Amazing Son-in-law 3072 Charlie

 Charlie said in a spirit of face: "Don't fool me here, have you forgotten how the two of us met again? If you hadn't been suffering from stomach problems all year round, how would you have been willing to endorse my Jiu Xuan Stomach San? You're only in your twenties and you already have stomach problems, isn't that just the result of running around all day and straining, eating untimely and unhealthy?"


    Stephanie said in a somewhat embarrassed whisper, "Although I've always had stomach problems, but didn't I get cured after taking Jiu Xuan Stomach San ...... Big deal, I'll bring more Jiu Xuan Stomach San this time, and I promise I won't get stomach problems again."


    Charlie seriously said, "If a person works too hard, it will hurt not only the stomach, but also the liver and even increase the burden on the heart, there is Jiu Xuan Stomach San for stomach problems, what about the rest? And you have to run such a long tour again this time, what if something goes wrong while one is abroad?"


      He looked at Orrin and said seriously, "Uncle, since you've been so diplomatic with me, I have to be diplomatic with you too. The plane you gave me is indeed too valuable, so it's not appropriate for me to take it all.


      When Orrin heard this, he was speechless.


      The engines were dismantled and taken away? There is no such thing ......


      The two engines are so big, what is the use of taking them down?


      However, he also knew very well in his heart that Charlie really did treat his family of three as his own family, which was why he was so generous to take out another Spring Return Pill.


    I can't help but think: "Charlie treats us as his own family, so naturally I can't be too outsider with him, and Charlie and Stephanie have a marriage contract, sooner or later is my son-in-law, if too outsider, it also looks like my future father-in-law is not doing things properly ...... "


      At this thought, he sighed lightly and looked at Charlie, saying gratefully, "Charlie, your kindness to our family of three, uncle will remember it in his heart in this life!"


      Angie also said with red eyes, "Yes, Charlie, the three of us owe you so much, if it wasn't for you, our family would have been ruined long ago ......"


    Charlie said, "Auntie Angie, don't say that! If I were to say who owes who, it would be me, Charlie, who owes you, Uncle Orrin and Stephanie. For so many years, your family has been worrying about me, worrying about finding me, and even traveling all over the world to find me. This kindness, in my heart, is heavier than a mountain!"


    Stephanie's eyes were also red as she fought back her tears and said, "Dad and Mom, we treat Brother Charlie like family, and Brother Charlie treats us like family too. Between a family, nothing is too much to do for each other, let's not be polite to each other here, if we say too much polite words, it really seems too foreign!"


      After saying that, she looked at the three of them and said seriously, "I'm putting my words here today, I will definitely not be blindly polite with Brother Charlie in the future, it's my blessing that Brother Charlie treats me well, since it's my blessing, I don't want to shirk my politeness, I just want to enjoy Brother Charlie's goodness to me! Of course, I will do the same for brother Charlie, no matter how precious it is, as long as brother Charlie needs it, I will never hesitate for half a second, and when the time comes, brother Charlie cannot be polite with me!"


      As soon as the words left her mouth, she picked up one of the glasses of water and said boldly, "Whatever you two, I'll drink to that first!"