Amazing Son-in-law 3086 Charlie

At that moment, Charlie wade heard the doorbell. Then he got up and went to the front door.


      He glanced at the monitor and found that the person standing outside the courtyard was, surprisingly, Old Mrs. Wilson, so he asked in a cold voice, "What do you want?"


      Old Mrs. Wilson heard Charlie wade's voice. With a cold snort, she said, "Let me in, I want to see Jacob!"


      Charlie wade said casually, "Sorry, you are not welcome here. Hurry up and leave, or I'll find the property security!"


      "You!" Old Mrs. Wilson angrily scolded, "This is my son's home, so you say you're not welcome? I still have to go in today!"


      Charlie wade laughed and said, "It's true that my father-in-law is your son, but you have to be clear, this is my home, the house is registered in my name and the property rights belong to me, so if I don't let you in, you just can't enter, understand?"


      Old Mrs. Wilson was furious at Charlie wade's words and blurted out, "Charlie wade! Do you really think you are still the same bullish Master Wade? Don't think I don't know that you're a charlatan who makes a living by wooing and cheating. It's about to thunder!"


      Charlie wade couldn't help but laugh and asked, "Aiyo, who told you that I was about to thunderstorm? How come I didn't even hear about it myself?"


      Old Mrs. Wilson bristled and sneered, "Charlie wade, do you think you can hide from my old woman's golden eyes with that little thing of yours?"


      Speaking of this, the old lady said with a contemptuous face, "Yes! I admit it! You did fool a lot of rich and powerful people before, but you have to know, which of these people are not a dragon among men? They will be deceived by you, they were only blinded by you for a while, they cannot be unable to see the truth for the rest of their lives!"


      Said. Old Mrs. Wilson looked him up and down a few times and asked with a cold smile, "During the New Year, I saw that many people came to your house to give you gifts, why is it that you have a birthday today and not even a single person has come to your door to give you gifts? Don't you know what the reason for this is? You're still playing dumb with me here!"


      Charlie wade burst out laughing.


      It turned out that Old Mrs. Wilson had concluded that the reason for her thunderstorm was because no one had come to her door to give her a gift today.


      This was really a slip of the tongue, not seeing Mount Tai.


      However, when you think about it, in fact, in life, we rely on this kind of so-called "experience" to judge a person's affairs with a blind eye. There are too many of them.


      In life, there are many victims who think they are big spenders or rich people when they see someone driving a luxury car, and then they go up to them with all their heart and soul and end up being cheated of their money or even sex.


      Charlie wade still remembers reading a news story about a hanger-on who bought a domestic crossover and then changed it into a Mercedes-Benz G, posing as a rich young man who had a dozen girlfriends at the same time. Each girlfriend, as soon as she saw the fake G he was driving, immediately identified him as a super rich second generation, and then he cheated on her, and there were even a few women who were left empty. He even got pregnant.


      I originally thought that only love-brained women would make this kind of one-leaf mistake, but I never thought that old lady Wilson, who is so old, could be so stupid.


      The reason why no one came to the door today to send gifts. That's because he had greeted them all in advance, otherwise with today's schedule, he would have had to go see Stephanie's concert after dinner, so he was in such a hurry, and then a bunch of people came to her door to send gifts, it would have been a real headache.


      Only, how could Old Lady Wilson know all this?


      She relied on her experience in the marketplace to judge that Charlie wade would soon be out of business, so she thought of coming over to mock and taunt him.


      When she saw that Charlie wade did not say anything, she felt that her guess was right!


      So, she looked at Charlie wade with a disgusted face and said, "I think this villa of yours will be taken away in a short time, and if your family ends up on the streets, don't say that I won't take care of you as a grandmother, you can ask Claire to come back and kowtow to me, and I will let Wendy arrange a job for her as a lady of etiquette!"


      The old lady said with a smug look on her face, "By the way, I forgot to tell you, our wendy is now working as the general manager of the biggest etiquette company in Aurous Hill, and her future is bright!"