Amazing Son-in-law 3084 Charlie

Christopher said awkwardly, "Mum, how can I talk to Wendy about such things? It's as if I'm desperate to sell my daughter."


      Old Mrs. Wilson blurted out, "You're the only one who can ask, because of Kenneth Wilson, Wendy has always had something against me, and if I ask her, she will definitely not be able to tell me her feelings."


     Harold immediately volunteered, "Grandma, why don't I talk to Wendy, we don't have any generation gap and it's easier to communicate."


      "Go ahead and pull the plug!" Old Mrs. Wilson gave him a blank look and said, "Just that ability of expression of yours, you can't find anyone worse than you in the whole Wilson family!"


      Harold immediately said in disbelief, "Grandma! What do you mean by that? What's wrong with my ability to express myself? I think I'm quite eloquent!"


      Old Mrs. Wilson said unhappily, "If you were really eloquent, Dong Ruolin would have become the daughter-in-law of the Wilson family! If you had held on to Dong Ruolin, our family wouldn't be in this situation now!"


      At this point, Mrs. Wilson said in exasperation, "But Harold, you're not good at anything else, but you're good at fanning the flames! If you hadn't slandered Claire in my ears at that time, I wouldn't have gone back on my word and given you the directorship that I promised Claire!"


      "Originally, Claire was just a puppet on a string, except for asking her to divorce Charlie, she didn't listen, she did whatever I told her to do.


      At this point, she looked at Harold and said with great dissatisfaction, "Harold, the words "unfit for use" are about you!


      Harold didn't expect that his grandmother would give him a rebuke, so he was speechless for a while and could only lower his head in shame.


    Christopher hurriedly intervened and said, "Mum, don't say anything about Harold, we've had a bit of a hard time in the past, but honestly, who hasn't had some hardships in their life? Look at Jacob and his family, they had a hard time in the first few years, but they've gotten better since then. Wendy's career is going smoothly now, if she can have a successful career and love, our family might be able to rise again!"


      Hearing this, Old Mrs. Wilson could not help but sigh: "Hey, I used to think that my grandson was good, that he was my own person, but now I see that my granddaughter is much more reliable than my grandson!"


      After saying that, she spoke again and lamented, "If I had known that Wendy had such strong abilities, I should have given the company to Wendy to take care of over a year ago, maybe the Wilson Group wouldn't have collapsed and gone bankrupt."