say, I remember that the Treasure Pavilion has a VIP box, you ask Baofugui to prepare one for me, then let your driver go to the scene to help me participate in the auction, I will secretly observe in the box."