Amazing Son-in-law 3102 Charlie

 Jacob's words instantly poked Elaine's heart, her whole body hugged Jacob's waist and cried out with a loud wow, while Jacob patted her back while also some tears shone.

        At this time, Claire came down from upstairs and was startled to see this situation, she wanted to speak, but seeing that her parents seemed to be able to snuggle with each other so rarely, so she hurried to Charlie wade's side and asked in a low voice: "Honey, what happened to my parents?"

        Charlie wade smiled awkwardly and said, "The two of them just talked about the old days and seemed to have feelings as they talked ......"

        Claire nodded and lamented, "It's good, I haven't seen them embracing together like this for many years."

        Saying that, Claire hurriedly beckoned to Charlie wade and whispered, "Then let's go! Don't disturb them!"

        Charlie wade answered and quietly left the house together with Claire.


        The couple went out and called a car, then went straight to the Aurous Hill Olympic Center.

        Near the venue, the surrounding traffic was already basically jammed to the inch.

        The couple did not want to bother the driver, so they got off early and walked to the entrance of the venue.

        At this time, the surrounding area is already full of crowds of people, in addition to the audience with tickets in hand, there are many anxious young men and women, they see people to ask whether there are concert tickets willing to transfer, and even offered several times or even ten times the price.

        In addition to them, there were also many scalpers shouting slogans about recovering tickets at high prices, but every person with concert tickets in hand turned a deaf ear to these people's inquiries.

        This shows that Stephanie's influence is indeed very great, and the loyalty of the fans is even more since needless to say.

        Every ticket in pink is not easy to come by, and it's not easy to have a chance to see your idol, no one would be willing to give up such an opportunity for a few times or a dozen times the price difference.

        When Charlie wade and Claire followed the crowd towards the entrance of the arena, they suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from their side: "Aiya, I've said that the tickets are not for sale, not for sale, can you stop pestering me?"

        The one who spoke was surprisingly Dong Ruolin.

        Claire turned his head and saw that Dong Ruolin was talking to a middle-aged man not far away from him, somewhat impatiently.

        The middle-aged man looked like a scalper, even by Dong Ruolin so go, still licking face hard to come up, smiling and said: "Aiya beauty, as long as you are willing to bid, the price is negotiable, I give you fifteen times the ticket price?"

        Dong Ruolin said with great dissatisfaction, "This lady is not short of this money, not to mention 15 times, even if it is 150 times I will not agree!"

        Claire then shouted at her, "Ruo Lin! Ruo Lin!"

        Dong Ruolin looked up and found that it was Claire and Charlie wade, her face was happy and she hurriedly ran a few steps to get rid of the yellow cow, and then came to them in three or two steps.

        "Claire, Charlie wade! You're here too!"

        Claire said with a smile, "I've been looking forward to this day for a long time, how could I miss it."

        Dong Ruolin nodded and said with a smile, "That's right, you seem to have always liked Stephanie."

        Saying that, she looked at Charlie wade again and said with words in her mouth, "Aiya, I didn't expect Charlie wade you also like Stephanie!"