Amazing Son-in-law 3075 Charlie

 Charlie looked at the three members of his family, who were at least five or six years younger in body, spirit and outlook, and was particularly pleased.

        After the death of his parents, he had always been alone and had never experienced the feeling of having a real family.

        After his marriage to Claire, although Charlie had a family, the Wilson family treated him much worse than outsiders at that time.

        Even though his mother-in-law and old husband were now treating him very well, Charlie knew very well in his heart that this was all in exchange for the benefits and favours he had used, and compared to Orrin's family, it was naturally a hundred thousand miles worse.

        After all, the three members of Orrin's family, their feelings for him were completely from the bottom of their hearts, not mixed with any profit component, this, was the real, pure family.

        Seeing that the family's mental state had all improved greatly, Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Angie, and Stephanie, this cup of water just now should be able to maintain your current physical state for at least three to five years, and during that time, your body's resistance will also exceed that of the vast majority of people, and you basically won't get sick."

        Speaking of which, Charlie added, "But you should still pay attention to the combination of work and rest, don't let yourselves become even busier and more tired just because your health has become better."

        The three members of the family nodded in unison, and Angie wiped away her tears and said seriously, "Don't worry, Charlie, auntie and your uncle Gu, we will definitely put the combination of work and rest in our work in the future, otherwise, won't we fail to live up to this great gift from you ......"

        Orrin also sighed, "That's right, health is the most important thing!"

       Charlie smiled gratefully and said, "You two can have this knowledge, then I am really happy."

        As he was talking, outside the door Albert knocked and said, "Master wade, the cake Miss Stephanie ordered is ready, should I send it in now?"

        As Charlie was about to speak, Stephanie was busy saying, "Don't be in a hurry yet!"

        After saying that, she hurriedly said to Charlie, "Brother Charlie, wait for me for a moment, I'll go check if there's anything wrong with the cake!"

        Then, she said to Orrin, "Dad, turn off the lights first, and turn them on later when the candles are blown out!"

        Orrin hurriedly turned off the lights inside the box, and Stephanie opened the door of the room a crack and mysteriously got out.

        A few moments later, she gently pushed open the door to the room, only to see her pushing a food delivery cart in, and above the cart, there was a large cake with five layers.

        The first to the fourth layer of this cake, each layer with six candles, the top layer with three candles, a total of 27.

        What surprised Charlie was that the top layer of the cake, with two very, very realistic dolls made of fondant.

        What surprised him more is that these two dolls are a little boy and a little girl, the boy is a little older, about five or six years old, the girl is a little younger, about three or four years old.

        These two children are dressed very dated, at least 20 years from now.

        But even if it is already 20 years ago, but still can see that the clothing on the two are very elaborate and detailed.

        The posture of the two is also very interesting boy standing in place, obviously short on the head of the girl is shyly holding the boy's arm, and then look closely at the two expressions are also very similar, the boy's expression at this time, some mute, even some do not know what to do, while the girl looks very happy, smiling into a flower.