Amazing Son-in-law 3108 Charlie

 In addition, the Ito family itself is a very traditional Japanese family, so Ito Yohiko has been committed to raising his daughter into the eyes of the Japanese people's ladies, so it also gives Ito Nanaiko this gentle temperament like water.

        Therefore, Claire in front of Ito Nanaiko, also feel ashamed of themselves, always feel that the other party where much better than themselves.

        After Claire sighed inwardly, he took the initiative to bring the topic back to Jasmine's body. Excitedly said: "But if we can reach a cooperation with Miss Jasmine this time, then the company can go up another level!"

        Saying that, she also said to Charlie wade: "Look, husband, Emgrand Group is the largest enterprise in Jinling, and the Jasmine family is the largest family in Jinling, if both sides can cooperate for a long time. Then my studio, in time, can also become the best decoration design studio in Jinling!"

        Charlie wade couldn't help but advise: "Wife, your recent career is also too heavy, you yourself have taken over the big project of the Emgrand Group, and now the company has also taken over a lot of private renovation projects, you already have a lot of things on hand, why do you still want to cooperate with the Jasmine family? In fact, our family is not short of money now, there is absolutely no need for you to be so tired."

        Claire shook her head and said very seriously, "Starting a business itself is not necessarily about how much money you can earn. The main thing is that since it has already started, I hope to make it the best."

        "So you see, so many large companies with a market capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars, their owners were already financially free many years ago, but now they are still working hard for the company. I believe they have long ago earned enough money to spend for several lifetimes, the reason why children play hard, in fact, are to do things to the extreme, to do the best."

        To Claire's statement. Charlie wade also agrees.

        The vast majority of people in this society, do not have this kind of extreme spirit.

        The vast majority of people have a standard of self-satisfaction. As soon as they reach this standard, they start to enjoy life and stop working hard.

        However, there are very few people who are driven by the spirit of extreme and never satisfied.

        They will also set a standard for themselves, but the difference is that once they reach this standard, they will not be satisfied, but will continue to set higher standards for themselves.

        Those companies with assets of over 100 billion, or even reaching the world's top 500, are not driven by this drive to become stronger and stronger.

        I think that his wife Claire is also this kind of person, just before there has been no good opportunity for her to realize her ambition.

        So, Charlie wade for Claire: "Wife, what do you think is the ultimate goal of your business venture?"

        Claire thought about it and said seriously, "I don't have any specific goal, I just hope to make it the best within my ability."

        Charlie wade nodded gently.

        Although he was heartbroken by Claire's state of working at full strength, he could also understand her heart to a certain extent.

        He felt that, to a certain extent, he thought basically the same as his wife.

        Charlie wade himself did not have any material desires and had not even taken the initiative to buy himself a car by now, but he was still trying to do everything he could to constantly expand his business and improve his financial strength.

        However, unlike other elites, Charlie wade makes money, not to achieve any personal value, he just wants to accumulate enough strength to be able to find out the truth about his parents' death in the future, and to be able to crush his enemies with an absolute advantage after finding out the truth.

        So in order to achieve this goal, he must also do his best to try to do the best he can in the pre-storage stage!