Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2377-2378

 Chapter 2377

Ye Chen didn't get Sun Yufang's point for a while, but just listened to her say so, heart more or less a little embarrassed.

After all, Wang Dongxue is his own employee.

Although the Dihao Group is their own, but the entire Dihao Group's operation, management, development, almost all Wang Dongxue a person in the wheel.

In contrast, he is a hands-off.

If Sun Yufang really said, let Wang Dongxue resigned to fall in love, to travel around the world, that would be tantamount to throwing the Dihao Group to the back of the mind.

From his heart, naturally, he did not want such a situation, after all, who would let his right-hand man quit his job and go out to travel around the world.

However, his heart is also very clear, anyway, is to accompany the parents of Wang Dongxue chat, so go along with their words down the chat is right, accurate.

So, he said with a smile, "Auntie, what you said makes sense, in fact, when you are young, you should go out more to experience the world and enjoy life ......".

As soon as Sun Yufang heard Ye Chen say that, she immediately nodded her head with a smile and said, "Right! It seems that Xiao Ye you and auntie's ideas are the same, turn back, you help auntie persuade more winter snow, anyway, you are also an individual, individual time are more free, when she resigned, or a long vacation, you two can go out for a trip together and so on."

"Me?" Ye Chen was stunned, not accosted by laughing: "Auntie, my time is not as free as you think, there are still usually many things ......"

Sun Yufang waved her hand and said seriously, "You listen to Auntie's advice, at your age, if you don't enjoy your life, when you get married and have children later on, it's really going to be chained to death!"

After saying that, Sun Yufang could not help but lament: "I and winter snow his father from when I was pregnant with winter snow, on all kinds of worry and fatigue, that time thinking that the birth was easy, but did not expect the birth was more tiring ......"

"Later ah, we thought that it would be good to wait for the child to go to kindergarten, but really wait for her to go to kindergarten, found things more troublesome!"

"Not only do I have to pick her up and drop her off every day, but I also have to pay attention to her overall development of morality, intellect, body, mind, and aesthetics, and I have to learn musical instruments, dance, and calligraphy after class, so I ride my bicycle every day and take her all over Jinling to look for teachers for lessons."

"When you get to elementary school, not only do you have to focus on hobbies, but you also have to focus on your child's studies, and then there's elementary school, junior high school, and high school for college ...... There's no time period in which it's really easy ......"

Wang Chengyuan, who was sitting on the hospital bed, also couldn't help but lament, "Yes! From the time I was pregnant with my child, I worked hard until my child went to college, and that's when I really survived, these ten to twenty years, it's been all kinds of hard work."

Sun Yufang also couldn't help but sigh, "So ah, you young people must enjoy life while you're young!"

"The best golden years of a person's life are the ten years between the ages of twenty and thirty!"

"In these ten years, you have a relatively complete worldview, outlook on life and values, as well as the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and have even achieved a certain degree of economic independence, and have finally begun to break away from parental control and experience the freedom of adults ......".

"If you don't take advantage of and enjoy these ten years, you will definitely regret it in the future!"

Ye Chen nodded his head in agreement. When he was young, he also had many wild fantasies.

His parents' education for him was never to pull out the seedlings or hope that his son would become a dragon.

When he was young, his mother would always tell him that life is short and the world is big, and she wanted him to be a happy person, a person who could travel all over the world and eventually gain happiness and live up to his expectations.

If those accidents don't happen, the Ye family's financial resources are enough to support Ye Chen's financial freedom from childhood to adulthood, and enough to support him to pursue his dreams in his twenties.

Ye Chen has never put money in his eyes, so when he reaches adulthood, he probably won't get involved in family feuds.

In that case, he would probably spend his days traveling around the world.

Chapter 2378

He might have gone to conquer Mount Everest, ski in the Alps, vacation in France, go on an Antarctic expedition or scuba dive in Tahiti.

But it was the accident that changed the course of his life dramatically.

Originally, he was the son of one of the world's top wealthy families, with a population of six or seven billion people, and no more than a hundred people who could reincarnate so well.

However, after the age of eight, he became the most pitiful and miserable orphan.

Compared with other orphans, his life was much harder.

This was because he was not only fatherless and motherless like other orphans, but also had to live in an orphanage like other orphans.

In his young heart, he had to bear the pain of his parents' death, the unmitigated hatred, and the huge gap from heaven to hell.

Nineteen years have passed in a flash.

The little boy who stood in front of the orphanage and cried until he was dead has now grown into a 27-year-old man.

As Sun Yufang said, the best years of life are the ten years between the ages of twenty and thirty, but for Ye Chen, seven years have passed since the golden decade.

Ye Chen couldn't help but ask himself: "In the past seven years, I didn't have much opportunity to enjoy life, but what about the next three years? If my parents' revenge is not avenged in these three years, then my golden ten years will be over ......".

At this thought, Ye Chen's heart was more or less a little lost.

However, he never resented the past nineteen years of his life.

Although these nineteen years, the first fifteen years of loneliness and helplessness, and the last three years suffered from all kinds of cynicism, can be said to have tasted all the bitterness of the world.

Sun Yufang did not expect that after a few words of hers, Ye Chen would appear to be somewhat despondent, and inwardly could not help but ask herself, "Did I accidentally say something wrong just now? Why does this little leaf feel as if he has a heavy heart this moment?"

Just thinking about it, Wang Dongxue came running back panting.

She was carrying two plastic bags in her hands, and her whole body was panting heavily, saying with some difficulty, "Dad ...... Mom ...... I ...... I'm back from buying food, quickly ...... Quickly eat ......"

Sun Yufang saw her daughter puffing out her chest, and hurriedly asked after her: "Dongxue, what's wrong with you?"

Wang Dongyue busy: "It's okay, I just ran a little fast, a little breathless, take a break on it ......".

Wang Chengyuan couldn't help but say in distress: "Oh my, what are you running so fast for? Go slowly, take your time to buy it, it's not very urgent."

Wang Dongxue said somewhat unnaturally, "Dad, aren't you hungry? I haven't eaten for such a long time, I'm also afraid that you are starving ......".

In fact, Wang Dongxue was too embarrassed to tell the truth.

The reason why she ran so fast was that she was afraid that her parents would say something to Ye Chen that they shouldn't. So she purposely ran a little faster, trying to compress the time that her parents spent alone with Ye Chen.

That's why she deliberately ran a little faster to try to compress the time that Mom and Dad spent alone with Ye Chen.

Just at this moment, the little nurse also ran in fast and said out of surprise, "Director Chen! The patient's blood results came back and his creatinine was only 45!"