Amazing Son-in-law 3051 Charlie

  Lord Banks almost exploded in anger at this moment.

        "What's going on?"

        "Old me just spent so much to barely sort of pacify the tricky Zara, but who would have thought that after not even two days of this peace and quiet, the thick-eyed Fitz, unexpectedly mutinied too, for f*ck's sake."

        He was at a loss. What kind of medicine had this damn grandson of his taken wrong.

        In the past, when he had caused his mother and sister to die, he hadn't turned on himself like he was doing now, but had been fawning over him and fawning over him.

        Now that it's all f*cking over, it's like this kid has suddenly come around and started fighting with himself.

        When he thought of this guy, he had to kowtow all the way to the Da Zhao Temple to atone for his sins, Lord Banks was so nervous that he was sweating coldly.

        Fitz, as the eldest son and grandson of the entire Banks family, if he really put this decision into action tomorrow, then it would definitely trigger the fervent attention of the whole country.

        At that time, the entire Banks family's face would be completely disgraced.

        And the evil deeds that he had done. I was afraid that they would be rehashed and whipped again.

        Thinking of this, Lord Banks said angrily, "Fitz! You unfilial son and grandson! If you really dare to do so, then I will expel you from the Banks family and never recognize you as my grandson again! From now on, whether you die or live, you have nothing to do with the Banks family, and the trillions of assets of the Banks family are completely cut off from you.

        Lord Banks felt. He thought that his words were already very heavy, and Fitz was a vain and greedy man, so he would definitely be scared off by himself.

        However, he did not know that Fitz was already under a heavy psychological implication from Charlie at this moment.

        He now felt from the bottom of his heart that the entire Banks family was filthy to the core, and that the sins of the entire Banks family were waiting for him to kowtow all the way to the Da Zhao Temple tomorrow to atone for his sins.

        So in the face of Lord Bank's threat, he felt an unprecedented sense of supreme justice bursting into the sky!

        He then angrily slapped the table and shouted, "Lord Banks, you old dog! You've lived for seventy-six years in vain!"

        "You have lived a life of lust for profit, controlling the power of the Banks family to the end of your life and persecuting your own son, daughter-in-law and even two of your own granddaughters for the sake of profit.

        "You are cold-blooded, inhumane, and have no regard for human decency, you are the dregs of society and should be punished by everyone!"

        "If you have any conscience at all, you should turn yourself in to the police immediately, Pray that the law will punish you to the death!"

        "But you old dog. You're still doing what you're doing, and you're not moving! Continue to do those shameful things in secret!"

        "I ...... have never seen such a brazen and shameless person!"

        Fitz's impassioned outburst of rage left the surrounding mother and sister, as well as other relatives, momentarily dumbfounded.

        Lord Banks on the other side of the video could no longer be described as dumbfounded, his entire body was already so furious that he felt his blood rushing up madly, bursting his entire cerebral blood vessels.

        He deadly covered his heart to the video, this end of Fitz, angrily trembling curses: "You ...... you ...... you beast! I ...... me ...... me ...... me ......"

        Before he finished his words, Lord Bank's whole body coughed violently, almost coughing out of breath.

        The next thing you know, Lord Banks felt a dizziness in his brain, pain in his head, and then he rolled his eyes, instantly unconscious.

        Who would have thought that Lord Banks, the head of the Banks family, who was used to seeing all sorts of big storms in his life, would be shocked by his grandson's words. He was so angry at his grandson's rebuke that he passed out.

        At this time, Banks Anshun suddenly appeared in the video screen.

        He had rushed over when he heard Lord Banks yelling at Fitz for being an animal and realised that something was wrong.