Amazing Son-in-law 3039 Charlie

  Twenty minutes later.

       Fitz's motorcade, drove into the underground garage of the Emgrand Group.

        Doris had already arranged in advance for her secretary and the head of the security department of the Emgrand Group to wait in the underground garage.

        As soon as the motorcade arrived, they immediately greeted him respectfully and then led Fitz and his entourage from the special lift in the underground garage to the top floor of the Imperial Mansion.

      Fitz enjoyed the feeling of the stars holding the moon. In his opinion, a hundred billion dollar company like the Emgrand Group should be treated with respect from top to bottom when facing himself, the young master of the Banks family, just like this.

        Doris's female secretary led the way, saying as she walked, ''Young Master Banks, our Vice Director Doris is waiting for your presence in her office, but her office is not too big, so these members of your entourage will have a hard time and go to the adjacent meeting room to rest temporarily, I will have someone arrange tea for them.

        Fitz nodded gently.

He also did not want to bring a large group of people and go into the other party's office to talk about things.

        Moreover, he did not feel that it would be dangerous for him to come to a group with a market value of a hundred billion dollars in a dignified manner So, he said to his assistant:" You guys go to the meeting room first and wait for me.

        The assistant immediately nodded and said:" Okay Young Master!

      Fitz's assistant and bodyguard were introduced into the conference room, and Doris's female secretary then led Fitz to Doris's office alone

        After the secretary knocked on the door, Doris personally opened the office door, and when she saw Fitz, she said respectfully, "Hello young master Banks, I am Doris Young, the vice chairman of Emgrand Group, welcome to our office and make our Emgrand Group shine!

        Fitz didn't expect that Doris Young of the Emgrand Group was such a beautiful and charming imperial beauty, seeing her in a professional suit with a knee-length skirt and her long, slightly curly wavy hair, he was a bit dumbfounded for a while.

        Originally in his vision, this Doris Young since she was able to pass Through her own efforts, she has made it step by step to the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, then she must be at least thirty-five, or even forty years old.

        After all, promotion in the workplace requires time and experience, and no one would believe that a woman less than thirty years old could become the second-in-command of a hundred billion dollar enterprise by strength.

        It was because he had this fixed mindset in his mind that he felt stunning the moment he saw Doris Young.

        So, he also nodded his head very gentlemanly and said: "I didn't expect Doris Young to be so young, so young to become the second in command of a company, I think Doris Young's personal ability must be very remarkable.

       Doris smiled faintly and said modestly: ''You are too flattering, Young Master Banks.

        After saying that, she hurriedly turned sideways and said: ''Young Master Banks, please come in!


        Fitz nodded his head and strided into Doris's office.

        Doris said to her secretary, ''Go prepare the best tea for Young Master Banks and bring it over.