Amazing Son-in-law 3073 Charlie

  As soon as Angie picked up the water cup, she drank all the water in it without hesitation.


      Immediately afterwards, she experienced the magical feeling that could not be described in words.


      It was a feeling that was beyond the perception of adults, a wonderful experience that overturned their worldview.


      The pure water that she drank was like a sweet spring that nourished the dry soil under the fast playback lens, and under its effect, life grew as fast as if the accelerator button had been pressed, making the originally dry soil lush in a very short time.


      Angie had seen such footage in many documentaries.


      A camera is placed in a fixed position, starting from the waning of everything in winter and filming until the flowers bloom in spring.


      What is obviously a few months is sped up by the director to be fully rendered in a few seconds.


      In a matter of seconds, the harsh winter turns into a warm spring, and everything changes from lifeless to vibrant in an instant.


      Whenever Angie saw that kind of footage, she could feel the greatness of life more clearly, so much so that every time she saw it, she would exclaim in her heart the miracle of life.


      And this time, she experienced that wonderful feeling in herself, as if her own life had become vibrant again!


      The most immediate feeling brought to her by the Revitalising Pill was the rapid improvement in her physical and mental state. Originally, she had always felt a little tired, but now, all that fatigue was swept away in this instant.


      Immediately afterwards, she felt that she even breathed more smoothly, as if a patient with a cold and congestion suddenly breathed freely again.


      She realised that this was most likely due to the increased lung capacity and the rapid repair of her heart and lung capacity.


      In general, people's physical functions start to go downhill gradually from the age of twenty, especially for professional athletes, who are at their best peak at the age of sixteen or seventeen, and this peak state only lasts for five years at most, and then starts to decline slowly.


      The main reason for this is the overall decline in physical function, which is slow for the average person, but if you take five years as a point, you can still feel the huge difference.


      When you are twenty-five, you can easily run five kilometres in one breath, but at thirty, you may not be able to run three.


      Now, she was recovering her form from several years ago at an extremely fast pace, a feeling that shocked her to no end.


      Orrin and Stephanie, father and daughter, were also staring closely at Angie's state.


      They were not sure for a while what kind of tremendous changes Angie's body had undergone, but what they could see was that Angie's complexion was soon glowing.


      The most amazing thing was that the tiny crow's feet at the corners of her eyes began to disappear rapidly, and the lines continued to fade, making her look several years younger all of a sudden.


    Stephanie was so excited that she went up to hug her mother and choked up, "Mom ...... you've become so young all of a sudden!"


      Orrin also couldn't help but exclaim, "Angie, you've really gotten a lot younger!"