Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2355-2356

 Chapter 2355

When Wang Dongxue heard these words, she unconsciously lowered her head.

At this time, she inevitably lamented in her heart: "Young Master is right, Dad's situation is like this ...... Every day it is rapidly deteriorating, and there is no hope at all ......".

"The only glimmer of hope is the kidney source that Walter found in the United States that has been successfully typed ......".

"But the conditions Walter proposed were a great insult to my character and integrity. ......

"However, if I am not willing to accept his conditions, I should be prepared for my father to die at any time ......".

Thinking of this, Wang Dongxue's eyes a sore, tears will instantly come out of her eyes, uncontrollably dripping on the cold cement floor.

Subsequently, Wang Dongxue's negative emotions accumulated for many days instantly exploded, slowly squatted on the ground, holding a headache and crying.

Ye Chen saw always strong Wang Dongxue, even at this moment, holding her head silently sobbing, the heart can not help but a few heartache, secretly thought: "She must be at the point of desperation, emotional collapse will be so ......".

Here, he squatted in front of Wang Dongxue, gently patted her shoulder, serious: "Dongxue, can not find the source of kidney does not matter, I have a better way to save your father, than to find the source of kidney, but also let the old man to avoid the suffering of the operating table to take a knife."

When Wang Dongxue heard this, she raised her head and looked at Ye Chen with a horrified expression, choking: "Young Master ...... Is what you said true ......"

"Of course it's true." Ye Chen nodded his head, reached out and pulled open the passenger door, and said to Wang Dongxue, "Get in! Go to the hospital first to heal your father's body, and then thoroughly investigate who poisoned your father!"

When Wang Dongxue regained consciousness, Ye Chen had already opened the passenger door and gently pushed her back and pushed her to the car door.

Wang Dongxue recalled what he had said a moment before, and asked with an incredulous face: "Young Master ...... You ...... Do you really have a way to cure my father?"

Ye Chen nodded, looked into her red eyes, and said seriously, "If I say it, I can do it!"

Wang Dongxue subconsciously said: "But ...... But ...... But the doctors all say that kidney failure is irreversible ......"

Ye Chen said word for word: "Just because the doctor can't reverse it, doesn't mean I, Ye Chen, can't."

Said, Ye Chen took out from his pocket to Wang Dongxue originally prepared pills, spoke: "This medicine was originally prepared for you, you take it, will be taken to the hospital to your father, to ensure that the medicine to the disease."

Wang Dongxue was dumbfounded: "Young ...... Young Master, you said this medicine ...... was originally prepared for me? Did you already know about my father?"

Ye Chen shook his head and said, "The main reason why I organized today's dinner party is to thank everyone for coming to my home to pay respects during the New Year, and that's why I prepared a blood dispersal saving heart pill that can cure all diseases for everyone.

When Wang Dongxue heard this, her whole body was still somewhat like a dream.

She subconsciously asked: "Young Master ...... This medicine ...... can really cure my father?"

Ye Chen opened his mouth and said, "You'll know whether it can be cured or not when you get to the hospital, so get in the car."

Although Wang Dongxue was not 100% sure whether Ye Chen's pill could cure her father or not, she was in an incomparably excited mood, and hurriedly nodded her head and got into the car under Ye Chen's urging.

After that, Ye Chen started the car and drove towards Jinling People's Hospital at speed.

Chapter 2356

At the same time, Walter, who was in the Jinling International Hotel, received a phone call from his men.

As soon as the caller came up, he hurriedly said, "Boss, I heard from someone inside the Jinling police that the police have found a book containing mercury dichloride from Wang Dongxue's house. A task force has now been set up to start tracking down clues to that book!"

"What?!" Walter exclaimed, out of shock, "How could the Jinling police be so fast?"

The other side said, "We didn't expect them to be so efficient."

Walter hesitated for a moment and said, "You didn't leave any clues when you disguised yourselves as couriers to deliver the goods, did you?"

The man thought about it and said, "I don't think so, the delivery car was a condominium car, it's impossible to check for clues, and the disguised courier was also wearing a mask, so he shouldn't be found."

Walter's eyebrows were tightly locked, his expression dark, and with his large hawk nose, he appeared a bit more ruthless.

He pondered for a moment, then spoke up and ordered, "Kill that guy disguised as a courier immediately."

The other party was obviously stunned, and only after a moment did he said with some horror: "The old ...... Boss ...... Xiao Zhu this person usually behaves well, very clever, there is no need to do him because of such a little thing, he is still very safe ......"

"Unnecessary?" Walter snapped, "What the fuck do you know about forensics or not? He's the only person currently exposed to the police, and even if he's wearing a mask, so what? Do you think wearing a mask makes you absolutely safe?"

"A man's face has ears, nose, mouth, eyes and eyebrows, and a mask only covers the nose and mouth! The police were still able to get his basic face shape, eyes, eyebrows, and ears through surveillance video! You can see more clearly his size, his height, his hairstyle, and the way he walks!"

"If the surveillance camera in front of Wang Dongxue's house had a radio microphone, the police would still have his voice signature! With all the clues exposed, you still think he's safe?"

As soon as the other party heard this, his voice trembled with nervousness: "Right ...... Sorry boss ...... I ...... I ...... I didn't expect ...... I didn't think that this matter ...... so serious ......"

Walter gritted his teeth and said, "Tell that little Zhu that I've prepared a million cash for him, and then tell you to send him on his way, and then you'll drive him out of Jinling with your men, and find a remote place in the middle to do away with him."

He said, "Remember to use the poison, and never see blood.

The other party hurriedly asked, "Boss, what should we do with the body? How about throwing it straight into the river? Where the river is more than 100 meters deep, the probability is that no one will find it!"

Walter scowled and said, "Dumbass! No matter how deep the river is, it is useless! There are undercurrents at the bottom of the river, and the undercurrents will wash things downstream, and once the bodies reach the shallow waters downstream, they'll probably be washed up on the shore! How else do you think those sunken bodies were found?"

When they heard this, they hurriedly asked again, "Boss, do you have any good ideas?"

Walter thought about it and said in a cold voice: "Well, you go and find an anchor for a speedboat, tie the body up with a chain, attach it to the anchor, and throw it into the river with the anchor, which will hold the body in the mud and sand at the bottom of the river like a fixed boat.

The other party hurriedly agreed, saying, "Yes, boss! I'm on it!"

Walter hung up the phone and paced the floor-to-ceiling windows in a darkened state, cursing quietly, "Shit! I didn't expect the speed of the Jinling police to be so fast ...... Wang Dongxue, it seems I'll have to push you a bit more!"

As soon as he said that, he immediately picked up his cell phone and dialed the number of his men.

As soon as the call came through, Walter immediately commanded in a cold voice, "Prepare the car immediately! Go to Jinling People's Hospital in five minutes!"