Amazing Son-in-law 3045 Charlie


        The moment he heard Charlie's questioning, Fitz's entire body instantly fell into an ice cell!

        He finally realized with sadness that he had thought he had hidden his motives well, but in fact, he had already been exposed!

        As early as when he saw Stephanie get out of Charlie's BMW and then had someone check the information of that BMW, he had already been completely exposed!

        What he couldn't have imagined was that the person behind all this was the benefactor who had great strength and had saved himself and his sister, and even saved his mother and sister the other day!

        At this moment, Fitz realised that he was the one who was not measuring up to his own strength and hitting the stone with an egg ......

        Thinking of Charlie's extraordinary strength, and then thinking of the disappearance of his second uncle, his father's disappearance, and the strange death of that Xuan Fengnian, an extremely strong fear suddenly surged in his heart!

        He then hurriedly slid off the sofa and knelt down in front of Charlie with a poof, saying with tears in his voice, "Your Grace! I was wrong! I really know I'm wrong! It's all my fault, I saw Stephanie get out of your car and wanted to find out who you were, if I knew you were the one driving the car, even if I had eight or eighty guts, I wouldn't dare to check your car. ...... Please forgive me this time, Your Grace! I beg you!"

        Charlie sneered, "Fitz, you should know that you still owe me a life, how can you still have the face to beg me to forgive you now?"

        Hearing these words, Fitz's entire body was struck by lightning.

        He had no doubt at all that Charlie could easily take his own life.

        Moreover, as Charlie had said, he had saved his own life in the first place.

        If he could save himself, he could kill himself. With his strength, the bodyguards he had in the conference room would not be enough, so even if he called for help, it would be pointless, and he would probably be dead before the bodyguards arrived.

        Thinking of this, he immediately kowtowed to Charlie like a madman, choking on a sob, "Sir, please spare me this time, your great kindness, I, Fitz, will never dare to forget it! I beg you to let me go for the sake that I did not mean to disobey you, from now on, I will be a cow and a horse to repay you for saving my life!"

        Charlie waved his hand: "Save it, you know in your own heart, you f*cking press, you're not the kind of person who knows how to repay a favor!"

        "I ......" Fitz was stunned in his heart and slyly said offhandedly, "I am! I really am! Your Grace, please believe me!"

        Charlie sneered, "If you really knew how to repay your kindness, you wouldn't have been so intent on preparing for Stephanie's concert in Aurous Hill when your mother and your sister's life and death were at stake, you think I don't know people like you? You and your father and your grandfather are all the same kind of person, personal interests are above everything, in front of personal interests, family love is not important, let alone a mere saving of life, don't you think so?"

        Fitz's body trembled violently in fear, and cried, "Your Grace ...... is not sophistry or denial, but please forgive me for my momentary confusion for the sake of my mother and Zara, I will definitely change my heart and become a new man in the future, and never repeat the mistakes of my father and grandfather again! "

        Charlie smiled coldly and waved his hand, "Sorry, you don't have a chance!"

        Charlie was indeed not prepared to give Fitz any chance, because this time, Fitz had already touched his scales.

        And when Fitz heard Charlie say that he didn't have a chance, his entire person instantly collapsed.