Amazing Son-in-law 3058 Charlie

  Yes! Elaine also hurriedly said: ''Because I've never given you a birthday before, I thought I'd give you a good one this time, so Mom originally suggested going out to eat at the best restaurants in Aurous Hill, but Claire said it would be more meaningful to spend your birthday at home. The three of us are going to give you a birthday dinner tomorrow, and we will make it a warm and memorable birthday for you!

        When Charlie heard this, he couldn't help but feel a little touched in his heart.

        He was not touched by Elaine's attitude, after all, she was a wallflower who always recognized money but not people.

        What really touched Charlie was Claire's heart.

        It was definitely harder to organize a birthday at home than to go to a restaurant for a ready-made meal, and the fact that his wife had this kind of intention proved that she really thought highly of his birthday.

        Moreover, in the past few years, when he was not very successful and was not well received at home, Claire would also remember his birthday and would always quietly buy a cake, drag himself out to find an affordable restaurant and have a meal in peace.

        Thinking back on all this, Charlie's heart was filled with gratitude for Claire's unfailing support over the past few years.

        At this time, Claire opened her mouth and said to Charlie: 'Husband, tomorrow I have to go to the old city for a trip, and at noon I will go to Emgrand Group Construction site, in the afternoon, I'll come back early, around four o'clock I'll come back and start preparing dinner, tomorrow at noon you eat a little less, save your stomach for a big dinner at night, we'll start early in the evening, after your birthday, we'll both go see Stephanie's concert!

        Charlie nodded his head and smiled, "No problem, it's settled!"

        After saying that, Charlie looked at the time and spoke, "Claire, you stay with your parents and watch TV for a while, I'm going to take a shower.

        "Okay." Claire nodded, and when she saw that Charlie had gone upstairs, she proposed to Jacob and Elaine, "Dad and Mom, let's keep watch with Charlie tonight, until 12 a.m. In the past, on his birthday, I would wait until 12 a.m. to say happy first birthday to him, and this year, the three of us can stay with him together.

        ''Great! "Elaine clapped her hands and said: 'Wait until 12 o'clock and say happy first birthday to my good son-in-law!

        Jacob naturally had no problem with it, but just kept lamenting: ''Aiya! When I think about the way I treated Charlie in previous years, I as a father am still quite sorry in my heart".

        Elaine, who was not thinking about this, just kept saying, "I wonder if his clients will come to give him gifts for his son-in-law's birthday this time? Last New Year's Eve, those people didn't stop giving things away, boy, all kinds of exotic treasures, really blinding!

        Claire has always been a little worried about the things those people sent Charlie, and to be honest, I wish they'd never send them again.

        "What are you afraid of? The most popular thing that rich people like to do is to pay tribute to feng shui masters and qigong masters, before that quite famous qigong master, just the money sent by rich people from all over the world is billions, great!

        Jacob said seriously: "That guy is a big liar, but he was arrested later?"

       Elaine bristled, "What does that have to do with my good son-in-law? My good son-in-law reads feng shui for people, and that is a real skill with real knowledge!

        He also gave my good son-in-law a luxury yacht, didn't he? I've never had the chance to go out on a yacht to experience it because my legs are not so handy.

        Jacob said, "The weather hasn't really warmed up yet, why go out on a yacht to drink the northwest wind? If you want to go, you should wait until after the Qingming Festival."

        Elaine's eyes lit up and she blurted out, "That's great! After the Qingming Festival, my leg should be able to be removed from its cast!

        After saying that, she hurriedly said to Claire, "Claire, remember to make arrangements for your son-in-law to take us out in his yacht when the time comes!