Amazing Son-in-law 3118 Charlie

 But. Who would have thought that one's life would come to a darker light at the darkest moment. Charlie wade had been found!

        Finding Charlie wade did not only mean that a major flaw had been filled, but more importantly. Charlie wade had given him a new lease of life.

        In this way, his second regret was no longer a regret, for he still had a long life cycle ahead of him, and could well wait until the day his daughter got married.

        He even believed with certainty deep within himself that once the three-year period was up, Charlie wade would definitely go and marry Stephanie.

        At that time, his life would be completely complete.

        But he had never dreamed that his pearl in the palm of his hand, his precious daughter. Surprisingly, she gave herself a surprise at the concert today.

        Although his daughter, who was dressed in a wedding dress, was not really at the wedding, as a father, he was able to see her on stage with his own eyes, as if his wish had been half fulfilled.

        But as a father, he was so relieved to see his daughter on stage, as if she was halfway there. So at this moment, he was filled with mixed feelings.

        Deep inside, Angie felt the same emotions as her husband, and tears had long since flowed down her flawless face in two trails.

        Seeing that her husband was also crying silently, Angie hurriedly grabbed his hand, looked at him and smiled heartily.

        Lord Orrin realised that he had lost his temper a little and laughed, hurriedly rubbing the tears on both arms and subconsciously holding his wife's hand tighter.

        Angie gently leaned on her husband's shoulder, listening to her daughter's emotional singing on stage. She couldn't help but whisper in her husband's ear, "If Brother wade and Sister An were still alive, how good do you think it would be ......"

        "Yes ......" Lord Orrin's body trembled gently as he sighed, "If that scene could really come true, it would really be a thousand gold pieces ...... Even if I were to give up the entire Gu(Sun) Group with my hands, I would have no complaints!"

        Angie nodded heavily, her nose sore. Hastily twisted her face away.

        At this moment, Claire was also deeply moved by this song and gently held Charlie wade's hand. She opened her mouth and said, "Honey, did you say that Stephanie's Prince Charming, came to the scene today?"

        Charlie wade was stunned at her words. Immediately, he smiled sarcastically and said, "I can't say this."

        Claire seriously said, "I hope he is there, so that he will not disappoint Stephanie's deep love and affection ......"

        She couldn't help but ask with some excitement, "Did you say that you would ask him to come up on stage later? Or will he be so moved that he will run up and propose to Stephanie on the spot?"

        Charlie wade shook his head and said with a bewildered expression, "I don't know ......"

        Claire said seriously, "Stephanie has sacrificed so much for this man, if the two of them can't have a lover to marry, then it's really too unreasonable ......"

        Charlie wade didn't know how to respond to Claire's words, he only felt incomparably conflicted deep inside, about where he was going in the future, he couldn't seem to make sense of it at all.

        But Claire did not know the extreme contradiction in her husband's heart at this time, she was a little jumpy and could not hide her excitement, "I think Stephanie will definitely let him on stage! Suddenly I feel so nervous, maybe I'll have to witness the most romantic thing I've ever met in my life!"

        Charlie wade casually nodded his head.

        He knew that many fans were looking forward to witnessing the completion of Stephanie's love story at this concert.

        However, Charlie wade was equally clear that Stephanie would definitely not name herself at this concert, much less let herself on stage in public.

        After all, he had a three-year contract with her.

        Moreover, his current identity had not yet been made public, and most people still did not know that he was a member of the wade family in Eastcliff, let alone that he was Bruce Wade's son and carried a blood feud on his body ......