Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2369-2370

 Chapter 2369

Richard Chen and Hong Wu's men moved extremely fast.


      In a few minutes, all of Walter's men in Jinling, including Song who was preparing to dump the body, were all controlled by the men they sent.


      On the Jinling People's Hospital side, Richard Chen arrived in person.


      The five men immediately surrendered and were captured.


      As soon as the gun was pointed at the five men, the five men surrendered and were captured.


      A Rolls-Royce and a Buick commercial were driven away by Hong Wu's men.


      These two cars will be taken directly to one of Hongwu's auto recycling plants tonight, where they will be dismantled and squeezed into a pile of scrap iron and thrown into a steel furnace.


      In other words, after tonight, it would be impossible for the Da Luo Jin Immortals to find the whereabouts of these two cars.


      After that, Richard Chen called Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Young Master, the five people downstairs in the hospital are under control. I'll take someone over there and take that Walter with me!"


      Ye Chen then said, "You come directly to the No. 1 intensive care unit of the nephrology department."


      "Okay young master!"


      Walter, who never dared to speak again, was in tears when he heard Ye Chen's call with Richard Chen.


      He really did not expect that he would end up in such a miserable situation.


      He thought that he was a fierce dragon crossing the river, to come to Jinling, a small place to swim at will, so naturally did not put Wang Dongxue in his eyes, just wanted to take the opportunity to take her as a plaything, and then squeeze her body of the value of the use.


      However, who would have guessed that a small place like Jinling would still have people like Ye Chen, who is very clever and ruthless.


      The day he decided to poison Wang Dongxue's father, his fate was already decided.


      Soon, Richard Chen led people to the hospital room.


      The moment Walter saw Richard Chen, it was as if his whole body had seen a ghost!


      Just now, Ye Chen and Richard Chen were only on a voice call on WeChat, Walter only knew that Ye Chen was communicating with his subordinates, but who his subordinates really were, Walter was not sure.


      However, when he saw Richard Chen, his entire body was instantly struck by lightning!


      "Chen Chen?!" Walter subconsciously took off and asked, "Why are you you here?"


      When Walter first came to Jinling, he once took the initiative to visit Richard Chen out of basic courtesy.


      The reason why he came to visit Richard Chen was because he knew that Richard Chen was the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling, and was arguably the person with the strongest background in Jinling, so when he first came here, he naturally wanted to get acquainted.


      However, the two only met that time.


      In Walter's perception, Richard Chen represents the pinnacle of Jinling's influence, but he never dreamed that Richard Chen would appear here.


      Richard Chen looked at Walter, smiled playfully, and said, "Walter, when you last saw me, didn't you say that you have admired the Ye family for a long time? This Mr. Ye Chen Ye in front of you is the young master of the Ye family!"


      "What?!" Walter felt as if his heart had been run over by a heavy train!


      "I actually unintentionally pissed off the young master of the Ye family?!"


      "What kind of idiot am I that I would anger the young master of the Ye family?!"

Chapter 2370

"The Ye family is at least dozens of times more powerful than the Hogwarts family!"


      When he thought of this, Walter truly realized how pathetic and ridiculous he really was.


      He thought he came to Jinling and could do whatever he wanted as long as he avoided Chen Zhaichai, but he didn't expect to get in trouble with the young master of the Ye family all of a sudden!


      So, while he kept vigorously smacking his face, he cried and said: "Young Master Ye, I was blind, I didn't think I would offend you, I didn't know that Wang Dongxue was your friend, if I knew, kill me, I wouldn't have any intention on her."


      Ye Chen smiled and asked him, "Then do you know that the Emperor Group is also my property?"


      "Huh?!" Walter stared at me and said, "I really don't know about this, I really don't know about this, I really don't know about this, I really don't know about this, I really don't know about this.


      Before Walter came, he deliberately checked the background of the Dihao Group.


      However, because the company was bought by the Ye family as a gift to Ye Chen, it was not included in the Ye family's own assets.


      He didn't understand the background of the company, so he thought it was just a real estate company in the province.


      In addition, he really wanted to quickly gain a foothold in Huaxia, and even quickly achieve profitability, and Wang Dongxue happened to be the vice chairman of the Emperor Howe Group, so he hit on the idea of Wang Dongxue.


      He always thought that as long as Wang Dongxue could be controlled by himself, he would not only be able to possess Wang Dongxue, but also be able to suck some of the blood from the Dihao Group in order to quickly increase his own strength.


      But he never thought that the company he wanted to suck blood from was actually the Ye family's young master's property!


      It's like a rat that thinks nothing of getting into a tiger's food, it's just asking for death!


      Chen Zekai looked at Walter at this time, with some pity in his eyes, and thought: "This Walter is also considered to be handsome and dashing, a talent, plus his family is also a wealthy businessman, the future would have been boundless."


      "But, he provoked no one, but the young master, this is not a rush to fly over 10,000 kilometers from the United States to die?"


      Immediately, Richard Chen looked to Ye Chen and respectfully asked, "Young Master, shall I take this Walter away now?"


      Ye Chen nodded: "Take it away."


      Walter was paralyzed with fright and shouted, "Young Master Ye, please let me go Young Master Ye! My grandmother was a Rothschild. You've heard of the Rothschilds, haven't you? The world's top families are rich and powerful, and half of the economic and energy lifeblood of Europe and America is in the hands of the Rothschild family!"


      "If you leave me alone, I can help you get in touch with the Rothschild family and get you started on a partnership with the Rothschild family, which will be of obvious benefit to you."


      Ye Chen heard, sneered: "Sorry, I'm not the least bit interested in working with the Rothschild family."


      When Walter saw that the inducement failed, he was dying: "If you really insist on locking me up and subjecting me to inhumane torture, once the Rothschild family finds out, have you considered the consequences?"


      "Even though my last name is not Rothschild, I have a quarter of my blood from the Rothschild family, and Rothschild would not allow anyone to do that to a descendant who has their blood!"


      "By then, they will not let you go! They will only make your death worse!"


      As soon as Richard Chen heard this, he angrily slapped Walter and said in a cold voice: "You're looking for death, aren't you? How dare you speak to the young master to the point of death? I'll cut out your tongue if you don't believe me."


      Ye Chen waved his hand at this time and interrupted Chen Zekai, saying indifferently, "Old Chen, let him say what he wants to say."


      Walter couldn't hide his panic and shouted, "I'm done! You'd better think carefully about whether you really want to offend the entire Rothschild family because of me!"


      Ye Chen nodded, smiled slightly and said playfully, "To tell you the truth, I'm not afraid of offending the Rothschild family at all, because even if they don't come looking for me, sooner or later I'll go looking for them!"


      At this point, Ye Chen made a slight pause, and said in a firm and domineering tone: "I still have a blood debt that I have to settle slowly with the Rothschild family with interest."