Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2347-2348

 Chapter 2347

As soon as Wang Dongxue heard that it was bed No. 1, she immediately realized that he was talking about her own father, so she hurriedly asked, "Hello, what are the test results of the patient in ward No. 1?"

The man looked at Wang Dongxue and then at Director Chen hesitantly, not knowing for a moment whether he should continue.

Director Chen hurriedly urged: "Little Liu, what are the results you directly say, don't dilly-dally."

The man then hurriedly said, "Well, the laboratory first found an excessive amount of mercury in the blood of the patient in Ward 1, and then sent the blood sample to the Judicial Department's laboratory for further testing of toxic substances. "

"What?!" Director Chen exclaimed, "Mercury dichloride? Sure it's mercury dichloride?!"

"OK!" The man hurriedly said: "The police suspect that someone has thrown poison, so they are ready to file a case, and they are expected to come over soon."

Wang Dongxue was shocked and asked, "Director Chen, what is mercury dichloride?"

Director Chen explained: "Mercury dichloride, a highly toxic inorganic substance, is so toxic that an average of one milligram per kilogram of body weight can reach a LD50! An eighty kilogram adult male needs only eighty milligrams!"

Wang Dongxue pursued, "What is a LD50?!"

For example, if we use 100 mice to test the toxicity of mercury dichloride, and 50 mice die when the oral dose exceeds one milligram per kilogram for a specified period of time, this amount is called the LD50.

Wang Dongxue exclaimed, "This substance, only a few tens of milligrams can kill a person?!"

Director Chen nodded his head and said, "This stuff is extremely toxic, especially to the kidneys, just like Paraquat is extremely harmful to the lungs, it's almost hopeless. ......".

Wang Dongxue was so nervous that she blurted out, "How could my father take this toxic substance? No one in our family has ever been exposed to this highly toxic chemical. ......"

Director Chen said seriously, "Since the police are opening an investigation, it is likely that someone deliberately threw the poison."

"Poisoning?!" Wang Dongxue said, perplexed, "My father has spent most of his life teaching and educating people, and has received countless honors.

Director Chen hurriedly said: "Wang Dong, this kind of thing by speculation is useless, we must rely on the police in-depth investigation, it is possible to find the murderer behind the scenes!".

As I was saying, the office door was pushed open, and several uniformed police officers walked in with heavy expressions.

One of them, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face, walked in front and came directly to Director Chen and said: "Hello, I'm Sun Wenbin, deputy captain of the Jinling Criminal Police Brigade, we received an alarm from your unit's laboratory, and now suspect that a patient named Wang Chengyuan from your hospital was most likely poisoned. "

Director Chen immediately pointed to Wang Dongxue and said, "Captain Sun, this is Wang Chengyuan's daughter, Ms. Wang Dongxue."

Sun Wenbin was slightly surprised, then immediately put away his surprised expression and said seriously, "Hello Ms. Wang, I am Sun Wenbin, may I ask how your father is doing now?"

Wang Dongxue hurriedly said, "Captain Sun, my father is in very bad condition, his kidneys are failing rapidly in a short period of time, and his life is in danger at any time. ...... Please make sure you find the person who poisoned my father!"

Chapter 2348

Sun Wenbin nodded very seriously and said, "Ms. Wang, can you please help us recall if your father usually has any enemies? Or have you had any financial troubles with anyone?"

Wang Dongxue shook her head and said, "My father has been a dedicated teacher and educator for so many years, and he is also non-competitive and very helpful at work, and has never had any conflicts with anyone."

Sun Wenbin asked again, "Then has your father eaten any strange food recently, or come in contact with anything rather strange?"

Wang Dongxue continued to shake her head: "It seems that he really didn't, everything was quite normal before his illness ......".

Sun Wenbin then asked: "Do you usually live with your father?"

Wang Dongxue nodded, "Living together."

Sun Wenbin went on to ask, "Then who else lives with you besides you and your father?"

Wang Dongxue spoke up, "And my mother, the three of us."

"Good." Sun Wenbin nodded, and after a pause asked, "Does the family have any nannies or hourly workers?"

"No," said Wang Dongxue. Wang Dongxue said, "I wanted to find them a nanny, but my parents have been intellectuals all their lives and are not used to having someone wait on them, plus they are only in their 50s now and can take care of themselves, so they have never looked for a nanny or an hourly worker."

Sun Wenbin asked, "Neither you nor your mother have any problems with your health, right?"

Wang Dongxue shook her head: "No."

Sun Wenbin nodded and said, "The three of you are living together, and you and your mother don't have any problems, so it can be inferred that it's not the food or water source in your family that's causing the problem."

He then asked, "Ms. Wang, I need you to carefully recall whether your father had ever gone out to eat by himself or with his friends in the period of time before his health signs appeared."

Wang Dongxue thought carefully and said seriously: "No, the period of time before my father's health problems, because it was winter vacation, so he has been at home reading books, almost never went out, so he did not go out to meet with others."

According to the test data, your father had a large amount of mercury dichloride in his body, a highly toxic substance that can enter the body through the nose and mouth, or through the skin.

"But our experts speculate that such a large dose of poisoning may take a long time if the skin alone is used, so the most likely possibility is that it enters through the nose and mouth, with oral ingestion being the most likely."

"However, from what you've said, it's unlikely that your father was poisoned at home through food and water, but he also didn't go out to eat or get together at ......."

"Then, trying to figure out exactly where he was poisoned might be a little tricky!"