Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2371-2372

 Chapter 2371

A desperate Walter was dragged out of the hospital by Richard Chen's men.


      After he left, all video surveillance records of him were cleverly and completely erased by Richard Chen's men.


      As a result, there was no way for anyone to find video footage of him in Jinling City, and it was even more impossible to find his movements.


      After Walter's family discovered his disappearance, they would come back to Jinling to look for him, and would find that he had vanished from the face of the earth.


      Before leaving, Ye Chen explained to Richard Chen that he would arrange for professionals to give Walter a little mercury dichloride, which Walter likes to use, and when he falls ill like Wang Dongxue's father, he would immediately put him on dialysis.


      This is the so-called "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


      For some devils with extremely corrupt character, this method can bring him real punishment.


      Wang Dongxue, on the sidelines, watched Ye Chen decide Walter's fate in such a pleasing way, and was deeply moved.


      During this period of time, she witnessed her father's entire process from the onset of illness to further deterioration and then to unconsciousness.


      The pain her father suffered was vivid in her mind.


      So, after learning that Walter was behind all this, she naturally hated him with a passion.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


      The way Ye Chen dealt with him, she wouldn't have dared to think about it, much less be able to realize it.


      Therefore, the gratitude in her heart for Ye Chen has risen to an unparalleled level.


      So, after Richard Chen led people to leave the ward, Wang Dongxue closed the door, the moment she came back, she immediately knelt in front of Ye Chen, choking: "Young Master, this matter is really thank you so much. If it wasn't for you, I might never know that it was Walter who was behind all of this.


      Ye Chen quickly reached out to help her up, serious: "just a hand up, no need to be so polite, this Walter is malicious and vicious, so I'm not just to help you, but also for the people out of harm."


      Wang Dongxue sighed, choked: "I really did not expect, so many years of classmates, Walter could still do such a dirty thing to."


      She wiped her tears, looked at her mother, who was unconscious on the couch, and asked, "Young Master, is my mother all right?"


      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: "Auntie is only temporarily unconscious, use a cooler wet towel to wipe her face and she should wake up."


      Saying that, he also said to Wang Dongxue: "You first wake up the aunt, and then you give uncle medicine, uncle should be able to recover soon after taking the medicine, so you and aunt can be completely relieved."


      Wang Dongxue incomparably excited, busy saying: "Okay young master, I'll go."


      Just say, Wang Dongxue quickly ran into the bathroom.


      Soon, she took a wet towel and ran out of the bathroom.


      She ran to the sofa, with a wet towel carefully wiped her mother's cheeks, and a moment later, saw her mother eyelashes slightly moved, then opened her eyes.


      "The first thing Sun Yvonne did when she opened her eyes was to ask a furious question: "Where is that Walter? He harmed your father, don't let him go!"


      Wang Dongxue took one look at Ye Chen and hurriedly said to Sun Yufang, "Mom, Walter has been arrested and is probably going to spend the rest of his life in prison."


      Sun Yufang said with great resentment, "He put your father in this situation, only to have him put in jail is really too cheap for him, if your father can't be saved, he should pay for his life!"


      She said, remembering her husband's sufferings and sins, she could no longer control her tears, covering her face and crying.


      Wang Dongxue hastily advised, "Mom, you do not have to worry too much, Ye Chen has found an elixir for Dad, take it and it will cure Dad's kidneys."


      "What?" Sun Yufang exclaimed, "Can you take medicine to cure your father's kidney? How is this possible? Isn't it medically true that kidney failure is almost irreversible?"

Chapter 2372

Ye Chen spoke up at this time, "Auntie, for the vast majority of doctors, kidney failure is indeed irreversible, but our ancestors still left good prescriptions, and it's not very difficult to treat."


      "Really?!" Sun Yvonne couldn't hold back her excitement and choked out, "Then Mr. Ye should help me to save my husband. He has never done anything bad in his life.


      After saying that, she looked to the side of Wang Dongxue, grasped Wang Dongxue's hand, crying and said: "He spent more than twenty years to raise Dongxue into material, he has not witnessed Dongxue to wear a wedding dress to marry, not to enjoy the family joy of the three generations in the same house if he just left, God is really blind."


      Ye Chen nodded his head at this time, and said solemnly: "Auntie, don't worry, as long as uncle takes the medicine I prepared, it will definitely cure the disease."


      He said, he hurriedly instructed Wang Dongxue: "Dongxue, it's not too late, you find a cup and pour half a cup of warm water, put the pill I gave you into the warm water to dissolve, and then feed uncle to take it!".


      As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, she hurriedly nodded her head in succession and subconsciously said, "Okay less".


      The young master's master word almost came out, Wang Dongxue realized that the mother did not know Ye Chen's real identity, so hastily changed his words: "Well, Ye Chen thank you, I'll go and get it!"


      After saying that, Wang Dongxue hurried to the coffee table, boiled a little warm water with an electric kettle, and after reaching half a cup, took out from her pocket the rosewood wooden box that Ye Chen had given her.


      As soon as the wooden box was opened, there was an inconspicuous pill placed in it.


      However, although the pill was not very impressive, after the box was opened, the refreshing medicinal fragrance overflowed and quickly filled the entire hospital room.


      This was the Blood Dispersion Pill that Ye Chen had concocted to save the heart.


      Sun Yufang also smelled the medicinal scent, and suddenly felt that her whole body was quite energetic, so she couldn't help exclaiming, "This medicinal scent is too good! It tastes much better than the herbal medicine I usually come across! It's like the whole body smells so much better with it!"


      Wang Dongxue also had the same feeling.


      Smelling the scent of this medicine, it feels like nasal congestion, when suddenly smelling the strong peppermint brain, the feeling can even be instantly up.


      At this moment, Wang Dongxue had already firmly believed that this medicine could definitely save her father.


      Then, she followed Ye Chen's instructions and put the pill into the water.


      Just when she was about to find a disposable chopstick to stir it, a magical scene happened!


      As soon as it was put into the water, it immediately dissolved into the water at an extremely fast speed, and in just a couple of seconds, it completely melted!


      Moreover, the melted warm water did not become completely cloudy, but was in a translucent state just like the brown sugar water.


      Although the color of the water became a little darker, it was still clear to see that there was no impurity in the water.


      This stunned Wang Dongxue, because she had taken many traditional Chinese medicines, especially herbal infusions.


      No matter how hot the water is, no matter how hard you stir it, there will be a little bit of fine residue left in the cup at the end of the day.


      No matter how hot you use the water, no matter how hard you stir it, at the end of the day, there will be a little bit of dregs left in the glass. However, this medicine, without stirring, instantly dissolves in the water completely.


      Surprised, she looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Can you just feed this glass of water to my father?"


      Ye Chen nodded, "That's right, Uncle is unconscious, but if you help him up, the water can still be fed in."


      "Good!" Wang Dongxue immediately took the cup and went inside the hospital room, and her mother, Sun Yufang, rushed to follow.


      Both of them helped the unconscious Wang Chengyuan up, and then Wang Dongxue poured a little bit of the warm water from the cup into his mouth, which had turned into medicine.


      Then, a miraculous scene that overturned all knowledge of both mother and daughter occurred