Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2375-2376

 Chapter 2375

Blood creatinine is an important indicator of the degree of kidney damage.

The higher the blood creatinine number, the higher the degree of kidney damage.

In a normal adult, the value of creatinine is generally within 133, and a value above this proves that kidney damage has occurred.

Once the value exceeds 450, it can be assessed as kidney failure, and if it exceeds 700, it is basically a uremia.

Wang Chengyuan's blood monitoring today showed that his blood creatinine index has reached more than 1500!

So, to know whether he is really improving or even recovered, the blood creatinine index is the most important reference standard.

Soon, the nurse rushed over.

The nurse was shocked and speechless when she saw Wang Chengyuan's sudden vitality, and only after a long time did she regain consciousness under Director Chen's reminder, she quickly took Wang Chengyuan's blood.

The blood was urgently sent to the laboratory for testing, and the result would take twenty minutes at the earliest.

While everyone was impatiently waiting for the blood results, Wang Chengyuan covered his stomach and asked his wife, Sun Yufang, embarrassed: "Honey, do you have anything to eat? I suddenly feel so hungry here ...... I'm hungry and my stomach is pumping ......".

Sun Yufang wiped her tears and choked, "You've been in a coma for a few days, and your stomach is showing signs of failure, and the doctor said that even the nasal feeding method of inserting a tube into the esophagus from the nose is not applicable, so it's always been maintained by nutritional fluids, and I didn't prepare anything to eat ......".

Wang Dongxue, who was on the side, hurriedly said: "Dad, what do you want to eat, I'll go and buy it for you now!"

After saying that, he hurriedly asked Director Chen, "Director Chen, is there anything my father needs to avoid right now?"

Dr. Chen said, "Your father hasn't eaten anything in the past few days, and his body is quite depleted, so he should focus on quickly replenishing nutrients and calories, but don't eat spicy food."

Wang Chengyuan said, "Dr. Chen, can I have some roast duck buns? A bowl of duck blood vermicelli would have been great!"

If Jinling people were to choose the ten favorite foods, duck blood vermicelli and roast duck buns would definitely make the list.

Duck blood vermicelli, which is duck blood, duck intestines and duck liver cooked together with vermicelli.

Roast duck buns, on the other hand, are similar to Yanjing roast duck, but with roast duck as the filling in the bun.

Wang Chengyuan is an authentic Jinling native, so he didn't eat for a few days, and when he thought of food, he immediately thought of these two.

After hearing this, Director Chen nodded and smiled, "These are fine, but don't put chili in the duck blood vermicelli."

Wang Dongxue hurriedly said, "Then I'll go buy them."

Ye Chen on the side, then spoke up: "Dongxue, I'll go with you."

Wang Dongxue knew that if he left, Ye Chen left here alone to face Mom and Dad, more or less embarrassed, so he spoke up: "Then let's go together ......".

Just when Ye Chen was ready to leave with Wang Dongxue, Wang Dongxue's mother Sun Yufang hurriedly opened her mouth: "Oh Dongxue, Mr. Ye is a valuable guest, and is a great benefactor of our family, you buy something don't let Mr. Ye follow the back and forth, there is a restaurant across the street, you go directly to buy, let Mr. Ye rest here for a while, just can also accompany your father to chat a couple of sentences. "

Wang Dongxue's heart tensed up at the sight of this situation.

She knew her mother too well.

These two years, their own age is also getting older, mother has been urging herself to find someone to get married and have children.

After all, in their view of these older generations, women over twenty-five years old, you have to hurry to get married, this time, career, studies, are not more important than marriage.

But Wang Dongxue has been busy working these years, before the rapid rise of the Imperial Gate Group, and her full dedication has a lot to do.

Because of the single-minded focus on the career, so although Wang Dongxue has been twenty-eight years old, but the relationship above has not any settlement, which made her parents very anxious.

Chapter 2376

The parents had not spared her to find some suitable men, Wang Chengyuan even wanted to introduce to her one of his favorite students, but she did not even give each other a chance to meet and have a meal.

Now, Wang Dongxue found that her mother seemed to have a very good impression of Ye Chen, and now she wanted to keep him, she must want to ask him some personal information, or even want to test her relationship with him, and set him up by the way.

So, she hurriedly said, "Mom ...... Ye Chen is a young man and has a generation gap with you, so you can't talk to each other, so it's better not to make things difficult for him."

Sun Yufang hurriedly said: "Look at what you said, although your father and I are a little older, but we also know a lot about young people's things, OK."

Ye Chen then smiled and said: "It does not matter Dongxue, you first go shopping, do not delay the uncle to eat, I accompany the uncle and aunt to chat for a while."

Wang Dongxue's heart was very difficult, she was afraid that her mother would talk nonsense in front of Ye Chen or nosy, but Ye Chen himself said he wanted to stay with his parents, he could not continue to force.

In desperation, she had no choice but to say to Ye Chen, "Then, please stay here with my parents, I'll be right back."

Saying that, she remembered something and hurriedly asked again, "It's so late, are you in a hurry to go home? It's not too much of a delay for you, is it?"

Ye Chen waved his hand: "It's fine, you quickly go."

Wang Dongxue could only nod her head: "Then I'll go first."

After saying that, she also instructed her mother Sun Yufang: "Mom, you don't want to talk to someone Ye Chen, I'll be right back."

Sun Yufang waved her hand: "Oh my, don't worry, what can mom talk to people about? Just chat a little bit, don't worry about it, just go."

Wang Dongxue had no choice but to leave the hospital room apprehensively.

As soon as Wang Dongxue left, Sun Yufang looked at Ye Chen with a smile on her face and asked, "Mr. Ye, how old are you this year?"

Sun Yufang had a very good impression of Ye Chen.

It is not only because Ye Chen helped his own family a big favor to save his husband, but also because of his appearance, a talent, and looked with his daughter Wang Dongxue's talent, an exceptionally good match, is indeed a suitable candidate for son-in-law.

He said, "I'm going to be 27 years old soon." Ye Chen said, "You don't have to be so polite, just call me Ye Chen or Xiaoye.

Sun Yufang nodded and said with a smile, "Then Auntie won't be so polite to you!"

Saying that, Sun Yufang asked, "Xiao Ye, what do you do for a living?"

"I ......" Ye Chen was really asked by Sun Yufang all of a sudden.

"What kind of work am I really doing here? I used to be a full-time woman who did housework, but now all the housework has been taken over by Lan Ma ......".

"But now that her leg is broken, I still have to help out more or less ......."

"But in the end, I've gotten rid of my status as a full-time housewife, so what kind of job do I have now? Private entrepreneurs?"

"Well ...... It's almost like a private entrepreneur, after all, there's an Emperor Group, and a Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical."

Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled and said, "Auntie, I now have two small companies of my own, so I'm considered an entrepreneurial individual."

When Sun Yufang heard this, she smiled and said, "Individuals are good too! Individuals may not earn as much, but they are relatively much freer! For you young people, earning a lot of money is not really the most important thing; being happy and free is the key!"

Said, she could not help but sigh, said: "I have always said winter snow, do not be so strong work ethic, more money less money can live a wonderful life, no need to make their daily life so tired, but this child just do not listen ......".

At this point, Sun Yufang looked to Ye Chen, said seriously: "Xiao Ye, in the future, ah, you have to help the aunt to persuade her more, let her take advantage of the young, a good love, full of the world to walk around to stroll around, this is not better than boring money? Don't you think?"