Amazing Son-in-law 3059 Charlie

  When Charlie came out of the shower, he saw that his wife Claire had not yet returned to her room, so he put on his home pajamas again and went to the living room.

        In the living room, the three members of the family were chatting happily.

        Jacob and Elaine, the two old enemies who had been clamouring for a separation, surprisingly did not choke each other again.

        Charlie came down and asked curiously, "Claire, dad and mum. Why aren't you guys going back to your rooms to rest?

        Claire hurriedly stood up and ran over to take Charlie's arm, smiling, "Mom and Dad are saying they want to keep you in line for your 27th birthday in less than two hours, everyone is waiting to say happy birthday to you!

        Charlie smiled heartily and said, "Thank you wife, thank you mum and dad."

        Elaine immediately said flatteringly, "Oh good son-in-law, why are you still so polite with mum, it's really too much.

        After saying that, she immediately asked: "Right good son-in-law, tomorrow is your birthday, will your clients, like the New Year, come home to give you gifts?

        Charlie's heart was stunned, whether Cameron and his clients would come to give him gifts, he himself had no idea.

        However, he did have a bit of a headache with that kind of gift-giving scene, so he made up his mind that he would talk to Cameron later and ask him to side-step some other people, and if they really prepared gifts for themselves, they must not send them to their homes.

So, he took out his mobile phone to send a WeChat to Cameron, while saying to Elaine: "Mom, the reason they came to send gifts during the New Year is that I helped them a lot last year, so they focused on coming over at the end of the year to say thank you, and they definitely won't come for their birthday.

        When Elaine heard this, she couldn't help but say with some disappointment on her face: "I thought they would come over tomorrow too, in that case, let's wait patiently until the end of this year.

        When Claire heard this, she shook her head helplessly.

        Afterwards, the family was able to sit together quietly and calmly and chatted about the day.

        Claire and Jacob each talked about their own work situation.

        Although Charlie had been very busy recently, it was extremely fulfilling for her.

        Although she had worked for so many years before, she had always worked in the Wilson Group, not only was she subjected to the old lady's blank stares, but she was also constantly ostracised by Harold and Wendy, which made her work very stifling and made it difficult for her to bring her strengths and abilities into play.

        Now that she has started her own business and is working for herself, she is naturally able to sweep away her previous gloom. Moreover, she has received a lot of support and assistance from the resources of the Emgrand Group from the very beginning of her business, so she is now gradually finding a sense of success in her career and feels very fulfilled and accomplished every day.

As for Jacob, he has also made considerable progress in the Calligraphy and Painting Association recently.

        He is now the executive vice president of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, a standard second-in-command, and has gained some fame and influence in his small circle.

        He introduced to the family with great enthusiasm: "Recently, our city of Aurous Hill is actively building up the image of a famous historical and cultural city, and the city has taken out a lot of funds to specifically support the cultural field, and because of this, the calligraphy and painting association I am in has recently received a lot of subsidies from the local government, so it can get better and better from now on.

        "With the government's subsidies and help, this calligraphy and painting association of ours, it is no longer just a hobby-based private interest group, but has become a private public interest organisation of a semi-public and semi-private nature!

        ''Moreover, the government's special subsidy has also given all the full-time staff of our Calligraphy and Painting Association a good salary package, so in the future, our old Wilson in the Calligraphy and Painting Association is also a person with a fixed salary.

       Elaine asked curiously, "Oh, your calligraphy and painting association is now paying you a salary? !"

        Jacob said with an arrogant face, "Not only are they paid, but they are also paid a lot!

        Jacob said, "Look, I, the executive vice president, from this month onwards, my monthly base salary is $12,000, which is the second highest salary in our entire calligraphy and painting association, after President Pei!