Amazing Son-in-law 3076 Charlie

 When Charlie looked at these two cute dolls, he always had a feeling of déjà vu, but where exactly he had seen them before, he couldn't remember at once.

        At this time, Stephanie beside him looked at Charlie with a smile on her face and asked, "Brother Charlie, do these two children look familiar to you?

        Charlie nodded his head repeatedly and said, "They look familiar, and they look very familiar, but I can't remember where I've seen them before."

        Angie said with a smile, "Silly boy, isn't this you and Stephanie? This is when you two were little, and it was your 6th birthday!"

        Charlie couldn't help but exclaim, "Is that so? I said why it looked so familiar, but I don't have any specific memory of the image at that time."

        Angie nodded and took out a photo album from her handbag, then flipped it open and found an old yellowing photo and handed it to Charlie.

        When Charlie took a look, he found that the photo was of himself and Stephanie, and their clothes and appearance, their movements and even their demeanour were exactly the same as the flipped sugar dolls on the cake.

        Angie, who was on the side, said with a smile: "That day Stephanie, after you sang the Happy Birthday song, you kept yelling that you wanted to marry your daughter-in-law, and you said no at first, but your parents and I told you that you must marry Stephanie when you grow up, so you looked so aggravated, saying that you didn't want to marry a heel who clung to you all day long, and then when you had to take pictures of the two of you, you were a bit sullen, that's what it was like."

        Charlie looked at the photo, not looking back for a long time.

        He remembered a lot of things from back then, but many things from back then were only an outline in his mind, and the relevant images had long since blurred to the point where he could barely find any memories.

        This was mainly because, ever since his parents had passed away, he had completely lost the channels and ways to retrieve his image memories.

        For so many years, he did not even have a single picture of himself as a child, or a picture of himself with his parents as a child, or a picture of his parents when they were young.

        So much so that after all these years, even his parents' appearance was somewhat blurred in his memory.

        Therefore, at first, when he saw the sugar-flipped doll, he did not even think that it was actually himself and Stephanie.

Now that he suddenly saw this old photo of himself and Stephanie from his childhood, Charlie was naturally filled with emotions in his heart.

        Stephanie, who was smiling at the side, asked him, "Brother Charlie, do you still like this cake?"

        "Yes, I really like it too much!" Charlie sighed heartily, "I really didn't expect this cake to be made so realistically!"

        Stephanie said with a smile, "This is made by the most powerful flipping cake master in Eastcliff, the number of people who have approached her to line up to make a flipping cake is too many to count, and many of them are very, very famous rich and famous ladies, I have been making an appointment with her for this birthday cake for months, and I asked my parents to bring it all the way from Eastcliff, just to give you a surprise. "

        Charlie looked at the dolls on the cake, looked at himself and Stephanie that was full of childish innocence, his heart was filled with mixed feelings, even his eyes were a little hot and moist.

        So, he hurriedly smiled and joked, "Aiya, the dolls are so beautifully made that I don't even want to eat them."

        Stephanie laughed, "Brother Charlie, this doll was not meant for you to eat, it was left for you as a souvenir, except for the flipped sugar doll, all the others can be eaten."