Amazing Son-in-law 3036 Charlie

 Fitz hurriedly opened the video of the Rolls Royce's built-in car recorder and found the clip he had just taken. After playing it back, he could clearly see that the rear of the car was indeed affixed to a BMW 520.


      The reason why he wanted to find out whether it was a 520 or a 760 was mainly because he wanted to use it to determine whether this car was an Emgrand Group car or not.


      If, as his men said, the car was a BMW 760, then all the clues matched up and it would be certain that the car belonged to the Emgrand Group.


      But if the car was not a 760, but just an ordinary 520, then that would prove that the information his men had fed back was incorrect.


      In that case, either there was something wrong with his men, or there was something wrong with this BMW 520, or it could be a stolen car.


      Just then, Fitz received a few official detail pictures about the BMW 520 and BMW 760 from his men.


     Fitz could tell at a glance that the official BMW detail picture about the 760 was exactly the same as the car he had just photographed.


      This also meant that the car just now, was indeed a BMW 760 with a changed tail mark.


      At the same time, it also meant that that car was indeed from the Emgrand Group.


      Fitz frowned and called over to ask after him, "Do you know who the boss behind the Aurous Hill Emgrand Group is?"


      "Not really." The other party replied, "The legal representative of the Emgrand Group is called Doris Young, who is the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, but the shares of the Emgrand Group are not under her name."


      Saying that, the other party further introduced, "Although this company is registered in Aurous Hill, the shareholding structure model of the Emgrand Group in Aurous Hill is the same as that of the domestic internet giant companies, and there is an offshore parent company in the upper structure."


      "What's even more f*cked up is that this offshore parent company of it is an offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands, and this offshore company has 100% control of the Aurous Hill Emgrand Group, so one has to find out who exactly the owner of the offshore company is to know who the real owner of the Emgrand Group is."


      "So much trouble ......" Fitz pursued, "Can you find out the information of the shareholders of this offshore company outside the country?"


      "I can't find out." The other party said truthfully, "The Cayman Islands has long enacted judicial regulations to provide comprehensive privacy protection for all enterprises registered in the Cayman Islands, and the information related to directors and shareholders is completely confidential, which is exactly the same as the strategy of Swiss banks, so we can't find out any information either."


      "F*ck!" Fitz cursed unhappily, "I don't believe that no one knows whether the owner of this huge company in Aurous Hill is a man or a woman, or how old he is?"


      The other party immediately said, "The person who gave me the information told me that this boss of theirs is very powerful, young, rich and handsome, and also said that the rumours are that he is the mysterious tycoon who became very famous in Aurous Hill last year!"


      "What mysterious tycoon?" When Fitz heard the other party say that the owner of Emgrand Group was young, rich and handsome, he was immediately a bit offended and questioned in a cold voice, "Is this mysterious tycoon very famous?"


      The other party replied, "According to my source, he is quite famous. He once used tens of millions of cash to bash a salesman who despised him at an emerald shop, and the rumors were all over Aurous Hill at that time."


      Fitz was a little annoyed in his heart.


      He felt that if he followed what his men had said, this owner of the Emgrand Group was really a strong competitor.


      Combined with the fact that Stephanie had deliberately bypassed himself and came to the scene with him, and even waved goodbye to him so intimately, it was possible that this guy had already won Stephanie's favour one step ahead of himself!


      Thinking of this, he was so angry and anxious that he asked, "Do you have Doris Young's personal information?"


      "Yes!" The other party said, "Doris Young's information is more transparent, she is a native of Aurous Hill, all her past is well documented, she was a top student when she was in school, then she joined the previous Emgrand Group, and within a short period of time, she helped the Emgrand Group to grow and develop, she also rose to the position of vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, until now, she is the top leader of the Emgrand Group in the open. ."


      Fitz nodded and said, "So it seems that if we want to know who the boss of the Emgrand Group is, we have to find this Doris Young and have a good chat."


      Saying that, Fitz immediately instructed, "You contact this Doris Young for me, say that I want to take some time to visit her at the Emgrand Group and talk to her about business cooperation."


     Fitz thought that as the eldest son and grandson of the Banks family, if he announced his name to visit, who would not treat him as a guest of honour?


      When he met that Doris Young, he would try to find a way to get her boss's identity out of her.


      If she didn't say anything, then he would throw out a cooperation offer as bait, and I believe that the owner of the Emgrand Group would be eager to meet with him after hearing the news that the Banks family was going to cooperate with him.


      After hearing this, his men hurriedly asked him, "Young master, when do you want to meet that Doris Young?"


      Fitz said without hesitation, "Right now!"