Amazing Son-in-law 3054 Charlie

  The fact that Zara has found herself here so quickly?

        So it seems that this girl's heart must have already put her brother's matter, and himself together.

        The two sides have to cooperate next, Charlie did not hide, he walked out of the room, came to the courtyard, replied with voice: "Yes, your brother came to the Emgrand Group today, ostensibly to meet Doris Young, but in fact, he wanted to pry into my identity."

        Zara also sent a voice follow-up question: " Then he suddenly became this way now, because of you?

        Charlie frankly admitted: "Yes, he asked people to investigate my wife's license plate number, this behavior makes me very dissatisfied, not only that, he also wanted to dig out my true identity, since he himself had to come to the other side, then I had to make him whole.

        Zara hurriedly pleaded: " Your Excellency, my brother he has little social experience, sometimes easy to do things wrong, if he has done something wrong, I as a sister to apologize for him to you.

        "If you are still not satisfied, you can also beat him, scold him, but let him kowtow all the way to Dazhao this is really too harsh!

        "This journey nearly four thousand kilometers, with his body, not three or four years at all to the place ah.

        Charlie said coldly: "Some mistakes can be made, but some mistakes can not, he reached out to me and my family, this alone, I have reason to want his life; and you do not forget, he himself owes me a life, these two things stacked up, I originally had no reason to keep him, but the reason I let him go, is completely to give you face. Moreover, I also licensed him to bring an entourage and a doctor, so that he can eat and live well the rest of the day except for kowtowing to catch up, which is already very preferential to him, what else are you dissatisfied with?"

        Zara was asked by Charlie, at a loss for how to answer.

        At this time, Charlie said again: "In addition, you also need to make one thing clear, your brother this person, the heart is not here in you and your mother, he is the same as your father, not by is feelings stand, but by interests stand, if you want to become the head of the Banks family, then he is a huge threat to you.'

        I let them both temporarily disappear for a few years, instead of 'protecting you out of the city and helping you on the horse', without them here, you can better play your ability to compete for the Banks family power!

        "If you can inherit the Banks; family in three years, the power in the hands of your father and your brother by then just come back, but also just can follow you in the light, when you casually from the Banks family's big plate to give them a little favor, but also enough for them to live a lifetime of jade, high!"

        "But if I leave the two of them here, they will only become your enemies, your stumbling blocks, and may well even turn on you because of the benefits.

        "If I leave your brother behind, you will always be pressed headlong by his status as the eldest son and grandson, and you two siblings will definitely turn against each other in the future because of your interests!

        "But I let him go away for three years, and when your new king is crowned, he will return, and he will no longer be your brother, but your vassal! When a subject is in front of the king, he has to bow three times and nine times!

        After hearing Charlie's reply, Zara pondered

        She knew that what Charlie said was right.

        "In front of the seat of the Banks family heir, all people are enemies among themselves!


        "Dad and his younger siblings are enemies

        "I and my own brother, and several other brothers and sisters from my uncle's family, are also enemies.

        If Dad and my brother were here, they would not want to put themselves in the position of the head of the family.

        ''In the end, maybe the three families will turn against each other because of this.

        However, if I can sit on the family head first, then when they come back, everything will have been settled. There are nearly a hundred direct relatives of the Banks family, but there is only one family head, and between the other members and the family head, there is an unbridgeable gulf.

        "This is not only a gulf, but also a moat, if there is no such moat, even if it is a close father, a close brother, may not be able to resist the temptation brought by the huge benefits.

        Thinking of this, she understood Charlie's good intentions.

        Although the benefactor punishing my brother may not really be for my sake, this matter essentially did help me clear the obstacles.

        ''Moreover, with my style of acting, it is impossible for me to turn against my father and my brother because of interests, and by sending them out separately now, Lord Enthusiast has on the one hand avoided the hardships he might face in the future, and on the other - he has also safeguarded the personal safety of my father and brother, so it can be said to have killed two birds with one stone.

        With this in mind, Zara said to Charlie, "Your Grace, your intentions are good, Zara understands!"