Amazing Son-in-law 3043 Charlie

  Fitz never dreamed that a person would suddenly come out from the innermost part of Doris's office.

        Moreover, what he was more puzzled about was why this person's voice gave him a feeling of déjà vu.

        When he subconsciously turned his head and looked at the voice. His entire brain exploded with a buzz, his eyes instantly glazed over, while his mind also went into a momentary haze of dullness!

        Naturally, he recognised Charlie right away!

        After all, the impression Charlie had left on him back in Japan was so profound that it was impossible for him to forget Charlie's appearance even to his death.

        In this instant, he was shocked to the core, and immediately afterwards, he could not help but murmur: "Ah ...... is ...... it you? This ...... how is this possible!!!"

        Charlie came to meet him and asked playfully under his breath, "What? We haven't seen each other for some days here. When you see me again, you don't even call me your benefactor anymore?!"

        Fitz was instantly shocked by the powerful aura on Charlie's body, and then, the shocking image of Charlie killing several Japanese ninjas by himself in Kyoto, Japan, immediately came to his mind!

So his body trembled, immediately bending down and bowing, respectfully saying: "Grace ...... you ...... how come you are here? Ever since we parted in Kyoto, my sister and I have been looking for you, wanting to repay you for saving our lives, but I never thought I would see you here ...... Just now I was too shocked to see you, so I was not polite enough, please forgive me!"

        Charlie sneered: "Fitz, you say you, you don't stay in your own Eastcliff, you have to come to Aurous Hill to have a good time, if you want to have a good time, you have to take the initiative to come to Emgrand Group to see me, and I came out as you wished. Now you are asking me why I am here, tell me, is there something wrong with your brain?"

        Fitz exclaimed, "Your Excellency ...... you ...... are the chairman of the Emgrand Group?!"

        Charlie laughed: "What? I am the chairman of the Emgrand Group, making you feel surprised?"

        Fitz was like a quail and said honestly: "This ...... is not hidden from you, I really did not expect ......"

        Charlie nodded, came straight to the opposite side of him, sat down on the single sofa opposite him with a big grin, propped his hands apart, rested on the backrest and crossed his legs, and Asked him, "Tell me, what did you go to such great lengths to find me for?"

        Fitz's heart was weak, but he could only say stiffly, "I ...... came to see you ...... to ...... talk to you about a cooperation... ..."

        Charlie nodded slightly and did not break him down, but said casually, "I heard it all just now. You want to invest a few tens to hundreds of billions of dollars to work with the Emgrand Group on the new energy car industry, right?"

        Fitz could only nod his head. Somewhat sheepishly, he said, "Yes ...... yes ......"

        Charlie smiled faintly, "This is a good thing! Look at this hundred billion investment money of yours, when will it arrive?"

        "Huh?" Fitz subconsciously asked, "What do you ...... mean, Your Excellency ......?"

        Charlie casually said, "I don't mean anything, don't you want to make investments with me? Since it's making an investment. You naturally have to take out the money first, right?"

        Fitz hurriedly said, "This ...... such a large investment, it is certainly necessary to do a lot of preliminary preparatory work, and this investment is also we set up a joint venture company, and then according to the agreed ratio and valuation, each out of their respective departments of investment ......"