Amazing Son-in-law 3095 Charlie

When Christopher and Harold heard this, the two of them, father and son, lay on the bed and froze for more than a minute.

        Harold was still a bit incredulous as he opened his mouth and asked, "Grandma ...... you shouldn't be joking with me and teasing me, right?"

        "I do hope it's a joke!" Old Mrs. Wilson said resentfully, "I never dreamed that the noble man for Wendy would be him, if I could choose, I would rather choose any man than him ah."

        Harold was full of doubts, "But ...... but why would Charlie wade help Wendy? It is reasonable to say that he has a grudge against us and is eager to see us laugh, so how could he help us?"

        Wendy spoke up, "Brother, you should not judge a gentleman's belly with a small man's heart, brother-in-law did have a grudge against us before, but that was also because we had found trouble with brother-in-law and his family time and time again, brother-in-law had never taken the initiative to find fault with us!"

        Harold said sullenly, "We are looking for trouble with them because they are always against us, let's say Claire. They didn't even agree to move to their villa, and they even put her in a guardhouse!"

        Wendy reprimanded in a stern tone, "Why haven't you figured it out by now? Don't you realise that we've been wrong all along? Since Sister Claire is unwilling to divorce Charlie wade, who are we to force her? Freedom of marriage and freedom of love, this is what the country has been saying for years, why can't we respect her choice?"

        "There's also the matter of Sister Claire setting up her own business, don't you still know clearly in your heart why she wanted to set up her own business in the first place?"

        "Sister Claire took the initiative and got the contract with the Emgrand Group, so by rights Grandma should have kept her promise and given her the position of director, but what have you done? You bad-mouthed Sister Claire in front of Grandma, and slandered her for having an affair with Zhang Wenhao, and finally fooled Grandma into giving you the directorship.

        Harold's face turned red and black, he wanted to refute something but couldn't find a point to refute, so he said stiffly, "Let's leave this matter aside for now, let's just say that after they moved to the new villa, a family of 4 lives in such a big villa, shouldn't they invite their grandmother there to enjoy themselves?"

        "On what grounds?" Wendy said, "To be honest, Grandma has never treated them well, she has never given them any favours, she even makes them feel uncomfortable every now and then and even kicks them out of the house, why should they invite Grandma to their villa? Put yourself in their shoes, if you were in their shoes, would you do that?"

        Although Old Mrs. Wilson was very upset in her heart, she couldn't refute directly, after all, Wendy was now the pillar of the family, and she had almost turned against herself just now, so she didn't dare to confront her now, so she just sat on the side like an aggrieved person and didn't say anything.

        Harold was speechless by Wendy and said with a red face, "Then our mother's revenge is always understood, right? He sent our mother to the black coal kiln, can you forgive him for that?"

        Wendy asked, "Then tell me why Charlie wade sent our mother to the black coal kiln?"

        Harold was speechless.

        In fact, he knew very well in his heart that this matter at the beginning boiled down to Mom and Dad having ill intentions towards Charlie wade's family, and that they had joined forces with others to set a trap for Charlie, only that they had not expected to be cracked by Charlie wade.

        So, in the end, Mom was to blame for what happened, and it was pointless to wash one's hands of the matter.