Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2357-2358 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2357

Aurous Hill International Hotel is located in the center of the city, from the Aurous Hill People's Hospital, a little closer than Doris Young's villa.


      So, when Walter got into the Rolls-Royce and set off to the hospital, Charlie wade and Doris Young had just walked half of the journey.


      When Charlie wade parked the car, and Doris Young together into the people's hospital inpatient building, Walter's car, also followed into the parking lot.


      Doris Young's mood excited and nervous, did not take two steps will unconsciously become run, Charlie wade will also speed up, followed her all the way to the door of the ward jog.


      Push the door to enter, Doris Young's mother Sue Young is lying in front of the hospital bed to rest.


      Although Sue Young is only in her fifties, her entire state is very tired.


      Her mental state looked no different from that of a sixty or seventy year old woman.[Google @ Avracity]


      Hearing the sound of two people entering the door, Sue Young raised her head and saw her daughter Doris Young and a man she did not know, she was a little surprised and asked: "Doris, this is?"


      Doris Young subconsciously wanted to say that Charlie wade was his boss, but Charlie wade was one step ahead and said with a smile: "Hello, auntie, my name is Charlie wade, I am a friend of Doris."


      Sue Young nodded hastily and said politely, "Oh, hello Mr. Charlie."


      When Doris Young saw that Charlie wade didn't want to reveal his identity as the chairman of the Emgrand Group, he hurriedly said to his mother, "Mom! Charlie wade has a miracle medicine that can cure all diseases, Dad is saved this time!"


      As soon as the words died down, the hospital room door was pushed open.


      Walter sneered as he stepped inside, "Who was the prodigy who said he had the miracle cure for all diseases? What nerve to cheat money out of a regular hospital!"


      Seeing Walter enter, Doris Young's face immediately turned very ugly.


      She looked at Walter angrily and said in a cold voice, "You are not welcome here! Please get out!"


      Walter spared a chuckle and said, "Doris, how come you're seeing your temper rise at night?"


      After saying that, he strode to Doris Young before, disdainful of the laugh, said: "Haha, Doris ah, you now turn the other cheek so quickly, because you get the Chinese God stick often said that the cure for a hundred diseases of divine medicine? In the United States, we also often have some of the Chinese Gods in Chinatown to cheat money, but as soon as the federal police catch them, without exception, they are all sent to jail! I don't know if your Aurous Hill law governs or not."


      At this point, he couldn't help but look at Charlie wade, looked him up and down for a moment, smiled and asked Doris: "This guy, is that guy the prodigy? Looks like a little younger than most of the kamikazes!"


      In the meantime, Charlie wade saw Walter's arrogant appearance, and couldn't help but knit his brows.


      In the meantime, Charlie wade saw Walter's arrogant appearance in his eyes, and did not know the relationship between Doris Young and Walter.


      Even the matter of Doris Young's father's serious illness in the hospital, he had just heard about it, so he was a little confused about the sudden appearance of Walter in front of him, and could not figure out what was the origin of this blond foreigner.


      As soon as Doris Young heard that Walter referred to Charlie wade as a god stick, he angrily snapped: "Walter, don't you dare to say anything here! This is Grandmaster Charlie wade, who is well known in Aurous Hill! Not the prodigy as you call it!"


      Walt said with disdain, "Don't all of you Chinese Gods like to call yourselves masters? What qigong masters, metaphysical masters, feng shui masters, there are masters everywhere, in my opinion, all f*#king liars!"


      Charlie wade was already a little upset, so he spoke up and said: "I advise you to show a little respect before you speak, this is Aurous Hill, not the United States."


      Walter looked at Charlie wade, despised and said: "Kid, I don't want to bullsh*t with you too much, I came over, is to chat with winter snow about her father's affairs, unrelated people as soon as possible to get away!"[Google @ Avracity]

Chapter 2358

Charlie wade sneered, "You're very big-headed, what exactly is your origin that gives you the courage to speak out here?"


      Walter looked arrogant and scoffed, "My name is Walter Hogewitz, have you, you diva, ever heard of the famous Hogewitz family in America?"


      Charlie wade smiled casually, "Sorry, I've never heard of this whatever Vitz family you're talking about."


      Walter coldly said, "I tell you! The Hogwarts family, a well-known major real estate developer in the U.S., not only has business all over the U.S., but also has large properties in Canada, England, Germany, France, and we even own a building named after the Hogwarts family in Manhattan, New York!"


      Charlie wade trailed off and laughed, "You have a building in Manhattan, New York, and you have the audacity to come to Aurous Hill and pretend that you're carrying that building on your back?"


      When Walter heard this, he frowned.


      He could hear that the meaning of Charlie wade words was to ridicule his family's building in Manhattan, New York, which was not good in Aurous Hill.


      So, he coldly snapped, "Kid, although the building can't be moved, but the dollars in my account can be circulated around the world at any time, this is called hard currency, hard power, understand?"


      Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, "When you say so, I understand."


      Saying that, Charlie wade couldn't help but ask curiously, "I wonder how much this Hogwarts family of yours is worth, all together, approximately how many dollars?"


      Walter snorted between his nose, "That's naturally over ten billion!"


      Walter waved his hand in disgust and muttered, "I don't know what I'm doing with all this nonsense with you!"


      Then, he immediately looked to the side of Doris Young, straight to the point: "Doris, I don't want to talk too much with you, a lot of words I have said countless times, my mouth is calloused." "I'll say it one last time, or uncle's kidney source problem.


      "I'll just say it one last time, or uncle's kidney source problem, do you want to agree to my conditions or not?"


      "If you don't agree, the kidney source won't stay!"


      Doris Young subconsciously asked, "Didn't you say you would give me 24 hours? It's only been half a day!"


      Walter laughed and said, "Excuse me, but the French have suddenly added $50,000 to the donor to steal this kidney source!"


      "Now that the donor has wavered a bit, he wants me to settle with him as soon as possible."


      "Otherwise, he'll just sell it to the French, so you need to give me a clear answer now, yes, or no!"


      Charlie wade then opened his mouth and asked Doris Young: "Doris, what's going on?"[Google @ Avracity]


      Doris Young replied, "Master Charlie, this Walter was a classmate when he was studying in the United States, and he helped my father find a successful kidney match, but the requirements were "


      When she said this, Doris suddenly became stammering.


      Walter's words were so nasty and shameless that she couldn't even describe them in words.


      At this time, a side of Walter sneered: "My request is very simple, let Doris Young be my lover for ten years! Give me more children! What, do you have a problem with that?"