Amazing Son-in-law 3077 Charlie

 When he heard that the sugar dolls were not for eating, Charlie was slightly relieved, otherwise if he really ate the dolls of himself or Stephanie when she was a child, it would indeed feel a bit strange.


      Next to him, Stephanie looked at Charlie with affection and said softly, "Brother Charlie, let me still sing you a happy birthday song like I did when I was a kid! You can make a birthday wish while I sing, and when I finish singing you can blow out the candles."


    Charlie nodded gently and smiled, "Good!"


    Stephanie slightly adjusted her breathing before she then sang softly in a deep voice, "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~~ Happy birthday to you~~ Happy birthday to you~~ Happy birthday to you~~~~ ......"


      At this point, Charlie put his hands together, closed his eyes and silently made a small wish.


      Now he no longer had any material desires, his greatest wish was to find out the truth about his parents' death and to avenge them, but this kind of wish was more or less not quite appropriate if he made it on such a warm birthday.


      So he made a silent wish in his heart that all his family and friends would be safe and healthy.


      That would be enough.


      After making the wish, Stephanie's birthday song was finished, and Charlie blew out the 27 candles on the five-tier cake one by one.


    Stephanie, Orrin and Angie applauded together, and Amgie said with a smile, "Charlie, auntie wishes you every year and every year, and all your wishes will come true!"


      Orrin also nodded and said, "Charlie, uncle wishes you all the best and peace in your life!"


    Charlie was touched in his heart and thanked him repeatedly, while Stephanie, who was at the side, came up to Charlie's ear and quietly pointed at herself in the candy doll, and spoke in a volume that only Charlie could hear, "Brother Charlie, I wish you to marry this heel soon!"


    Charlie smiled heartily and didn't say anything.


      He had long understood what Stephanie had in mind, but there were many things that there was no way to explicitly say, so he simply played dumb.


      At this time, Angie handed over a knife for cutting the cake and said, "Charlie, you're the birthday boy, you cut the cake first, so we can all have a bite of it and then we'll officially start the meal!"


      "Okay, Auntie Angie!" Charlie quickly agreed and then used a knife to cut off a few pieces of the cake from the bottom layer, put them on a small plate and handed them to the three people one by one.


      Afterwards, Orrin pulled him along and sat back down at the dining table and began to have a drink.


      He took the initiative to lift his glass and said to Charlie, "Charlie, I've said too many words of thanks, so I won't continue here, I'll toast you with this glass of wine on behalf of the three of us!"


    Charlie didn't push back, lifted his glass and said seriously, "Thank you Uncle Gu!"


      The two of them then drank the white wine in their cups in one go.