Amazing Son-in-law 3110 Charlie

Only, she had some doubts in her mind, whether it was Lord Orrin or Angie, Zara was often able to meet in various high society events in Eastcliff in the past.

        But in her impression, this couple did not look so young now.

        Especially Angie, she has given birth to a child, her age than her mother is not a few years younger, but the whole state of the person does not look like a child at all, always feel just 30 years old, than their own mother can look much younger.

        And Lord Orrin is also very amazing.

        The previous has been said that he was dying of advanced pancreatic cancer, but who would have thought that this person not only cured the terminal disease, but look better and better.

        However, Zara was shocked, but she felt that since she had seen them and was sitting next to each other, she took the initiative to greet them and said, "Auntie Angie and Uncle Gu(Sun), how are you?"

        Angie at first did not pay attention to who was sitting beside her, she had been secretly observing Claire beside Charlie wade, wanting to see what magic this girl had that could make Charlie wade so favored, but suddenly she heard the girl sandwiched between herself and Claire greeting herself, so she hurriedly looked and realized that the one sitting beside herself was actually Zara of the Banks family.

        She was surprised and asked, "Zara? Why are you here?"

        Lord Orrin was also surprised, not expecting Zara of the Banks family to be there.

        Zara spat out her tongue and said more or less awkwardly, "My brother left a ticket for me before he left, so I came over to join the fun."

        When Zara said this, Lord Orrin and Angie, husband and wife, instantly understood.

        They both know the situation of the Banks family, know that Fitz suddenly decided yesterday to kowtow long head to go to the Da Zhao Temple to atone for the sins of his family, also know that before Fitz has been pursuing his daughter, so once said, they know why Zara is here.

        Angie is also a bit embarrassed, spoke: "Zara, your brother's matter me and your uncle Gu(Sun) also heard, hey, we also really did not expect ...... your mother's health is okay?"

        Zara nodded, thinking that she was sitting next to Charlie wade's wife, and thought that Angie, Lord Orrin and Charlie wade must have long recognized each other, in this case, the couple looked at Charlie wade, certainly as an unopened son-in-law, so they hurriedly spoke: "Auntie Angie, my mother's health is quite good, thank you for your concern."

        After saying that, she came up to Angie's ear and whispered, "Auntie Angie, I'm really sorry, Charlie wade and his wife are sitting next to me, and his wife doesn't know his real identity, so many things are too inconvenient to say on this occasion, let's talk later in private."

        When Angie heard this, she was immediately surprised.

        She did not know that Zara actually knew Charlie wade and knew his true identity!

        This made her think in her heart, "According to reason, Charlie's true identity has always been a secret, and it is impossible for him to proclaim it everywhere himself, so how did this Zara know about him?"

        "Could it be that Charlie took the initiative to tell her? It doesn't make sense! Charlie has always felt that the Banks family is unshirkably responsible for the death of his parents, in that case, the Banks family is his enemy, so how could he tell Zara his secret?"