Amazing Son-in-law 3085 Charlie

Old Mrs. Wilson's emotion made Christopher and Harold's father and son lower their heads in shame.


      Seeing their abject appearance, Old Mrs. Wilson felt a pang of contempt in her heart, so she stood up and said, "You two stay in bed, I'm going to Charlie wade's house for a while!"


      Harold asked, "Grandma, what are you going to Charlie wade's house for?"


      Old Mrs. Wilson snorted coldly, "Humph! What else could it be to do, of course it's to mock them!"


      Christopher said with some concern, "Mom. If you go to trouble them now, what if Charlie wade doesn't go on a thunderstorm and clean us up by hand, then wouldn't that be an unwarranted disaster?"


      Old Mrs. Wilson said disdainfully, "When has my old woman's wise eyes ever looked away? I told you long ago that your wife was unreliable and asked you to transfer all your money to me, but you didn't believe me, see, now your wife has run away, right?"


      At this point, the old lady couldn't help but gnash her teeth and curse, "Shameless b*tch. Just get lost, but how dare you steal my money! If the son of a b*tch doesn't die, it's simply that God doesn't have eyes!"


      Christopher was speechless for a moment.


      The matter of his wife had indeed brought shame to his face.


      Stealing the old lady's money was a small matter. It was stealing someone else's child and infecting himself with a disease that he hated the most.


      Harold spoke up at this time, "Grandma, this kid Charlie wade has always been very evil, sometimes the more you think he is going to be finished, the more he can play out.


      Old Mrs. Wilson was in deep thought for a moment.


      She had suffered so much from Charlie wade's stimulation in her heart that she had been trying to find a chance to wipe out her shame.


      However, she also admitted that her grandson, Harold, did have a point. This fellow Charlie wade was always inscrutable and did not play by the rules, so she really had to be more careful and must not be sloppy.


      So, after thinking about it, she said, "How about this, I'll go to their house first and probe the truth!"


      Harold hurriedly reminded, "Grandma, you must be careful!"


      "Don't worry." Old Mrs. Wilson waved her hand, "I know what's going on in my heart."


      As she said that, she suddenly remembered something and said through clenched teeth, "No! Since it's Charlie wade's birthday today, how can I go empty-handed? I'm going to the vegetable market to buy two catties of leeks and send them to him!"


      Harold was confused and asked in amazement, "Grandma. Why do you want to give Charlie wade leeks? It's not like Claire has given Charlie wade a cuckold's hat."


      Just as Harold mentioned the cuckold, Christopher felt his head glowing green and cursed angrily, "Don't mention the cuckold in front of me!"


      Harold looked resentful as Old Mrs. Wilson spoke up, "At first Charlie wade used daffodils to pass off as leeks. He made us vomit and have diarrhea and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.


      Harold recalled the time when he was incontinent at home and shivered as he said, "Grandma, I have always remembered this revenge, but you can't solve this problem by buying two catties of leeks!"


      Old Mrs. Wilson gritted her teeth and waved her hand, "It's just that. I'd better go and feel them out first!"


      After saying that, she walked out of the bedroom.


      Old Mrs. Wilson, who had always been proud, had experienced a lot of human warmth since she had fallen on hard times. But what angered her the most was how the Charlie wade family had ignored her.


      Originally, the family even gave her some face, but when she was bent on seizing the Charlie wade family's villa, she ended up completely tearing her face off with the Charlie wade family of four.


      Since then, she has been in jail, fallen and even reduced to pulling plastic bags for customers at the supermarket, and the Charlie wade family has never offered her a helping hand. In particular, Jacob treated her like air at the supermarket, which is something she holds a grudge against to this day.


      Soon, Old Mrs. Wilson arrived at Charlie wade's door in a rage and rang the doorbell straight away.


      Inside the villa, after putting the cake in the fridge, Charlie wade returned to the living room, where Claire and her parents were still busy in the kitchen.