Amazing Son-in-law 3062 Charlie

  Apart from that, Mr and Mrs Gu(Sun) Orrin, mother and daughter duo Deana and Zara, father and daughter duo He Yuanjiang(Hank) and He Zhiqiu(Ziva), all sent messages of blessing.

        Charlie did not expect that even Wendy had sent a message of blessing, and also thanked Charlie for helping her during this period of time.

        However, the one person Charlie did not expect the most was his grandfather, Lord wade.

        Even he, an elderly man, kept the time of 12 o'clock and sent a message on time to wish him a happy birthday, which Charlie had not expected.

        His aunt, Christine, who had always suffered in front of him, also sent a message wishing Charlie a happy birthday and apologizing for what she had done in the past, hoping to get Charlie's forgiveness.

        Charlie could not help but be surprised when she saw that Charlie kept receiving all kinds of messages. She did not bother to read the contents of these messages, but only guessed that the people who sent these messages should all be Charlie's clients.

        The person sitting opposite, Elaine, seeing Charlie constantly receiving all kinds of messages, couldn't help but lament with a smile on her face: "Aiya, my good son-in-law, your popularity is really great now, so many people keep this time of 12 o'clock to wish you a birthday, they should all be your customers, so it seems like your business this year must be even better than last year!

Charlie smiled slightly and said: '"Actually, they are all old customers, it's just that we have become friends with them after a long time."

        Saying that, Charlie replied to all the people who had sent messages, one by one, thanking them, even Christine, he also politely replied with the word thank you.

        After that, he then said to Jacob and Elaine, "Mom and Dad, it's also late, you guys should go back to your rooms early and rest."

        Elaine nodded and yawned, saying, 'Oh, I'm still a bit sleepy, I can't stay up as I get older.

        After saying that, she turned her head to Jacob and said, "Give me a hand and take me back to my room.

        Jacob did not dare to say anything, reached out to help Elaine up and accompanied her into the lift.

        Claire saw the two enter the lift and couldn't help but ask Charlie: "Honey, do you think things can still go back to the way they were between my parents?"

        Charlie laughed twice: "This kind of thing, who can say.

        Claire asked in a low voice: "What's the situation between Dad and that Auntie Jane(Matilda) now? After Dad cried so much in the car last time, I was too embarrassed to ask him about these things anymore

Claire asked nervously: "Honey what do you mean when you say we will see soon?

        Charlie thought of He Yuanjiang(Hank) and said indifferently: "I can't say this right now, but if there are any results, I will tell you first.

        Claire nodded helplessly: ''Alright then.

        The two of them really want to divorce because of that Aunt Jane(Matilda), I'm afraid that Mom will be too miserable alone in the future.

        The two of them are really going to divorce because of that Aunt Jane(Matilda). It's better to let them deal with their own affairs, we as children only need to support their own decisions.

        Speaking of this, Charlie added comfortingly, "You see many young people don't want their parents to interfere with their private lives, let alone their parents. So we won't have to worry much about it.

        Claire nodded gently, as if she too was relieved in this moment, so she took Charlie's arm and said: ''OK, then listen to you and let them make their own decisions, let's go back to our room and rest.