Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2365-2366

 Chapter 2365

In the face of Walter's dying struggle, Ye Chen said calmly: "Walter, don't worry, without your kidney source, Winter Snow's father won't die."


      Walter shook his head vigorously and said with conviction, "No way, absolutely no way!


      After saying that, he quickly knelt in front of Wang Dongxue, crying and said: "Dongxue, I beg you, as long as you are willing to let me live, do not turn me over to the police, I can give you 100 million dollars! Please, please don't turn me over to the police, or my life will be over."


      Wang Dongxue was about to refuse, the side of Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: "Walter you can rest assured, I will never hand you over to the police."


      Walter thought his $100 million promise had worked, and hurriedly said, "Master Ye, as long as you let me leave Jinling, when I arrive in the U.S., I will immediately put $100 million in your account."


      Ye Chen waved his hand: "Friend, you must not misunderstand, I said that I will not hand you over to the police, but it does not mean that I will let you go, it is two different things."


      Walter looked at Ye Chen in fear and asked off the top of his head, "Then what do you want?"


      Ye Chen smiled: "Don't worry, you'll soon know what I want."


      Just said, Ye Chen grabbed his collar and harshly questioned, "I ask you, how many people did you bring to the People's Hospital this time? Say one less or more, and I'll have one of your arms removed!"


      Walter shuddered with fear and said, "With a driver and bodyguard, there were five of them."


      Ye Chen continued to ask, "Where is everyone? Where are they all?"


      Walter said honestly, "Everyone was in their cars downstairs in the lobby doorway, two cars, a Rolls Royce and a Buick Business."


      Ye Chen nodded and immediately pulled a group on WeChat, pulling in Chen Zekai and Hong Wu, and then initiated a group voice chat.


      After receiving it, these two immediately connected in and asked in their voices, "Young Master, what do you want?"


      Ye Chen seriously said, "Old Chen and Hongwu, immediately send your best men out to help me arrest all of Walter Hogewitz's men, and don't leave any of them behind."


      He also said, "Oh yes, he has men in Jinling People's Hospital, in a car outside the lobby of the inpatient department, a Rolls-Royce, a Buick Business, a total of five people, you quietly send someone over and wipe out the whole nest of them!"


      Richard Chen was surprised and asked, "Young Master, why did you have a conflict with Walter?"


      Ye Chen asked him, "Do you know this Walter?"


      "I don't know anyone, but I know this person." Richard Chen explained, "The Hogwarts family, although it's not considered a top family in the United States, it's still somewhat famous, so when someone like Walter comes to Jinling, I'll have a tip-off here."


      "Wires?" Ye Chen asked curiously, "Did you specifically assign someone to keep an eye on this area?"


      "Right!" Chen Zekai said, "The task given to me by the Ye family is to control the entire situation in Jinling, not only some of the internal situation in Jinling must be washed to grasp, the external situation must also know, once some people with backgrounds come to Jinling, I will make a record of this."


      Ye Chen asked him, "This Hogwarts family, does it have a big origin?"


      Richard Chen thought about it and said seriously, "This Hogwarts family is not that big of a deal."


      He went on to explain: "The Hogwarts family's own assets add up to about ten billion dollars, which is not even in the top two hundred in the United States, but their family does have some special background."


      Ye Chen pursued, "What kind of special background?"


      Richard Chen explained, "The Hogwarts family, and the Rothschild family, are more or less related."




      Hearing about the Rothschild family, Ye Chen's heart was not moved.


      He knew that the crowning moment of his father's life was when he led the Ye family, as well as several other Chinese families, to fight against the Rothschild family's economic aggression.


      That time, he caused the Rothschild family to suffer a great loss of property as well as loss of face.

Chapter 2366

Therefore, Ye Chen also suspected that the death of his parents might have something to do with the Rothschild family.


      Because of this, when he heard that Walter actually had some relations with the Rothschild family, he couldn't help but exclaim in his heart, "I didn't expect that my first contact with the Rothschild family would come so quickly."


      So, Ye Chen curiously asked Richard Chen, "What kind of kinship is the Hogwarts family, and the Rothschild family, specifically?"


      Chen Zhaichai introduced: "At most, it's just a distant relative Rothschild family has developed for so many years, just their own family with the surname Rothschild, there are tens of thousands of people, in addition to that, relatives with outside surnames are countless."


      "In other words, Walter's grandmother, is a Rothschild family member, but her grandmother's line, in the Rothschild family, is not considered to be any core, at most, it is equivalent to a grid during the Qing Dynasty, and it is still a very marginal kind of grid in the imperial family."


      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I see."


      The name of Rothschild is almost universally known around the world.


      Such a super family with a history of several hundred years is no smaller than the Qing Dynasty's imperial relatives or the Eight Banners' sons.


      Within such a family, there must be many branches, and between these branches, there is a clear relationship of priority.


      Just like the Ye family.


      Master Ye Zhongquan's lineage is the only main lineage in the entire Ye family, and it is also the core lineage of the Ye family.


      As for the innumerable branches all over the country, they are all branches without exception.


      Some branches are Ye Zhongquan's brothers, which is a little bit closer.


      But there are some branches whose blood relations with Ye Zhongquan are even outside the Five Services, and naturally they will not have a deep connection with Ye Zhongquan.


      This kind of branch lineage, although also surnamed Ye, has too low a presence in the entire Ye family.


      The Rothschild family must be the same.


      Eventually, there may even be more branches than the Ye family.


      Walter's grandmother, although she was a Rothschild, was also a very partial lineage, and had little presence in the family.


      The Hogwarts family's assets are only about ten billion dollars.


      Richard Chen immediately said, "No problem young master, I'll arrange it right away."


      Hong Wu, on the other hand, asked, "Young Master, what will happen to these people after they are caught?"


      Ye Chen instructed, "Lock all his men up in the dog pound, vacate one of the largest dog cages, and strip them naked and lock them up together."


      "Okay young master." Hong Wu busily said, "I'll order the dog farm over there, tell them to hurry up and prepare."


      Ye Chen added: "Oh right, Hongwu, prepare a smaller dog cage, I have another use for it."


      Hong Wu immediately agreed, saying, "Young Master, don't worry, Hong Wu will make the proper arrangements."


      Ye Chen continued, "By the way Old Chen, I still have one more thing for you to do."


      Chen Zekai was busy: "Young Master, you may command."


      Ye Chen instructed: "You prepare a complete set of kidney dialysis equipment for me, and send the whole set of equipment to Hongwu's dog farm. If you have one, transfer me one there too."


      "Dialysis equipment?" Richard Chen hurriedly asked, "Young Master, did any of Walter's men suffer from kidney failure?"


      Ye Chen looked at Walter and sneered, "Not yet, but soon!"