Amazing Son-in-law 3106 Charlie

 In addition to Doris Young, she recognized two of these women, one of whom was naturally the Song family's Miss Jasmine, while the other was Shi Tianqi(Simmons)'s granddaughter, Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla).

        A long time ago, her father Christopher was assassinated by Gao Junwei(Jason), had a car accident, and was declared paraplegic in the hospital, when Shi Tianqi(Simmons) took Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla) with him to the hospital, and cured Christopher with a miracle medicine.

        The rest of Aurora and Ito Nanaiko, Claire only felt familiar, but for a moment could not recall where she had seen.

        In fact, she also saw the report of Aurora and Ito Nana Zi's original competition, but at that time, the two girls on the field, both wearing professional combat clothing, looking valiant, and at that time, Ito Nana Zi's long hair was also tied into a clean ponytail, while Aurora had a fresh short hair.

        But now, these two girls are long hair draped, one is more gentle than the other quiet, so Claire is difficult to link these two girls with the two heroic girls on the game at that time.

        These five feel women sitting side by side, it can be said that each has its own characteristics, each has a thousand, is simply five golden flowers.

        Just when Claire's whole body was stunned, Jasmine took the initiative to open her mouth and said, "Hello Mrs. wade, long time no see!"

        Previously, when Claire's best friend Zhang wilsonman got married, Charlie wade took her to Jasmine's top bridal store in order not to let Zhang wilsonman lose face at her in-laws' house.

        At this time, seeing Jasmine take the initiative to greet herself, Claire looked a little nervous and said in a panic: "Hello Miss Jasmine, long time no see!"

        At this time, Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla) on the side also spoke, "Hello Mrs. wade!"

        Claire hurriedly said, "Hello Miss Chen(Xyla)! I have to thank you and Dr. Shi(Simmons) for what happened to my father before! I wonder if Divine Doctor Shi(Simmons) is doing well lately?"

        Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla) smiled faintly and said, "My grandfather's health is quite good, so I'm sorry for Mrs. wade's concern."

        Ito Nanaeko and Aurora looked at each other and looked at Claire at the same time and said with a little respect, "Hello Mrs. wade!"

        "I'm Aurora."

        "I'm Ito Nanaeko, please take care of me!"

        Charlie wade hurriedly introduced to Claire: "Aurora is the daughter of General Manager Graham Quinton, Graham Quinton is our largest medicinal herb merchant in Aurous Hill, and works more closely with Dr. Shi(Simmons)."

        "Miss Ito is a very famous Japanese combatant, she has played with Aurora in our Aurous Hill before, the two also became friends during the competition."

        Claire then suddenly realized, said off the cuff: "Oh ...... I remember, Miss Aurora is before the media has been talking about our domestic once-in-a-century combat genius! You say so a Miss Tang, I also have some impression, but their real and news reports look a little different ......"

        Aurora said with a smile, "My father said that I do not look like a girl when fighting, so I usually dress up in life to try to make themselves more feminine, so Mrs. wade may see me with the impression of the gap will be a little big."

        Claire nodded and smiled, "I really didn't expect that Miss Aurora was also a fan of Stephanie, and I even didn't expect that Miss Ito also liked Stephanie ......"

        Ito Nanaeko put her hands in front of her body, bowed slightly and said seriously, "Back to Mrs. wade, Miss Stephanie is also very famous in Japan, many of her albums are selling very well in Japan, I have many friends around me who like Miss Stephanie, I myself am her number one fan."

        Claire did not expect this Japanese girl to bow and talk at every turn, at once also a little rushed, hurriedly also slightly bowed as a return, said: "Miss Ito came so far to see the concert, indeed counted as the number one fan."

        Ito Nanaeko looked at Charlie wade, could not help but blush, spoke: "Actually ...... actually ashamed to say, this time to Aurous Hill, watching the concert is only incidental, in fact, there is a more main purpose."

        Claire which knows what Ito Nanaiko's purpose is, thought that people come to Aurous Hill to do serious business, and then incidentally see a concert, so they politely said: "In this case it would be best, can do a lot of things on one trip."

        Charlie wade listened to Ito Nanaiko's words with deep connotations on the side, and was more or less embarrassed in his heart, secretly thinking, "If I let them continue with such pleasantries, I don't know what else to connote myself."

        So, he then hurriedly said to several people: "Gentlemen, you sit first, our seats are still inside some, so excuse us!"