Amazing Son-in-law 3098 Charlie

 Elaine said, "Charlie wade, by the way, bring a bottle of red wine over, Claire and I will also drink with you."

        "Okay." Charlie wade agreed and asked Claire, "Wife. Can you drink?"

        Claire nodded and said with a smile, "I have to drink even if I can't, but if we both drink, we won't be able to drive to the concert later."

        Charlie wade said, "It's okay, I have a way to metabolize all the alcohol in a short time."

        Claire laughed helplessly: "You just blow it off, and metabolize the alcohol, you know that it takes more than ten hours to metabolize the alcohol, drinking and not driving, this is a matter of principle, you can't just because you are good at drinking, you can't take the risk."

        Charlie wade can actually use aura to metabolize all the alcohol, but he also knew that his wife would not believe him, in that case, he did not have to explain too much.

        So, he then smiled and said, "Or the wife is right, drinking is not driving, let's do this in a while, let's drink first, and use the phone to call a car when we go to the concert."

        "That's more like it!" Claire laughed: "not to drive today is good, Stephanie's concert at least tens of thousands of people, then the entire venue parking must be very troublesome, we might as well take a taxi, and after the concert, you can walk back, from the venue to our home, it is estimated that 30 to 40 minutes to walk back, just as a walk? "

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled: "Okay, listen to you."

        Jacob at this time hastily and cheekily laughed: "Aiya good son-in-law, later you go down remember to take two bottles of good Maotai, I crave those Maotai for many days!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Good, just take the best Maotai!"

        Elaine said: "Charlie wade, our family's best Maotai are hundreds of thousands of dollars a bottle, it's too wasteful to give Jacob to drink, why don't you take a bottle of the best Maotai for yourself, and then just give him a bottle of the most inferior."

        Jacob was depressed and protested, "Elaine, what do you mean by that? It's all in the stomach, into whose stomach is not the stomach, why into my stomach is a waste?"

        Elaine said, "Go, go, go, go, go to the bathroom and take a good look in the mirror! Take a good look at your old face! Just like you, you deserve to drink hundreds of thousands of bottles of Maotai? If you drank hundreds of thousands of Maotai wine, the news spread, Maotai wine stocks will immediately fall tomorrow morning!"

        "You ......" Jacob anxiously just threw his hands, jumped twice in place, said angrily: "This stupid mouth is really too damaging! Piss me off you!"

        Elaine said seriously: "I'm not damaging you, I'm telling the truth, people say that a good horse can only be matched with a good saddle, you are at best a donkey pulling the mill, not even a saddle, at best a donkey sleeve! So you do not drink so expensive Maotai wine, go to the supermarket at the door to buy a bottle of more than ten dollars of two pot head, fully afford you!"

        Jacob covered his heart and said to Charlie wade and Claire: "See, today is Charlie wade's birthday, but your mother is trying to kil l me alive! Maybe in the future, Charlie wade's birthday is my Jacob's death anniversary, good son-in-law, sorry, Dad gave you a hard time!"

        Claire was so helpless that she said, "Oh mom, you should stop talking about it. Why are you always nagging him?"

        Jacob's eyes lit up and he said excitedly, "Yes! Elaine! You said my old face is not worthy of drinking hundreds of thousands of dollars of Maotai wine, so does your old face deserve hundreds of thousands of dollars of skin care products? Don't forget, we are two people! If I, Jacob, am the donkey that pulls the mill, then you, Elaine, are the mule that humped the goods, who is better than who?"

        Elaine felt greatly humiliated and cursed angrily, "Damn you old mule fart! How can you compete with me with that wimp look? Look at your old face, wrinkled like a shaggy dog, which is so tender and white and smooth like me? How dare you say you're half a catty and half a catty with me?"

        Jacob was furious and looked at Charlie wade in anger, and said, "Look, I said you gave her such expensive skin care products is pure waste, that skin care products on the dog's face, even more suitable than touching her face, you should have listened to me in the first place, directly change a set of fake to her, anyway, she this old hat can not even see it!"