Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2361-2362

 Chapter 2361

Walter thought he could get away with it, but he didn't expect Ye Chen to suddenly ask himself a question at this time.

So, he was startled, turned back hastily, and asked with a smile, "Master Ye, what else do you want?"

Ye Chen looked at him and smiled, "It's nothing important, just asking you about something."

Walter was instantly relieved and hurriedly said, "Master Ye, you may ask!"

Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked with a smile, "Mercury dichloride, do you know what it is?"

Walter replied with a thud in his heart and a look of surprise on his face: "No, no, no, no. What is mercury dichloride?"

At this moment of speaking, Walter's heart suddenly burst!

By virtue of his strong psychological qualities, he was able to keep his expression from changing too much.

However, Ye Chen still noticed a trace of imperceptible stiffness and panic on his face.

Almost at this instant, Ye Chen concluded that Walter must be inextricably linked to the poisoning of Wang Dongxue's father!

So, Ye Chen's expression darkened at this moment, he grabbed Walter's collar and shouted harshly: "If you tell the truth, I'll let you die a painful death. ......


Walter shook his head repeatedly with an innocent face and said, "Master Ye, have you made a mistake? I don't even know what mercury dichloride is, so why did you catch me in the act again?"

Wang Dongxue, who was on the side, was also shocked.

Just now when Ye Chen suddenly asked Walter if he knew what mercury dichloride was, she also thumped in her heart.

She was shocked because she had not thought that her father would be harmed by Walter.

She had a preconceived notion that Walter had suddenly appeared after her father's serious illness and tried to take advantage of the situation, but she didn't think about it.

So at that moment, she looked at Walter without blinking, hoping to see if he was lying.

However, Walter's ability to manage his expressions was so strong that Wang Dongxue really couldn't see anything unusual on his face.

So, at this moment, she even had some doubts that Ye Chen was not mistaken.

However, Ye Chen was not compelled by Walter's innocent expression at all.

He stared at Walter's eyes and said coldly, "I'll give you one last chance, if you still don't tell the truth, then ......

What awaits you next may be the eighteenth circle of hell that you never thought of before!"

Walter swallowed hard and cried, "Master Ye, I really don't understand what you're saying! I'm not a chemistry major and I don't know what mercury dichloride is, but I do know what carbon dioxide is."

Ye Chen lightly nodded his head and sneered, "Well, everything is your own choice, just don't regret it in the future."

After saying that, he immediately took out his iPhone from Walter's pocket and sneered: "Come, stick your face out so I can unlock it, and I'll see if there's any shady deeds in your phone."

Walter freaked out and blurted out, "You are casually invading someone's privacy! I do have the right to have a lawyer sue you!"

Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and said: "Oh my, just now when I hit you, you didn't say you wanted a lawyer to sue me, why do I have to look at your phone, you want a lawyer to sue me instead? Is there really something nasty in your phone?"

"No absolutely not!" Walter said in a panic: "My cell phone is full of Hogwarts family business secrets, it's a matter of great importance, if Master Ye reads it, if it leaks out, it will definitely bring great financial losses to the Hogwarts family!

Chapter 2362

It's just that I've always been quick and easy, and it's just money, isn't it? You ask around in Jinling, when has Master Ye ever been short of money?"

Walter still wanted to make an excuse to refuse, but Ye Chen had already pointed the phone's front camera at him.

I have to say, the phone's facial recognition is really useful.

Even though Walter's cheeks were swollen, the phone was immediately unlocked by his face.

Walter's phone was all in English, but it was no problem at all for Ye Chen.

Although he didn't go to college, he received a top-notch international education when he was a child, and just like today's international schools, he grew up learning in a multilingual environment.

Especially Ye Chen's mother, who is of Chinese descent in the United States, English is one of her mother tongues, and she received a top-notch aristocratic education since childhood, so she is not only proficient in English and Chinese, but also in Japanese, French, and Spanish.

In China, it seems very rare for a person to speak multiple languages. ......

This is mainly because China itself is not a country of immigrants, and the vast majority of its billion-plus population speaks Chinese.

The United States, on the other hand, is different.

The United States itself is a country of immigrants, and there are many English-speaking Europeans and many Chinese-speaking Chinese, and because it is very close to Mexico, there are many Spanish-speaking people as well.

In addition, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam in Asia, and Germany, France, and Italy in Europe, have all had large numbers of immigrants come to the U.S. to settle in the last two hundred years.

The biggest advantage of living in such an environment is to be exposed to cultures and languages from all over the world.

Therefore, Ye Chen has also benefited from his mother, and has laid a good language foundation since childhood.

The first thing Ye Chen did when he opened Walter's phone was to read text messages and WeChat.

Although it was all in English, it looked like it was no effort at all.

Walter's entire face had been ashen, and he said in near despair, "You can't read my message logs! It's illegal!"

Ye Chen is looking through it while ......

In a cold voice: "Shut your mouth, or I'll break your other hand too!"

Walter's expression was one of extreme trepidation.

He didn't know what to do now.

If he had shut up, Ye Chen would have found evidence in the chat logs that he had poisoned Wang Dongxue's father.

However, if you don't shut up, what will happen?

At most, Ye Chen will break another hand and then wait for Ye Chen to turn over the evidence.

When he thought of this, he regretted it so much that he wailed in his heart, "I'm a fucking fighter among idiots! Why did I come to the hospital at this time? Why! If I hadn't come over tonight, I probably wouldn't have met this asshole! If we don't meet this bastard, we won't be tortured so badly."

"It's okay to be tortured! If he finds evidence that I ordered others to poison Wang Dongxue's father, then I'm finished! The Warsaw police will definitely charge me with intentional homicide."

"Wouldn't I then face at least seven or eight years, if not more than ten years, of prison in Warsaw?