Amazing Son-in-law 3096 Charlie

Wendy said: "Brother, you are also almost 30 years old, do not look at the problem now still like a child, you have to distinguish right from wrong, recognize the reality!

        Wendy said with a bit of sorrow: "Our family has long been different from the past, the current situation, when you and Dad recovered, you both must go out to find a job to support the family, if you are still so immature, still so lack of sense of right and wrong, how will you get a foothold in society? You also need to start a family in the future, also need to establish a career, also need to have children to pass on the family ah! You can't be as confused as you are now, right?"

        Wendy's words directly hit the biggest pain deep inside Harold's heart.

        He also knew very well that he had always been just a straw man, not being able to do anything and not having enough to eat anything.

        In the past, with the halo of the Wilson family above his head, he was considered to have no worries about food and drink, and could barely be considered a rich second generation.

        But now, everything has gone to zero.

        In the future, he does not have any aura to rely on, and there is no mountain to sit on, if you continue to muddle along, it is likely to be the same as those 40 or 50-year-old street yo-yo who can not find a date, wasting their lives.

        He suddenly remembered Wang Baoqiang's movie called Mr. Tree, in which Wang Baoqiang played the role, it seems like some magical realism, but in real life, you can often see such people, you can even say, there are such people everywhere.

        Poor, pathetic, and hopeless.

        Thinking of this, Harold's heart was suddenly very uncomfortable, and he realized at this time that he simply could not see where his future was, his future, was bleak.

        He thought desperately in his heart, "My sister now, with the help of Charlie wade, is considered to have a career, and also a career with a bright future ......"

        "But what about me?"

        "Wilson's group is no more, when I recover, what can I do?"

        "I also have not learned any professional skills, no skills, and also never looked for a job outside, not even a good resume, how can I find a job in the future? What kind of job can I find?"

        "Will I just be eliminated from society?

        "And I'm so old, I don't even have a date, and now my family is not doing well, if I can't even find a decent job, how can I find a date? To really have been bachelor, to 40 years old when this life has no chance to turn over ......"

        The more Harold thought about it, the more desperate he became, and when his despair reached the extreme, he couldn't control it and cried alone, choking while crying: "What can I do in the future ah I ......"

        Christopher, who saw Harold's appearance, could not help but sigh and said, "Okay, let's not talk about this, your mother was really our fault in the first place. Give us some leeway ......"

        Said, he looked at Harold, consoled: "Hailong ah, you do not like a woman in that cry, and after the body is well, go to a serious class, really can not, we send couriers together, send delivery can also earn a few thousand a month, as long as you are willing to suffer, hard work, we can always find a way to live! "

        Harold cried and nodded.

        Christopher then said: "When the time comes, ah, you save some money yourself, Dad also help you save some, also let your sister help a little, to put together a few hundred thousand bride price, you will be entrusted to say a daughter-in-law, no matter what, can also give our family a back!"