Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2349-2350

 Chapter 2349

At this time, Wang Dongxue, hearing Sun Wenbin's words, was incomparably nervous, and hurriedly asked, "Captain Sun, in your experience, is it more likely that my father was accidentally exposed to this poison, or was it more likely that he was secretly poisoned?"

"It's not good." Sun Wenbin explained seriously, "The situation and clues we have now are really still too limited, and basically there are no very useful clues that can help us determine our direction."

He then asked, "By the way, Ms. Wang, is your father's current state acceptable for questioning? There are some things that if you ask him directly, you may be able to get more useful clues."

Wang Dongxue shook her head and sighed, "My father has been in a deep coma for the past two days ......".

Sun Wenbin hesitated for a moment, smacked his lips, and said, "Tsk ...... How about this!"

"Since you just said that your father barely left the house for a while before the attack, I'm guessing it's more likely that he was still poisoned at home!"

"Only, it is too likely that the poisoning was through food and drink."

"If it's convenient for you, could you let us come to your home and gather clues? If a highly toxic substance can be found in your home, then there is a way to continue to trace it upward!"

"After our professional criminal investigators come to investigate, there may be more valuable discoveries."

As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, she spoke almost without hesitation, "No problem! Whenever is convenient for you?"

Sun Wenbin immediately said, "It's urgent, if possible, let's go over there now!"

Wang Dongxue was busy saying, "No problem! Then I'll bring a few people over now."

After saying that, she turned to look at Director Chen and said with a pleading face, "Director Chen, my mother has been very tense these past few days, please don't tell her about this."

Director Chen immediately nodded his head and said, "No problem Wang Dong, don't worry, I will keep your mother's secret strictly."

"Okay, thank you Director Chen!"

After thanking Director Chen, Wang Dongxue looked at Sun Wenbin and said, "Captain Sun, shall I take you all to my house now?"

"Good." Sun Wenbin nodded and said, "It's not too late, let's go over there now."

Fifteen minutes later.

Wang Dongxue brought several police officers, as well as several technicians of the Criminal Investigation Department, to his own small villa.

Wang Dongxue's family is relatively well-off, her parents' income is very high, but also her own income is not low, so the family has a set of more than three hundred square meters in Jinling, upper and lower three layers with a courtyard villa.

The villa is decorated in an exquisite Chinese style, and the furniture and appliances are all of the highest quality, making it a family in pursuit of quality of life.

Police officers are very dedicated to put on shoe covers, gloves, with a variety of professional equipment, the entire home for careful technical detection.

At this time, Wang Dongxue's heart was completely about her father's poisoning, because this matter is so important that her brain has unconsciously, put Ye Chen's dinner party in the back of her mind.

Now she just wants to find out what poisoned her father, whether it was an accident, or someone malicious poisoning!


At this moment, Qin Gang's home.

Dinner time has arrived, Wang Dongxue has not yet come, Qin Gang came to Ye Chen side, asked in a low voice: "Master Ye, Wang Dongxue Wang Vice Chairman has not yet come, do you think we should start or wait for her?"

Ye Chen thought, Wang Dongxue did not come, there must be something to do, if he called her at this time, even if he did not mean to rush her, but in her view, there must be some sense of urging.

Chapter 2350

And as her boss, once he called him himself, he would definitely put some pressure on her, and it would be inappropriate if it would affect her ability to do important things.

So he said to Qin Gang, "It's fine, let's start first."

Anyway, for Ye Chen, organizing a dinner party today was of secondary importance, giving everyone a gift back was the most important thing.

If Wang Dongxue is unable to come tonight, there's no need to rush her, just wait until there's a chance to give her the pills in private.

As soon as Qin Gang heard this, he hurriedly said to the crowd: "Come, come, come, thanks to all of you a restaurant, we are about to start tonight's banquet."

The crowd then followed Qin Gang to the restaurant, where the Qin family's chef had already placed sixteen cold dishes on the large table.

Master Song smiled and said, "Mr. Qin, just the cold dishes alone are sixteen, that's a bit too much to break down, isn't it?"

Qin Gang said in a panic: "How can it be Mr. Song, you are all Qin's guests, and the real host today is not me, but Master Ye.

Master Song nodded and smiled, "Then thank you for the hospitality of Mr. Qin and Master Ye!"

Ye Chen smiled, "Old Mr. Song doesn't have to be so polite, please sit down."

After everyone had sat down, Qin Gang immediately sent someone to bring a few bottles of collectible Maotai wine.

After everyone had poured a glass of wine, Ye Chen lifted his own glass and said very seriously: "Thank you all for coming today, and thank you Mr. Qin for helping to organize all this.

As soon as everyone heard this, they all stood up with their wine glasses, and old Mr. Shi Tianqi hurriedly said, "Master Ye! All of you here have been favored by you, so why are you so polite to us?"

Ye Chen smiled, "Good! Let's not say any more polite words, let's drink together!"

Everyone at the table said together, "Cheers!"

Then, Ye Chen poured himself a full glass of wine and opened his mouth, "During the New Year, everyone was really a bit shabby, and to be honest, I feel somewhat sorry for myself."

Saying that, Ye Chen added, "However, I won't say any more polite words, so I also hope that you won't be polite to me next."

The crowd nodded, some of them were already getting excited in their hearts.

The difference between them and Wang Dongxue was that they had all received medicine from Ye Chen, and they had gone to Ye Chen's house together to pay their respects during the New Year, when Ye Chen said he wanted Qin Gang to prepare something.

Wang Dongxue, on the other hand, had neither received any pills from Ye Chen, nor had she gone with him to pay New Year's respects, so she had no idea what the purpose of Ye Chen's invitation today was.

If she had known that Ye Chen was going to give out the Blood Severing Pill to cure all diseases, she would not have missed this opportunity.

As long as she got one pill, she would be able to cure her father's condition completely.

Ye Chen left the banquet temporarily and took the pills he had prepared from the car, the one he had prepared for Wang Dongxue, and put it into his pocket.

Afterwards, he returned to the table with these pills, took out the boxes containing the pills one by one, and said seriously: "Everyone, this is some blood dispersing and heart saving pills that I recently asked Mr. Qin to prepare materials to refine, this kind of pills can't say immortality, but at least it can cure all diseases, and also treat serious injuries, I hope everyone will keep it well, and take it out again at the critical moment. "

Everyone saw Ye Chen take out the pill, and they were both happy and moved.

Without saying a word, Hong Wu stood up and went around the chair, kneeled down in piety, and said excitedly, "Hong Wu, thank Master Ye for the medicine!"

As soon as they saw this, all of them, without exception, got up and knelt down in front of Ye Chen and said in unison, "Thank you, Master Ye, for the medicine."