Amazing Son-in-law 3034 Charlie

  The man exclaimed, "Cameron ...... Isaac Cameron? Dan Bureau, so what should I do now, I beg you to show me the way!"

        Bureau Dan spoke, "There is a way to make up for your mistakes, it depends on whether you cooperate or not."

        The man hurriedly said, "Cooperate, I will cooperate!"


        After solving all the problems in the fastest time possible, Cameron immediately called Charlie, who had only just driven a short distance away from the Olympic Centre at that moment.

        When he answered the phone, Cameron said to Charlie, "Young master, someone just looked up the information of your wife's car in the traffic data system."

        Charlie frowned and asked, "What kind of person did that?"

        Cameron busily said, "It's a middle-level manager from the relevant department."

        Saying that, he then gave Charlie a report of what had happened.

        After listening, Charlie spoke, "Old Cameron, you have done a good job in this matter, preventing problems before they occur."

        "This is all my job."

        Charlie asked again, "Have you checked back to see who actually tried to check my wife's license plate number?"

        Cameron was busy saying, "Counter-checked information, it was an old classmate of the person in question in Eastcliff, and the unit the other party worked for was a business under the Banks family's name."

        "The Banks family?" Charlie suddenly realized something and said, "Then I reckon the person who wants to check up on me should be Fitz of the Banks family, I just drove Stephanie to the performance venue, so I reckon he should have seen it."

        I heard that he organized a luxury caravan to pick up Miss Stephanie from the airport today, but he was disappointed."

        Although Aurous Hill is not the Banks family's territory, if the Banks family wanted to, they could have found connections in Eastcliff, and I guess it won't take long for him to find you! You must be on guard!"

        "Well ......" Charlie said with a somewhat cold face, "Fitz should not have seen my appearance yet, but since he came to the door himself, this matter will have to be initiated!"

        After saying that, Charlie added: "Tomorrow night I'm going to attend Stephanie's concert, if I don't make a move on Fitz, I definitely won't be able to avoid meeting him at the concert venue then, so Why don't we just get rid of this trouble before the concert starts!"

        Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, what is your plan?"

       Charlie sneered and said, "This way, you first have that party feed Fitz a false message, the specific information will be as I said ......"

        After saying that, Charlie informed Cameron of his plan, in detail, and told him to strictly follow the requirements.

        Charlie knew very well that he had saved Zara and Fitz back in Japan, so if he really came face to face with Fitz, he would definitely recognize him.

        Therefore, instead of waiting for him to recognise himself at the concert tomorrow, he should take the initiative and finish him off.

        Originally, I didn't want to lay hands on him, after all, everyone had the right to pursue the object of their desire, and I couldn't lay hands on him simply because he liked Stephanie, after all, he wasn't as arrogant and domineering as Zhong Tianyu was and got over himself.

        But this time the situation was completely different.

        This Fitz had the audacity to dare to have someone check his wife's license plate number!

        He had clearly crossed the line with this one act alone!

        Since he had crossed the line, don't blame yourself for not being polite!