Amazing Son-in-law 3048 Charlie

 When Fitz heard Charlie's words at this moment, he was also excited and asked, "Your Excellency, have you really decided to spare me this time?

        Charlie waved his hand and said indifferently, "It is your fate that you should not die today. However, as the saying goes, a deadly crime can be forgiven, but a living crime is hard to forgive!"

        Fitz was so excited and did not hesitate to say, "As long as you can spare me, I am willing to do whatever you want me to do! I don't care how you punish me!"

        Charlie thought about it and said, "How about this, your Banks family has always acted coldly and ruthlessly, disowning their relatives and committing grave sins, since you want me to spare your dog's life, then you might as well focus on atoning for your Banks family's sins."

        "Fine! I'll go and atone for my sins!"

        When Fitz heard this, although he still didn't know exactly how Charlie was asking him to atone for his sins. But he still agreed without hesitation and said offhandedly, "I'm willing to go and atone for my sins! I am willing to go and atone for me, for my father, and for the entire Banks family! Tomorrow I will go to the temple to burn incense and worship Buddha and accumulate more yin and virtue for the Banks family!"

        Charlie laughed, "Your family's sins are so deliberate, how can they be solved as easily as burning incense and worshipping Buddha?"

        Fitz was confused and asked, "Your Excellency, what do you mean?"

        Charlie said indifferently, "Since the sins are so serious. Then naturally, you need to be more pious and more honed. I think you might as well start tomorrow and use three steps and one kowtow to walk all the way from Aurous Hill to the Da Zhao Monastery in southwest China to make a pilgrimage. Use your most pious heart and most down-to-earth actions to alleviate the sins of your Banks family."

        Saying that, Charlie took stock of the situation and said, "If you go from Aurous Hill to the southwest, it should be nearly four thousand kilometres, your speed will indeed be quite slow if you take three steps and one kowtow, if you walk twelve hours a day, more or less, walking four kilometres is still no problem, so that should get you there in three years time."

        "Ah?!" Hearing this, Fitz's entire person could barely kneel down to fall crookedly to the ground.

        He really couldn't even dream of it. Charlie would punish himself in such a way.

        "Kowtowing all the way from Aurous Hill to Da Zhaosi?! And you have to keep kowtowing for three years to get there?!"

        "Isn't this asking for someone's life?"

        "I heard that Sam of the Eastcliff Kong family had pedaled a two-eight bicycle all the way from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill before, and that had already turned his perception upside down, if he had to kowtow all the way to the southwestern borderlands. Wouldn't that be hundreds or thousands of times more miserable than Sam?

        Charlie looked at Fitz and asked with a cold smile, "What? You don't want to accept it? If you don't want to accept, don't blame me for not giving you the chance to live!"

        Hearing these words, Fitz did not even think about it and hurriedly said, "I am willing, I am willing, I am absolutely willing!"

        At this moment, Fitz had already thought of a response plan in his heart.

        In his heart, he thought, "I have to agree and escape from here first!"

        "As long as I can escape. I'll do everything I can to get out of China!"

        "At that time, the sky is high and the emperor is far away, even if you Charlie is capable, you can't possibly look for me all over the world just to punish me, right?!"

        Charlie seemed to have seen through his plan a long time ago as he smiled faintly. He opened his mouth and said, "Since you have agreed, there is no chance of backtracking."

        "No backtracking! I absolutely won't back out!" Fitz stated his position one after another, only thinking of getting out of the way in a hurry.

        At this moment, Charlie stood up and used his finger to lightly tap the top of Fitz's head, a trace of aura surged into Fitz's brain from his fingertips.

        Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen spoke in a tone of voice that left no room for doubt, "Fitz, remember. After you leave here, go back home, lock yourself in your room and don't go out, don't talk to anyone, and when people ask you, just say you want to be alone. Just say you want to be alone."

        "At nine o'clock in the evening, you will come out of your room, gather your family members, and connect to your grandfather by video, and tell them that after careful consideration, you feel that your father and grandfather are all deeply sinful people, so you have decided to start kowtowing at seven o'clock tomorrow morning and kowtow all the way to the Da Zhao Monastery, so as to pay for the sins of the Banks family, and If Lord Banks dares to stop you or threaten you, you will count out his crimes and scold him!"

        "In addition, before you confess to your family tonight, you will have to record a video, and after you finish talking to your family, you will immediately post it on the short video platform and recount your decision to the whole nation. If anyone stops you at that time, you will be forced to die."

        "However, I am not the one who is unreasonable and without compassion, considering that you are not too fit for this. I'll allow you to take a few extra attendants along the way, maybe even a personal doctor, so they can keep you alive all the way, but remember. You still have to walk the road yourself step by step, and you have to kowtow one by one!"

        "All you have to do on this journey is to redeem yourself religiously, and after you arrive at the Da Zhao Monastery, you can go back to Aurous Hill and come to me at the Emgrand Group, do you understand?"

        At this moment, Fitz's whole person instantly looked a bit dull, and his eyes also looked a bit hollow, but his tone became very firm as he said, "Don't worry, my benefactor, I understand!"