Amazing Son-in-law 3041 Charlie

 Saying that Charlie was not too attached to the Emgrand Group was an expression of Doris Young's true inner feelings flowing out.

        She knew that Charlie was in the lounge behind the office, so this was said deliberately to Charlie.

        Ever since Emgrand Group changed ownership, the number of times Charlie came to Emgrand Group was estimated to be no more than ten times in total, and what made Doris Young even more helpless was that every time Charlie came to Emgrand Group, it was not because of the business of Emgrand Group itself.

        In other words, Charlie, the hands-off boss, never bothered about the development direction of the Emgrand Group.

        In the past, Doris Young did not have any problem with this, on the contrary, she also liked this feeling of freedom of being 100% trusted and being able to let go of things on her own.

        However, ever since she had developed a deep-seated affection for Charlie, her careless attitude had made her feel a little aggrieved.

        This aggravation mainly stemmed from a feeling of being ignored deep down inside.

        She hoped that Charlie would come to the Emgrand Group more often, even if she was deprived of her decision-making power and everything was left to Charlie's own discretion, she had no problem with it.

        Because that way, she would be able to see Charlie more often.

        Unfortunately, Charlie had never taken the Emgrand Group seriously.

        So, Only then did he deliberately take this opportunity to spit it out, hoping that after Charlie heard it, he would care more about the development of the Emgrand Group in the future.

        At this moment, when Charlie heard Doris Young's spiteful remark, he was more or less ashamed in his heart.

        Thinking about it, he was really a complete hands-off person.

        After taking over the Emgrand Group, he simply ignored it and entrusted it to Doris Young to manage.

        This is just as well, after Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals was established, he also directly left it to Liam to run.

        Apart from a personal trip to Japan to integrate the Kobayashi family's pharmaceutical company, I have never bothered with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals again.

        The company's future is likely to be less involved when the ocean shipping group is launched.

        The reason is that when the time comes, He Zhiqiu(Ziva) and Zara will be in charge of the company, and He Yuanjiang(Hank), a great professor of economics, will be behind it, so it seems that he will not need to use himself at all.

       Charlie could not help but feel in his heart that he was indeed lucky to have met many reliable, trustworthy and competent men and collaborators, and it was because of their strength that he could be a hands-off boss.

        Otherwise, I was afraid that I would have been exhausted by the chores of several companies.

        At this time, Fitz, who was sitting outside, asked Doris with an incredulous face, , "Why is your boss not too interested in your group's affairs? Could it be that he has other business outside?"

        Doris nodded and said, "Our boss does have some other business outside."

        Fitz was a little puzzled for a moment.

        "I originally thought that the chairman of the Emgrand Group, his family just had an Emgrand Group."

        "In that case, how could he, a mere chairman of a group with a market capitalisation of a hundred billion, be comparable to me, the young master of a multi-trillion asset family?"

        "But looking at it this way now, it seems like this chairman of the Emgrand Group, has other industries outside ......"

        "Moreover, he's not even interested in the 100 billion market value of the Emgrand Group, which means that the market value of his outside industries is only more than that of the Emgrand Group!"

        "If that's the case, then this person's strength is a bit unfathomable."

        In Fitz's opinion, if he only had 100 billion, then everything was clear, his ceiling was at 100 billion, a long way behind himself.

        However, if he had more than 100 billion, then everything became confusing.

        Not just 100 billion, then it could be 200 billion, or 300 billion or even 500 billion.