Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2373-2374

 Chapter 2373

As soon as the liquid was half-fed to Wang Dongxue's father, mother and daughter were shocked to discover that Wang Chengyuan's face, which had been as pale as paper, instantly turned a little red.

This is what Chinese medicine calls the color of qi and blood!

If one's qi and blood are strong enough, one's face will be red and shiny; if one's qi and blood are insufficient, one's face will be white or yellow.

The reason why almost all terminally ill patients have a pale complexion, and even their lips have no blood left, is because the body's qi and blood have already been depleted.

This was the case with Wang Dongxue's father.

The extremely serious kidney failure had already put his life on the line.

The whole person, like a dying plant, was withered to the extreme.

However, right after the liquid was ingested, his body began to undergo a drastic change.

This scene, in the eyes of mother and daughter, was like watching a documentary on TV.

Some documentaries, in order to witness nature's transformation from winter depression to spring revival, deliberately use a camera to shoot time-lapse photography to capture the entire process of a forest from winter to spring blossom, and then speed up the process.

In this way, the viewer can see the whole process of nature's recovery within a few seconds!

At that moment, everyone would be astonished by nature's masterpiece.

The mother and daughter at that moment witnessed one such miracle!

Wang Dongyue's father, Wang Chengyuan, was transformed in a very short period of time.

After his skin became red and lustrous, his breathing became much stronger, and his blood pressure, which had been very low, began to rise rapidly in a short period of time, as seen by the monitor next to him!

A moment later, Wang Chengyuan slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, mother and daughter burst into tears of excitement!

Wang Dongxue laughed and cried at the same time, asking with concern, "Dad! How are you feeling Dad!"

Sun Yufang, who was on the other side, cried with joy and asked, "Wang, are you feeling better?"

Wang Chengyuan's brain didn't respond at once and hurriedly asked them, "How long have I been sleeping?"

Sun Yufang was busy saying, "What else have you been sleeping for how long ...... You've been in a deep coma for several days!"

"Huh?" Wang Chengyuan exclaimed, "Coma for so long? Why don't I feel anything at all? It just feels like I've been sleeping for a long time ......"

Wang Dongxue, who was on the side, hurriedly asked him, "Dad, are you feeling okay now?"

Wang Chengyuan thought to himself, sat up straight and moved his limbs, and said in surprise, "It feels pretty good! It doesn't seem to hurt at all anymore. Did the hospital find a source of kidney for me?"

"No." Sun Yufang blurted out, "You've been unable to find the source of this kidney, thanks to Winter Snow's friend who brought in a miracle pill to wake you up!"

Wang Chengyuan exclaimed, "A miracle drug?! What miracle drug?"

Sun Yufang didn't know how to explain, so she hurriedly said: "Oh my, you don't have to ask so many questions, you are not Chinese medicine, how can you understand this miracle drug? It's better to thank Mr. Ye first!"

When Wang Chengyuan looked up, he saw Ye Chen standing next to him, and he hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, thank you very much."

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: "Uncle Wang don't need to be so polite, I'm good friends with Dongxue, these are all hands."

Sun Yufang could not help but exclaim: "Wang, I see that you are now in good shape, I think there must have been a great improvement in your physical condition, why don't I ask Director Chen to come over and give you a checkup."

Wang Dongxue, who was on the side, hurriedly asked Ye Chen in a low voice, "Is it okay if you let the doctor take a look at it?"

Chapter 2374

Ye Chen nodded and smiled: "It doesn't matter, let the doctor come and do a systematic examination."

Wang Dongxue was busy asking in a low voice, "What should the doctor say if asked about the medicine? After all, in the eyes of the doctors, my dad's kidney failure is almost irreversible ......"

Ye Chen smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, the doctors at the People's Hospital have already seen greater medical miracles."

Last time, Ye Chen's father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, was hit by a car and became a paraplegic in the hospital, and all the doctors declared that he could only lie in bed for the rest of his life, and it was impossible for him to have any sensation below his neck, let alone move freely.

However, he was cured on the spot with a blood-dispersing elixir that allowed him to jump on the spot.

At that time, this was also considered a medical miracle.

However, when he brought out the miracle doctor in the eyes of the public, Shi Tianqi, the old man, basically no one questioned him anymore.

It was not only no one who questioned it, but also Shi Tianqi attracted the trouble of Ichiro Kobayashi, who at that time wanted the prescription for the Blood Dispersion Pill to save his heart.

Soon, Sun Yufang ran over with Director Chen who was on night shift.

As soon as Director Chen entered the door, he found Wang Chengyuan sitting on the hospital bed and was stunned by the red color of his face.

"Professor Wang, how ...... are you sitting up? Why are you sitting up?!"

Wang Chengyuan smiled and said, "Director Chen, my daughter's friend gave me a miracle pill, and I feel so much better, not to mention sitting up, but if it weren't for all the tubes, wires, and monitor clips, I think I could get out of bed and do a set of radio gymnastics."

"Oh my God!" Director Chen blurted out, "How is this possible? Your kidney failure is end-stage and can continue temporarily all on dialysis equipment, so how can it get better all at once?"

With that, he immediately ran over and carefully checked Wang Chengyuan's physical indicators.

It didn't matter what he saw, the more he looked, the more alarmed he became!

He mumbled in amazement, "Heart rate is up, blood pressure is up, and oxygen levels are up ......."

"The EKG is also all normal ......"

He pushed his glasses incredulously, looked at Wang Chengyuan and said, "Professor Wang, let's shake hands, squeeze a little and let me feel the state of your muscles now."

"Good." Wang Chengyuan immediately stretched out his hand and shook it with Director Chen, using a little bit of strength.

"Ouch!" Director Chen felt the strength of Wang Chengyuan's hands and exclaimed in astonishment, "You have muscle strength! It's amazing that you've been bedridden for so many days, lost weight so quickly, and suffered from more severe muscle atrophy, yet you still have so much strength!

Wang Chengyuan was surprised and said, "Director Chen, is that still a lot of strength?"

Director Chen blurted out, "That's fine! You know a lot of people with end-stage renal failure can't even hold hands as strong as a 5 or 6 year old child."

Wang Chengyuan was surprised for a moment and said with an excited smile, "Director Chen! I just didn't use my full power ......"

"What?!" Director Chen blurted out, "So much strength and yet not full strength? Then you use your full strength and I will feel it."

Director Chen looked shocked at first, but then his expression became a bit ugly.

Then, all of a sudden, he shouted, "All right, all right! It hurts, it hurts!"

Wang Chengyuan quickly withdrew his hand and said with an apologetic face, "Sorry, Director Chen, I didn't receive it ......".

"It's okay, it's okay ......" Director Chen threw his hand away and quickly rubbed it with his other hand, saying offhandedly, "This is really unbelievable of you! I'm still a few years younger than you, and you have a stronger hand than I do! It's a miracle that all your indicators are normal so far."

He said, "Professor Wang, wait a minute, I'll have a nurse come over to draw your blood, and take a blood creatinine test, if the blood creatinine is also normal, then you are really completely healed!"