Amazing Son-in-law 3114 Charlie

 Wearing a blue dreamy dress, Stephanie took the lift and slowly rose from the centre of the stage, Stephanie took the microphone and spoke, "In the past, I have only sung my own songs in my concerts, but today, I'm going to cover two songs from my predecessors in the music industry, both of which, are for that Prince Charming of mine, I hope he will like them!"

        The intro then ended and she opened her mouth to sing Zhang Xinzhe's famous song 'Love is just a word'.

        The lyrics of this song were so in line with what she had given to Charlie wade for so many years.

        "Pluck the dark clouds from the sky, as beautiful as blue velvet ......"

        "I go over the mountains for you, but I don't care to look at the scenery ......"

        "I miss you, gather my courage and spread the message by the map of love ......"

        "I wish you hadn't forgotten, I'll always protect you ......"

        "No more wandering to find ......"

        "Love is one word, I'll only say it once ......"

        "You know I'll only show it with my actions ......"

        "The lively city searches for your shadow ......"

        "Making you happy is the most joyful thing I've ever done ......"

        The lyrics of this song were already perfect, and Stephanie's singing was even more impeccable, plus Fitz spent tens of millions of dollars to replace the top stage sound for this performance, the effect that came out of this was simply the pinnacle of excellence!

        What's more, not only was the song, equipment and Stephanie's singing good, but more importantly, combined with the previous opening video, every lyric Stephanie sang could make people find a strong resonance in the story she had just told.

        Everyone could feel her perseverance in going over the mountains and wandering in search of her beloved, and more than that, they could feel the incomparably strong love she had for her beloved.

        Who would have thought that the goddess, who seemed to be so high up in the clouds, could actually do so much for love, searching the world and throwing herself away for love.

        And all the men in the audience were already mad with jealousy.

        They were dying to know which son of a b*tch could be so blessed to have such a true heart from a goddess!

        The male protagonist of this touching story, Charlie wade, could not hold back his tears at this time, and two lines of hot tears slowly flowed down his cheeks.

        What Charlie wade didn't know was that before Stephanie finished the song, someone had already uploaded the video of the opening scene onto the internet, and the whole short video platform and Weibo exploded!

        Six of the top ten hot searches were related to it!

        The number one search was: Stephanie's Prince Charming, he must have saved the galaxy in his last life!

        The second most popular search was eight words: I want to beat up Prince Charming!

        The reason why there was such a hot search was because many of Stephanie's fan groups were swiping the screen, saying that they had to flesh out the bastard that Stephanie had been searching for for almost 20 years and beat him up together, asking him where he had been all these years! He had caused such a nice girl like Stephanie to search so hard for so many years!

        Below the six related hot searches, countless netizens commented wildly, some were touched, some envied, some wished, but more, were jealous!

        Even if they weren't there in person, when these male fans saw that opening video, they were all so jealous that they were about to explode in place!

        Some people said that Stephanie's prince charming had to have been blown up by a cannonball to have such luck.

        There are also people who say that there is no man in this world who is worthy of a woman as good as Stephanie, not in the past, not now and not in the future, so they advise that unknown so-called Prince Charming to behave himself and leave the house as soon as possible.

        Some people even said that Stephanie was never someone's Stephanie, she was the world's Stephanie, and if any man dared to possess her, it would be one man against the whole world!

        How could Charlie wade have imagined that Stephanie's concert had only just begun and he had become the public enemy of all ......