Amazing Son-in-law 3038 Charlie

  Fitz, who was sitting next to him, as well as Fitz's assistant, were both very satisfied with the excitement Doris Young was showing, and Fitz's expression had slightly eased.

        Fitz's assistant spoke up at this point, "Our young master is in Aurous Hill right now, so if it's okay with your side, Vice Director Doris, our young master can go over and meet with you right now."

        "That's great!" Doris Young's voice was very excited as she blurted out, "Then I'll immediately put off all my arrangements for the afternoon and wait here for Young Master Banks!"

       Fitz's assistant gave a hint and asked tentatively, "By the way, our young master would like to meet the boss of your Emgrand Group by the way, I wonder if he has time this afternoon?"

        Doris Young was busy saying, "I'm really sorry, our boss has always acted in a very low-key style, and is also a hands-off boss, basically he doesn't come to the company two or three times a year, and never attends any business activities, nor does he meet with any industry insiders, even I don't know where he is, so please forgive me, Young Master Banks."

        Fitz's assistant was also very helpless when he heard this But the good thing is that at least the young master can meet this Doris Young first, so he said: "Since your boss is not in the company, then let's wait until we have the opportunity to talk about it, I will accompany our young master to your Emgrand Group first, your side make a good greeting and security work in advance."

        Doris Young said without hesitation, "Don't worry, I'll arrange for the people under me to make preparations, when Young Master Banks arrives, just take the special lift from the underground garage to the top floor!"

        "Good." Fitz's assistant then said, "In that case, we'll be there in twenty minutes."

        After hanging up the phone, Fitz's assistant said to Fitz, "Young master, I will have the bodyguard prepare the vehicle, so you don't have to drive yourself."

        Fitz nodded, the reason why he drove himself was that he wanted to pick up Stephanie so that he could have a private space with her, but he never thought that his elaborate preparations would end up in vain, it really pissed him off just thinking about it!

       Fitz's bodyguards and men quickly organized the motorcade, Fitz's assistant personally opened the car door for him and escorted him to the back of a Rolls-Royce, the convoy then immediately set off for the Emgrand Group.

        However, Fitz never dreamed that at this moment, Charlie was already in Doris's office, waiting for him to throw himself into the net.

        Doris, on the other hand, stood respectfully in front of Charlie wade and asked, "Young master, what should I do when that Fitz arrives?"

        Charlie smiled faintly and pointed to the back door of Doris's office, saying, "When he comes, I will go to your lounge to rest for a while, you can talk to him for a while, I will come out when the time is right."

        Doris nodded and could not help but ask again, "Young master, what are you going to do with this Fitz? He is the grandson of the Banks family, and if you were to lay hands on him, the Banks family would definitely not take kindly to it."

        "Moreover, he disappeared from the Emgrand Group, when the time comes, the Banks Family will definitely try everything to find out everything about the Emgrand Group, won't your identity be exposed by then?"

        Charlie laughed: "It's alright, you don't have to worry about that, I have my own way!"