English Amazing Son-in-law 2322-2324

Chapter 2322

At that moment, the door to the inner room was pushed open gently.

The middle-aged woman came out and asked her, "Winter Snow, is that Walter gone?"

This woman, is Doris Young's mother.

Doris Young hurriedly dried her tears, turned around to look at the woman and nodded, "Yes mom, he's gone."

After saying that, she then hurriedly asked, "Mom, how is Dad?"

Doris Young's mother sighed, "Still like that, not awake. Net."

She said, she saw Doris Young had just cried, so she hurried forward, concerned and asked: "Doris Young, why are you crying? What did that Walter say to you? Didn't he say he'd found a kidney for your father? What does it say later?"

Doris Young sighed and whispered, "The kidney source is found, but what he means is that he wants me to work for him and be his lover at the same time ......"

"What?!" Doris Young's mother stared at her and spoke out, "This ...... Isn't this person an old classmate of yours? How could he be so shameless?!"

Doris Young said with extreme helplessness, "I didn't expect that a few years after graduation, he would become like this."

Doris Young's mother hurriedly said, "Can't we give him more money? If the kidney source is two million, we'll give him four million, or six million, as long as he can help find the kidney source and make sure your dad gets a timely transplant, we'd be willing to do that even if we had to break the bank."

Doris Young shook her head, serious: "This Walter's father, is more famous in the United States of America's real estate tycoon, the family strength is very strong, the assets how to count must have a few tens of billions of dollars, how can he look at us this money ......"

Doris Young's mother cried out at once, saying helplessly, "What should we do then? ...... Your father's kind of rh-negative blood is already a panda blood that only comes in one in hundreds of thousands of people, and it's hard to find someone with the same blood type as him, and it's even harder to find someone with the same blood type, whose organs can be successfully typed, and whose opponent is willing to donate ......"

She said, with a long sigh, she cried, "The doctor said ...... The doctor said that your father's current condition will last at most three months, and if he can't find a kidney source, then a hero can't save him ah!"

Doris Young nodded with a pained expression and said, "Mom, don't cry yet, give me a little more time to find the kidney source ......"

Doris Young's mother could not hide the burning, sobbing: "The doctor said, your father's physical condition, the most you can wait another twenty days, twenty days if you can not solve the kidney source, then even if you find the kidney source, his this physical condition, can not receive surgery ......"

Doris Young nodded his head and said seriously, "Mom don't worry, I will do my best to find a way ......"

Doris Young's nodded gently, the whole person has sobbed.

Doris Young then whispered, "Mom, you first guard Dad here for a while, I'll go out for some air."

"Good, you go ......."

Doris Young came out of the ward and came directly to the courtyard downstairs of the hospital inpatient department.

It was already night, and the weather was cold, there were few people in the courtyard.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2323

She felt a pack of ladies cigarettes in her pocket, took one out and put it in her mouth, and felt a lighter, which she pressed a few times with some anxiety. 

Under the reflection of the flame, her face was very ugly.

Cigarette was lit, Doris Young lips gently bite the cigarette, smoke a puff, the surrounding is very quiet, and can even be heard when the tobacco was lit by the unique sound.

Doris Young rarely smoke, and do not love to smoke, but because the work has been very hard, often over-fatigue and excessive distress, this time to smoke a cigarette, can bring her some relief.

Smoke from her exquisite nostrils, feel the stimulation of nicotine in the brain, Doris Young can not help but shed two lines of tears.

In her mind, her mother's words just rang out repeatedly.

The window period left for her father to do an organ transplant is only twenty days.

If a suitable kidney source couldn't be found during these twenty days, father's bodily functions would enter the final stage of decline.

In that case, his body would be so weak that he wouldn't even be able to support the surgical anesthesia medication, let alone undergo a major organ transplant ......

This condition is much like some elderly terminal cancer patients.

It sums up in twelve words: very weak and very serious.


Chemotherapy? The body couldn't hold up.

In the end, there is no choice but to resort to palliative care.

To put it bluntly, it means giving up on treatment and turning to pain medication to help alleviate pain in the final stages of life.

Doris Young's father was only fifty years old, for Doris Young, she could not accept that her father was so young to pass away.

However, the chances of saving her father now were so slim that it made people desperate.

Cigarette burned out, she unconsciously lit another, in her head, and recalled Walter's words.

At the same time, a multiple choice question popped up subconsciously in her mind.

This multiple-choice question had two options.

Option a: to promise Walter a chance of survival in exchange for Dad.

Option b: Rejecting Walter and watching Dad spill his guts.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2324

Doris Young's heart was incomparably painful because this was the cruelest choice she had ever faced in her twenty years of life.


At the same time, Walter was sitting in a Rolls Royce and had just left the Hospital.

Walter full name Walter Horowitz, American, the family is also a famous real estate developer in the United States.

He had been classmates with Doris Young earlier and had always been very fond of him.

But since Walter was still under his family's nose at the time, he was not quite brave enough to go after an Asian woman in a dignified manner.

However, the current Walter had changed drastically from the Walter of his student days.

He now had enough resources as well as initiative in the family, and now that he had taken his business to Warsaw and started to enter the real estate sector in Warsaw, so he instantly started to let go of his ego.

The first thing he wanted to do in letting go of his ego was to re-conquer Doris Young, his old classmate.

It wasn't just because, he had always had thoughts about Doris Young.

More importantly, Doris Young had made great achievements in the Dihao Group in the past few years, and her personal ability had been highly recognized by the entire real estate field.

She was not only capable, but also very knowledgeable about the Hauxia real estate industry.

For Walter, an American entrepreneur who just arrived in China, if he could take her as his own, it would not only be an excellent help, but also a way to avoid many, many detours.

In addition, there was another great value in Doris Young, and that was that she knew all the confidential information of the Emgrand Group like the back of her hand.

The real estate industry seemed to be just building and selling buildings, not developing any high and new technology, nor producing any sophisticated equipment, as if there was not much technical content, nor would there be much confidential information.

But in fact, the real estate industry has more confidential information than most industries!

Because of the close proximity to the relevant departments, large real estate companies, often to a certain extent, have a grasp of the direction of urban planning and development.

For example, a certain piece of land is likely to be planned for development in the future, a certain area is likely to cover rail transit in the future, and all of this is confidential information that is worth a million dollars.

In addition, every piece of land and every project has to be tendered, and the bottom of this tender is the absolute core secret, once leaked, it will bring huge losses to the company.

So, Walter's wishful thinking is to be able to bag Doris Young, and then digest the confidential information she holds about the Emgrand Group.

Right after that, then targeted, step by step to empty the Emgrand Group, and finally seize the entire Aurious Hill market by the way.

At this moment, Walter looked playfully at the photo of Doris Young in his phone, and recited the words, "Doris Young, this time, I must completely and utterly conquer you!"