Amazing Son-in-law 3047 Charlie

  To Fitz, as long as he could leave him a dog's life now, it would be more important to him than anything else.

        Because he knew very well in his heart that Charlie had enough strength and enough reason to kill himself.

        And with his strength, even if he did kill himself, the Banks family probably wouldn't and couldn't even help him take revenge.

        After all, his own grandfather hadn't even seen his face, and he was so jealous of him that he couldn't sleep at night!

        In order to make peace with him, grandfather had even given the entire Banks family's ocean shipping group. All of it was given away to his own sister.

        From this, one could see that one's grandfather was extremely afraid of Charlie wade.

        Therefore, as long as one could live, even if one was thrown into Syria, it was nothing.

        At least, when they got to Syria, they could still depend on their dad and not be alone.

        When Charlie heard Fitz's words begging for mercy, he couldn't help but smile and ask, "What? Do you want to go to Syria too?"

        Without hesitation, Fitz nodded his head repeatedly and said firmly, "I want to go! I want to go! I beg you to let me go!"

        Charlie looked at him and smiled faintly, then waved his hand and said in a cold voice, "How can I possibly let you two be reunited in Syria? You guys are thinking too beautifully, aren't you?"

        Fitz panicked and pleaded, "Your Grace. I beg you, as long as you can spare my life, I am willing to do anything you want me to do. Please, for this reason, give me a way out."

       Charlie looked at him with a smile but not a word, until he saw Fitz's heart scared to the point of hair. Only then did he blandly say, "Fitz, you actually have to be glad that you have a good sister."

        Fitz was a bit dazed for a moment and asked offhandedly, "What do you mean by this, benefactor ......?"

Charlie said indifferently, "I have a big project to work on with your sister now, so for your sister's sake, it's not impossible to spare your dog's life."

        In fact, Charlie really didn't intend to really kill Fitz.

        Not only because he still had cooperation with Zara, but also because he had a few respects for Zara's mother, Deana, in his heart.

        That woman, who had loved her father for so many years and had not done anything to destroy her family, deserved his respect just for her feelings for him.

        Even more, it deserved one's gratitude.

        Grateful that after so many years of her father's death, there was still someone who remembered him.

        After all, a person can die and still be remembered by others. That in itself was not an easy thing to do.

        If he really killed Fitz, how would he face Deana in the future?

        Therefore, he was also very clear in his heart that he could not kill Fitz.