Amazing Son-in-law 3061 Charlie

 Originally, the family was happily waiting for the arrival of twelve o'clock, but Jacob didn't expect that he didn't hold back his mood, a show, but he was made to lose all his future income by Elaine.

        Deep inside his heart, he began to reflect on why he had repeatedly fallen behind in front of Elaine.

        He found that Elaine had this ability, seemingly simple-minded, just by a shamelessly spirited energy, but in fact Elaine always found the most accurate point in himself, and at once pinched himself to death.

        Thinking back on these twenty years of married life, Jacob's heart burst with despair, because in these twenty years, he had not won in front of Elaine, half of his life was eaten to death by Elaine, there was no room for resistance.

        Charlie saw Jacob some resentful, and a - side of Elaine a smug look, a silent sigh, he increasingly felt that his old man is rotten to the wall.

        This timid and fearful middle-aged man, the ability is not, the level is limited, and the heart can not hide things, and especially easy to complacent, the bigger problem is always lack of courage, look at it this way, he is afraid that this life, it is difficult ......
The nightmare of escaping Elaine.

        Claire also saw that Dad was depressed, hurried to change the subject and said to Charlie: "Right husband, Mom just said, when her legs are better, want you to take her to experience the yacht, I do not know if it is convenient for you?

        "Convenient ah." Charlie casually agreed, said: "When Mom's legs are better, the weather is warmer, we will go out to sea to go around.

        When she heard this, Elaine was overjoyed and said: "Oh, that's really great! I've never been on a private yacht in all my years of life!

        The joyful Elaine, said: ''Right, let's sail out, can't we go all the way to the south, to the South China Sea Island to turn around? !

        Charlie nodded and said: ''No problem, from the mouth of the sea to the South China Sea is not much far, to say more than two thousand kilometers, the yacht, at most two or three days to reach.

        Elaine immediately excited, clapped his hands and said: "Great great! I have never been to the South China Sea, the previous few years, once the winter, Mrs. Wilson will be open to go to the South China Sea for the winter, but each time only take Christopher's and his family to go, never let us follow, think about it I am angry!

After saying this, Elaine began to pull out her mobile phone and research the famous sights and cuisines of the South China Sea.

        As the family chatted casually, the time had come to 12am.

        Claire began to take out her phone and silently read the seconds at 11:59 a.m. At the exact moment of 12:00 a.m., she put down her phone and said softly to Charlie who was sitting beside her: ''Honey, it's 12:00 a.m., happy birthday to you!

        Charlie laughed: ''Thank you, wife!

        Elaine also hurriedly echoed, "Happy birthday, good son-in-law! Mum wishes you great fortune and prosperity in the future!

        Jacob was a bit dejected, but he pulled himself together and said: ''Charlie, Dad wishes you a happy birthday, every year and every year!

        After Charlie thanked the old enemies one by one, his mobile phone began to buzz and vibrate continuously, receiving dozens of text messages and weibo messages in a row.

        When he opened his phone, he saw that many of his friends had sent him messages wishing him well at this point in time. Isaac Cameron, Don Albert and Graham Quinton were not to mention, Jasmine, Aurora, Chen Xiaozhao, Dong Ruolin(Claire's friend), Doris Young and Ito Nanaezi had also sent messages wishing him a happy birthday.