Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2351-2352

 Chapter 2351

To Ye Chen, the Blood Dispersion Pill is nothing more than an ordinary item, nothing extraordinary.

However, for others, it can't be said to prolong life, but at least at the most critical moment, it has the effect of saving life.

With it, it is like having an extra life at a critical moment.

Song Wanting is the best example of this.

Had it not been for a pill that she carried with her, she would have fallen off the cliff in Japan, just like everyone else, and her soul would have been lost. 

Therefore, everyone present was so excited that there was no way to attach it to their hearts.

Ye Chen put the pills down one by one, and then said to everyone, "Everyone put the pills away and let's continue to eat."

Only then did everyone carefully put the wooden box containing the pills into their pockets and got up to return to their seats.

The meal went on and the guests enjoyed themselves.

Until nine o'clock at night, the dinner party ended, Wang Dongxue still did not contact Ye Chen.

Ye Chen drove away from Qin Gang's villa, and then took out his cell phone, ready to give Wang Dongxue a call, ask her whether she encountered any trouble.

At this moment, Wang Dongxue is at home, anxiously awaiting the results of the police criminal investigation officers.

More than a dozen professional criminal investigators have come to the home, the entire house for the carpet testing, but still have not found the source of poisoning where. 

Just at this moment, Wang Dongxue's cell phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

She was shocked by the ringing of the phone, immediately pulled out the phone, found that it was actually Ye Chen called, it just remembered, he also promised Ye Chen, night to go to the dinner party organized by him!

Chapter 2352

Wang Dongxue said, "Thank you very much, Young Master!"

Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "It's fine, no need to be so polite with me. Net."

When it came to this, Ye Chen wanted to tell her to get busy first, so he wouldn't keep her busy with family matters, but at this time, he heard a man's voice on the other end of Wang Dongxue's phone: "Ms. Wang, we found the source of the poison your father was poisoned with.

At this time, Wang Dongxue is still holding a cell phone, but when she heard this, she had completely forgotten to talk to Ye Chen, this matter, and then asked nervously: "Captain Sun, you said the source of poisoning in the end is where!

Sun Wenbin, with a heavy book in his latex-gloved hand, spoke up, "Our criminal investigators found that every page of this book contains mercury dichloride."

"Also, we found the book to be very new and full of flip marks, and we estimate that your father has been reading it more frequently of late."

"When he was reading this book, his hands were constantly covered with mercury dichloride, a small portion of which was absorbed directly through the skin, and some of which he may have eaten along with his food when he took it. "

"And the last generation tends to have a bad habit when reading books, they like to wet their fingers with their tongues when turning pages, I wonder if your father had that habit?"

Wang Dongxue gently nodded her head and said, "My father does have this habit of reading books. ...... I've said to him before that it's not hygienic to turn the pages like that, but their generation has long been used to it, so it's a problem that hasn't changed ......".

Sun Wenbin nodded his head and said, "That's right, I think the excessive amount of mercury dichloride in your father's body came from this book."

Wang Dongxue was struck by lightning and blurted out, "Captain Sun, did someone deliberately poison my father?

Sun Wenbin nodded his head and said, "Judging from the coating process in the book, mercuric dichloride is in the form of a very fine powder, completely laid flat on the paper, so that it is almost colorless and odorless, and it is also difficult to identify, so we can assume that it is absolutely artificial, and the other party is very careful and very strong anti-surveillance awareness!

Wang Dongxue said angrily, "My father has never offended anyone in his life as a teacher and educator, who would do this to him?

Sun Wenbin hurriedly asked her, "Do you know how this book came to be?"