Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2363-2364

 Chapter 2363

Just as Walter was panicking, he happened to receive a WeChat on his phone.

The Chinese nickname of the person who sent the WeChat was Song.

The only thing you can see from the list is a picture from Song, so Ye Chen directly opened the message from Song.

It doesn't matter what you look at, the picture that Song sent was a corpse foaming at the mouth!

At this time, the corpse was lying crooked on the seat of a car, Ye Chen stared at it with a huge, fierce expression, and it looked like it had been poisoned to death.

Just when Ye Chen was surprised, Song sent another message, with a sentence written in English, to the effect that: "Boss, the man has been killed, a little later I will sink him, you can rest assured that this clue must be completely broken."

Ye Chen immediately flipped up the chat log of Song and Walter.

The chat logs of the two of them did not have a large conversation, mostly some "done", "coming soon", "come quickly", "good job", "good job". Most of the conversations were phrases such as "Got it", "Be right there", "Come on over", "Good job. and so on. ......

It seems that these two don't often communicate with each other by WeChat text.

However, Ye Chen soon discovered that in their chat logs, there were four words that Walter sent to Song in Chinese: Mercury dichloride!

And, right after that, Walter sent another message in English below: "Remember this term, and don't ever get it wrong!"

At the sight of this word, Ye Chen's pupils contracted!

Immediately, he stared at Walter and asked in a stern voice, "Who is this Song? Why do you want him to remember mercury dichloride!

As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this word, she stared at him and hurried to Ye Chen to check.

When she saw the words "mercury dichloride" in Walter's chat with Song, Wang Dongxue immediately understood what was going on.

She angrily questioned Walter, "Walter! I have no grudge against you, and I have been your classmate for many years, so why do you want to harm my father?"

Walter shuddered and faltered, saying, "I didn't I really ......


Ye Chen opened the photo of the corpse that Song had just sent over, handed it to Walter, and questioned, "I'll give you one last chance to explain what you're really up to, or else you'll never make it back to the United States alive in this life."

Walter took one look at that picture and was struck by lightning!

This WeChat from Song was sent after Ye Chen took his phone away, so it was the first time he saw this photo.

He immediately recognized the corpse in the photo as the man who disguised himself as a courier and delivered to Wang Dongxue's house!

It seems that Song was quick to carry out his own orders, and just lured the subordinate out and poisoned him in the car!

At this moment, his pores all over his body instantly poured out cold sweat, his heart has been panicked to the extreme.

He was worried that he would reveal the poisoning of Wang Dongxue's father, but then again, even if he did, at least Wang Dongxue's father wasn't dead, and the Chinese judicial authorities would convict him and give him a lighter sentence.

However, this subordinate is already dead.

Chapter 2364

He himself ordered Song to kill him, so he can't get away with intentional murder!

After all, in Chinese law, those who abet others to commit crimes are punished as principal offenders!

He instigated his men to kill someone, and even if he didn't do it himself, if he goes to court, he'll get at least a life sentence!

If we add the crime of poisoning Wang Dongxue's father, it might be a suspended death sentence!

At this point, he broke down emotionally, poofed to his knees and cried, "I'm sorry, it was all a moment of confusion, I didn't mean it I didn't mean it."

Ye Chen slapped him across the face and questioned, "You ordered your men to kill, and you say you didn't mean it? Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Walter covered his face and cried: "I am just obsessed with the idea that I want to possess Wang Dongxue, I want Wang Dongxue to resign from Dihao Group to help me expand our family's business in China, I want her to steal Dihao Group's trade secrets to help me gain a foothold in China as quickly as possible, so that's why I'm doing this, I want to force her to give in."

When Wang Dongxue heard this, the whole person was out of anger!

Wang Dongxue, who has always been very cultivated in front of people, at this moment completely unable to control herself, she angrily slapped Walter, hysterically rebuked ......

"Why?! Why are you doing this? Is my father's life a bargaining chip for you to further your career and satisfy your animalistic nature? Why are you so vicious? You tell me why!!!"

Wang Dongxue's mother heard this, the whole person also angry blood pressure soared, she shivered and rebuked: "You you this beast! You give back my husband's life!!!"

After saying that, she only felt a dizziness in her brain, and all of a sudden she lost consciousness and fell straight down to the ground.

Wang Dongxue was so shocked that she unconsciously cried out, "Mom!"

Ye Chen hurriedly held Wang Dongxue's mother, and then checked her breath, and found that she was just a brain blood supply shortage caused by anger, there is no danger to life, so they gently helped her to lie on the couch.

At this time, Walter covered his face, weeping and crying: "Dongxue, I beg you to forgive me this time, I can immediately call the U.S. side of the men, let them now to the donor to do nephrectomy surgery, tomorrow morning to send over to the uncle to replace".

"I can also give you ten million dollars as compensation, and if ten million is not enough, then twenty million."

Said Walter, crying and begging, "Winter Snow, please, give me a chance! Please, please don't turn me over to the police! "


At this time, Walter's greatest fear was not what Ye Chen would do to himself.

He felt that the most that Ye Chen would do is to beat himself up, but his real trouble is the judicial department in China.

If he is arrested by the police and prosecuted, he will be sentenced to death with a high probability.

If he is arrested and prosecuted by the police, it is very likely that he will be sentenced to death suspension.

He is the eldest son of a ten billion dollar family, living the top, most extravagant, reckless, and arrogant dude life, and if he really had to spend more than twenty years in jail, it would be even more painful than killing him!

When Wang Dongxue heard his plea, she was even more furious and trembling!

She looked Walter dead in the eye and scolded him with a cold voice, "I told you Walter! No matter what, I won't let you get away with it! Just wait, I'm calling the police to arrest you!"

Walter cried out in fear, wailing: "Do not ah winter snow I beg you winter snow do not turn me over to the police! Even if you don't want to forgive me, you have to think about your uncle's life! If I'm really caught, who's going to find you a kidney? Who will save your father's life? As a daughter, you can't just stand by and watch your father die, can you?