Amazing Son-in-law 3083 Charlie

 When Harold heard these words from Old Madam Wilson, he became excited and said excitedly, "Grandma! If it's really like you say, then that's really great! I've always felt that that bastard Charlie was going to thunder sooner or later, so it seems that this is the signal before the thunderstorm!"


      Old Mrs. Wilson's expression surfaced with a bit of smugness, "Their family has been doing so well for over a year now, all because of Charlie's deceitfulness! In the past, those qigong masters and masters of metaphysics have also made a lot of money out of the pockets of rich people, but none of them have ended up well! I think this Charlie will also be finished!"


    Harold's body twitched with excitement as he said, "If this Charlie really goes on a thunderstorm, I'm sure their family will soon be finished with him! It's possible that in a few days, that Zeke white will have to come and take back this villa!"


    Christopher, who was lying next to him, said excitedly, "If that's the case, then the wind and water will really turn! It's best if Charlie goes on a thunderstorm, then the family will have nowhere to go and end up on the streets, so we can watch their family's jokes then!"


      At this point, he could not help but say with pride, "Thirty years in the east, thirty years in the west! They would never have imagined that our family could still come back from the dead. Now that Wendy has the help of a valuable person and manages the largest ceremonial company in the whole of Aurous Hill, our future will definitely be better and better!"


      Old Mrs. Wilson grinned and said, "Wendy is a real fighter! She started with nothing and has managed to make an etiquette company the number one in the city, just by doing that, she is much better than you two!"


      As she said that, Old Mrs. Wilson looked at the two of them and said angrily, "Speaking of which, you two are really a pair of iron trash! I told you to go and beat up Elaine, but you both got yourselves crippled and are now lying in bed, asking me, an old woman, to bring you sh*t and urine! How outrageous!"


      At these words, Christopher and Harold looked at each other, and they could see the endless embarrassment in each other's eyes.


      It was true that none of the male members of the Wilson family had any ability or capacity.


      Although Christopher was the eldest son and had always been highly valued by the old lady, he was essentially a straw man, one of those who wavered in half a bottle.


      As for Harold, the eldest son and grandson, he is even worse, a standard incompetent in everything he does and the first in pretending.


      The two of them have been working in the Wilson Group for so many years, but basically they have not created any performance. The base of the Wilson Group was built up by Master Xiao with the severance pay from the wade family and after half a lifetime of hard work.


      The old lady Wilson saw the father and son stop talking and shook her head helplessly, sighing: "I don't know what kind of person Wilson is, but from what she said, the other party is very capable. And her previous boss didn't even dare to say a word, he even willingly went to a karaoke bar to become a turtle! You can tell how capable this person must be to kill someone and still kill their heart!"


      "Yes!" Christopher couldn't help but sigh, "I heard that Wendy's previous boss was a socialite with a bit of finesse, but I didn't expect that he would be completely cleaned up with just two words.


      Old Mrs. Wilson said, "If only Wendy could get together with that nobleman, what our family needs now is a good backer!"


    Christopher nodded gently and said, "I see Wendy's eyes light up every time she mentions that nobleman, so maybe she has long been in love with him."


      "Hmm." Old Mrs. Wendy nodded and said, "I can also see what you are talking about, but Wendy has never been willing to reveal the identity of that nobleman, so I, an old lady, can only be anxious."


      She said, "Right, Christopher, you should talk to Wendy alone later, and ask her how far she has progressed with that nobleman, if it is still unclear, ask her to speed up a bit, the best is to cook the rice before it is too late!"