Amazing Son-in-law 3042 Charlie

  Once there is no ceiling, then the height is not something one can predict.

        This made the sense of crisis deep inside Fitz's heart a few points heavier.

        In fact, Fitz also knew his own weight.

        Although he was the eldest son and grandson of the Banks family, that was only the halo of the Banks family that he had enjoyed.

        Grandfather Lord Banks dominated the control of the entire Banks family, not to mention himself, even his own father had little actual power.

        No real power means no real money.

        The chairman of the Emgrand Group could casually take out tens of billions of cash, but he himself simply could not take out so much money.

        In that case, he would be a straw man in front of this Emgrand Group chairman ......

        And why did he go to all the trouble of chasing Stephanie?

        On the one hand, it is because he is really infatuated with Stephanie, and on the other hand, it is because he has little actual power in the Banks family.

        Therefore, he desperately wanted to use the Gu(Sun) family's stature to enhance his own strength, and even wanted to use the Gu(Sun) family's strength to make his grandfather impressed with him.

        In this way, it would also enhance the possibility of him inheriting the Banks family in the future.

        It was for these reasons that Stephanie had a powerful strategic significance to his life.

In his mind, there was absolutely no room for error!

        When he thought of this, he was even more furious in his heart.

        Not only did he hate the chairman of the Emgrand Group, who dared to come out and take away his love, he also hated his grandfather, Lord Banks, a dying old man who still held on to the control of the Banks family and was unwilling to let go of it to his younger generation.

        He even hated his sister, Zara.

        She had taken advantage of the grievances she had suffered to forcibly take the entire Ocean Shipping Group from the old man, and even the private island where the old man had retired.

        In comparison, she herself had nothing.

        Really, nothing ......

        The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the most out of your money. If we join forces, I'm sure it won't be any worse than them. Your boss will be interested in such a big deal, so you might as well give him a call or send him a text message to see if he's interested or not."

        Doris hesitated for a moment and spoke, "In that case, then I'll talk to our Director first and will report back."

       Fitz was instantly delighted and said offhandedly, "Good! Let's see what he says."

        Doris took out her phone and sent a message to Charlie on WeChat.

        It read: Young master, how should I reply to him now?

       Charlie replied to her: ask Fitz if he is really sure he wants to see me.

        After Doris received it, she put down her phone, looked at Fitz and asked seriously, "Young Master Banks, are you sure you want to see our chairman?"

        "Of course I'm sure!" Fitz said without hesitation, "Vice Director Doris, I don't mean to look down on you in any way, but for such a big business, it is naturally more efficient to talk directly with your boss, don't you think?"

        Doris nodded, her tone suddenly losing its earlier enthusiasm, and said indifferently, "Good, since you are sure, then I will ask our chairman to come and talk to you."

      Fitz could not help but frown, he did not expect that Doris would suddenly become cold-hearted, and changed his respectful tone from "you" to "you", which made him feel a little upset and offended.

        At the very moment when his anger was rising, a door inside the office was suddenly pushed open and a somewhat familiar voice came with a sneer and asked, "Fitz, are you so eager to see me?"