Amazing Son-in-law 3035 Charlie

 Due to his extremely bad mood, Fitz sat in his Rolls Royce and did not get out of the car.


      Even when the sound of Stephanie's rehearsal song soon came from inside the venue, he still sat motionless in the car.


      At this moment, he was in an extremely unhappy mood.


      The reason for his displeasure was, on the one hand, Stephanie's intentional avoidance of him, and on the other hand, the BMW driver, whose identity he did not know.


      Moreover, he could not understand why Stephanie would condescend to come to the venue in a cheap BMW car.


      After all, a brand like BMW was simply untouched trash in Eastcliff's second-generation circles.


      For the top rich second generation like them, a premium bespoke version of a Rolls Royce was basically the standard for travel.


      And a classy car like BMW was not even a fart in front of a premium customised Rolls-Royce.


      Seeing that ten to twenty minutes had passed and his men still hadn't returned the information about the BMW, he couldn't help but be a little annoyed and was about to call and scold them when he suddenly received a call from his men.


      Fitz immediately picked up the phone and cursed, "I told you to check the f*cking license plate, where the f*ck did you go? Where the f*ck have you been? It's been so long and you still haven't replied!"


      The person on the other end hurriedly said, "Young master, don't be angry, just now the person over there said that there was a problem with the system and it has just been taken care of.


      Fitz hurriedly asked, "What is the result? Who is the owner of that car?"


      The other party replied, "Young master, the BMW you asked me to look into is a car registered to the Emgrand Group."


    "Emgrand Group?" Fitz couldn't help but frown.


      He had been in Aurous Hill for this period of time, and he did have some understanding of the situation in Aurous Hill.


      The largest local enterprise in Aurous Hill was the Emgrand Group, but the identity of the owner of this group was mysterious, and Fitz did not know, who actually owned this enterprise.


      Therefore, he was a bit surprised all of a sudden and asked offhandedly, "Is the information true?"


      The other party replied, "Definitely true, he also told me that the vehicles registered under the name of the Emgrand Group, large and small, add up to more than five hundred units, this BMW is one of them, and there is also a small detail, the car you are talking about, is not a BMW 520, it is actually a BMW 760."


      "No way!" Fitz blurted out, "I saw with my own eyes that the tail tag of that car said 520! Was it a wrong check?"


      "No." The other party seriously said, "I have repeatedly confirmed with the other side that the car registered with this number plate is indeed a BMW 760." As for your claim that the tail tag is 520, I guess it might have been tampered with."


      The BMW 5 Series and the BMW 7 Series are actually very different, at a glance they seem to be similar, but on closer inspection there are many differences that people who don't know about them can't see, just like the Mercedes E Class and the Mercedes S Class, people who don't know about cars basically can't tell the difference. If there is a mistake, then I will immediately ask that person again."


      Fitz naturally didn't want anything to go wrong, so he immediately said, "I'll take a look at the video of the car recorder, and you can find me a detailed picture of the rear of the BMW 760 and 520 and send it to my WeChat, so I can confirm it first."